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Highlight of the Night #1 – It’s Not Wrestling

Welcome to the Highlight of the Night, a column I’ll be posting frequently on here, and now also at Flmboynt.com along with the weekly RAW Reaction. The 27 Days of Mania will likely be exclusive on this site untill further notice, but back to this column, I’ll be rounding up some of the news going on in the wrestling world, so lets get straight to it.

Potentially Big RAW Imminent

Next week’s RAW from Chicago, Illinois is shaping up to be very interesting indeed. Not only will Triple H and The Undertaker go face to face for a final word to each other before Wrestlemania, The Rock will be appearing live. The USA Network came out with this press release earlier today to hype up the show:

             Final Raw Prior to WrestleMania® XXVII


STAMFORD, Conn., March 23, 2011 – After their war of words, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson will finally confront WWE Superstar John Cena® and WWE Champion The Miz®, live in person, March 28th on Monday Night Raw at 9/8c on USA Network. The verbal sparring was ignited when The Rock triumphantly returned to WWE last month. The fireworks will emanate live from the Allstate Arena in Chicago, IL.

Another Triple H and Undertaker faceoff could be good, though it’s all running a bit thin by now. The buildup to the first Undertaker/Shawn Michaels match at Wrestlemania 25 was incredible, and they were really creative every single week. However, as great as it has been to see The Rock “back” this past month or so, we’ve yet to see him physically interact with anyone. So face to face confrontations with John Cena and The Miz, hell anybody, is going to be great.

It’s also expected that the latest and likely last inductee into the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame class will be the Road Warriors, Animal and Hawk. It would be a good induction following the lacklustre inductees that have been announced since the initial announcement that Shawn Michaels would be inducted. The original diva Sunny, Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Drew Carey hardly sit in the same catergory as The Heartbreak Kid, who in my opinion is the greatest of all time. While it’s still speculation at this point, Hawk commented on the rumour on Monday Night Mayhem.

“I don’t know man. Have I envisioned it? Yeah. You always want to be in there, and you want to be recognized for your trade,” he said. “I thought I was going in last year. I thought I was going in the year before that and the year before that. I thought ‘What are they waiting for here?’ But who knows man. Most of the time, the wrestlers are the last ones to find out anything.”

The Rock To Wrestle Again?

The Rock returns! To do some promos!


For years Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has stated vehemently that he will never wrestle again. He has after all, done it all. His movie career flying along successfully, there’s certainly no way The Rock needs the money. Even when he was interviewed outside The Octagon last year when Brock Lesnar beat Shane Carwin for the UFC Title, The Rock said there’s no way he’s going to go back to that.

Yet after the whirlwind return of the Great One, he’s gone on record and said that he will wrestle again. Maybe. Kinda. In the latest issue of WWE Magazine, The Rock was asked if he still had his old wrestling gear:

“I still own it all. It’s still with me in my house. It was never going away because I knew I would one day use it again.”

Is this a hint that he’ll step into the squared circle once again? Or more pandering to the fans who so desperately want to see it? The Rock’s a smart guy, I’m sure he’d know how this would look, and it’d seem pointless to tease it for nothing. Yet I’m still dubious.

“Making movies is something that I love to do, and I know that it brings a lot of people joy, which in turn brings me and my soul great gratification. Being in the ring and entertaining the audience and kicking ass physically brings me and my soul great gratification as well. I can guarantee that I can always do both.”

Make of it what you will, personally I think he’s more alluding to the Stone Cold act of coming out, cutting a promo and hitting a finisher. Time will tell, I certainly never thought we’d see The Rock come back to work a month long mini feud with John Cena.

WWE Is -Not- A Wrestling Company

Slightly fat celebrities losing a lot of weight = the new Hollywood tend? Just sayin'.


Last week TVWeek.com ran a story with the headline “Drew Carey Inducted Into Pro Wrestling Hall of Fame. Huh? Drew Carey??!!” echoing the sentiments of wrestling fans across the world at the lame PR move of inducting Drew Carey into the WWE Hall of Fame. The guy was on WWE TV for about 5 minutes, over 10 years ago. Yet now it seems that I need to change that last part to “the sentiments of entertainment fans across the world”, for a WWE publicist ordered the website to correct the article. Why? Because the WWE is not a wrestling company.

What? Excuse me? What? The biggest wrestling company in the history of wrestling is…not a wrestling company? Ex-squeeze me? A baking powder? The publicist in question, Kellie Baldyga, wrote in her email:

“We are no longer a wrestling company but rather a global entertainment company with a movie studio, international licensing deals, publisher of three magazines, consumer good distributor and more…we don’t do wrestling events. They’re entertainments. And we don’t call them wrestlers. They’re superstars and divas. We are a global media company which is how our Chairman and CEO, Vince McMahon, positions us.”

TVWeek.com chose to remove the article altogether and I can’t blame them. Isn’t this all just a little bit over the top? Asking to remove a simple mention of wrestling from a website when the WWE is mentioned in the same breath? Are we going to be calling it the WE in the coming years? “Get the W out”? Definitely not, so I don’t see the problem. Their biggest show is called Wrestlemania for crying out loud.

Perhaps I’m overreacting, but that’s the classic reaction from a proud wrestling fan when the company he supports basically tells him he isn’t watching wrestling, he’s watching entertainment. At its core, the argument is the truth. We’re not watching purely wrestling, of course entertainment is a huge part of it because without that predetermined edge it wouldn’t be anywhere near as exciting. Even deeper than that however, is the fact that it’s all built around the sport of wrestling.

Yes, we understand you make films, WWE. We understand you have magazines, and deals with outside companies, advertising, distributing and everything else that goes with being a “global media company.” It even makes sense that you brand your wrestlers(because they are wrestlers, you know) as “Superstars”, because their personalities and public relations are a huge part of the business. Yet to go to websites and publications, ordering that any reference to the word “wrestling” is ommitted, is borderline ridiculous.

Rant over. It won’t change anything, we’re still going to see wrestling, it’s just the principle.

Jericho The Highlight of The Night Again

Random trivia: Jericho grew this ridonkulous beard in competition with Black Label Society guitarist Zakk Wylde


This Monday Chris Jericho, currently on an extended hiatus from WWE, appeared as a contestant on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, when the hit show premiered. The show was a huge ratings hit, drawing in a staggering 22.3 million viewers at its peak, beating out CBS by 10.3 million viewers at prime. So it appears that Y2J is the “King of the World” on Monday nights once again. Here’s how he did in his first dance:

 It would be nice to see him cut a pre-dance promo proudly delcaring “Dancing with the Stars…IS…JERICHOOOO” but unfortunately, it’s just Jericho dancing and looking unbelievably gay(not that there’s anything wrong with that). It’s good for Jericho to be pursuing other avenues in entertainment, but we need him back in the WWE soon.

27 Days of Mania Update: Well I said I was going to try to complete all my Wrestlemania reviews before ‘Mania 27 but due to work being hectiv, it just isn’t going to be possible. BUT, I will be continuing them, with IV on the way this weekend. I’m going to cut down a little on the detail of reviewing matches to save some much needed time to do the columns.

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