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RAW Reaction 21/03/11(Rewriting Miz-story)

The show opens with the announcer introducing “The Voice of the WWE” Jim Ross. Out comes Michael Cole, predictably, dressed as good ole JR, fat suit, cowboy hat and tissue in his mouth to simulate the bells palsy. It wasn’t very funny and just served to create some cheap heat as Cole stood in front of Jerry Lawler at the announce desk trying to goad a reaction out of him. Cole throws the cowboy hat in Kings face and heads straight for the Cole Mine, his protective perspex box, before Lawler can get him.

Triple H’s music hits and the Pittsburgh crowd pop big. He comes out in his street clothes to cut another promo about his match with The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 27. The bad thing about the buildup to Wrestlemania this year has been the fact they’ve had 6 weeks instead of the usual 4 to do it, so everything is being dragged out too much, like butter spread over too much bread. He talks about the same stuff he’s been talking about for a month, that he’s had a 20 year career, and that beating The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak at Wrestlemania might be more important to him than everything he’s accomplished, all the world titles. In a way, this rings true, because the Streak is becoming more important at Wrestlemania than the world titles themselves. He ends by saying when he ends the Streak, he ends the Undertaker, and he will rest in peace. It was by no means a bad promo, it just reiterated what we’ve been hearing for weeks.

Ted DiBiase comes out(remember him?) and actually makes a point to say “I am Ted DiBiase!” That’s bad, considering 6 months ago he’d probably been on RAW playing a prominent role for over a year at least. He claims he’s an afterthought and will take out Trips to be noticed. Triple H knocks him off the apron as he attempts to get in the ring and they brawl on the outside. DiBiase gets a few punches in before Triple H takes over and throws him into the ring steps, then the ring barrier. He then hits the Fortunate Son with a few chair shots in the stomach and back(a few years ago a simple shot to the head would’ve sufficed but we can’t have that on PG TV). He finishes DiBiase off with a Pedigree through the announcer’s table(of course before removing the monitors, he doesn’t want to really hurt him), and looks at the Wrestlemania sign, pulling the Undertaker cut throat taunt.

Huge Pedigree on Ted...what's his name again?

After the break, the new US champion Sheamus is in the ring already for a match.

Evan Bourne Vs. Sheamus

A few weeks ago Evan Bourne squashed an already beaten down Sheamus in about a minute in his return match. Somehow I think this will by a complete reversal of roles. Cole says “The King’s Curse is now broken!” The curse that apparently caused Sheamus to lose every week for 6 months, the curse we’ve only heard about since last week. Sheamus beats down Bourne for about a minute, and he comes back with a few hard kicks, going to the top rope for the Air Bourne shooting star press. He flys through the air with an impressive SSP and Sheamus moves, getting to his feet and hitting Bourne with the Brogue Kick for the pinfall victory.

(*) – Not a complete squash but barely a 2 minute match. Bourne’s SSP was awesome as always.

Sheamus brags that he’s the champion of the United States to good heat, and the now former US champion Daniel Bryan comes out. He says that he wants to invoke his rematch clause for the US title at Wrestlemania. Sheamus throws the belt into Bryan’s face and hits him with a much better Brogue Kick than the one he hit on Bourne. That was cool and effective.

Outside the arena Randy Orton is leaving his tour bus. An interviewer I’ve never seen before asks him about the tour bus for some reason. Orton says it’s great, a home away from home, and that he brings his wife and family with him. He then talks about how he dismantled the New Nexus over the last few weeks, and now that CM Punk is the only one left, Orton will show him that he too can be “sick and twisted.” Ok promo, it sometimes seems like they don’t know where they’re going with Orton’s character, as now they’re seemingly trying to make him seem like a good hearted family guy, yet last week we’re told he’s borderline psychotic? Nice message there.

Eve Torres Vs. Maryse

Normally I can tolerate Divas matches, because there’s usually one or two nice moves thrown in, but this was interminable. Maryse just screams at Eve at the start and through the match, and it’s SO annoying. There is such a thing as bad heat, ugh. The almost broken English from the French Canadian just adds to the aggravation. Cole stands up in the Cole Mine and gets on the mic, saying he wants the match to be over with. A sentiment that probably 90% of the viewing audience agrees with. Eve goes for a standing moonsault and Maryse brings up her knees. Maryse tries a move and Eve reverses it into a neckbreaker for the win.

(*) – Another dud of a match.

After the match Eve tries to get at Cole and his security hold her back. She manages to almost slap him and the crowd loves it. She goes to leave and Cole drapes one leg over the Cole Mine taunting her to come on. Could be more heat for Cole, but maybe they’ll get Eve involved in the undoubtable mass beatdown of Cole at Mania. She’s the Divas champion, so he doubt she’ll actually be wrestling at Wrestlemania, because that would make sense, right?

The Corre, Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson and the tag champions Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater are in the ring to face Santino and Kozlov. We see a clip from SmackDown! where the Corre destroyed Big Show and Kane.

Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel Vs. Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov

Heath Slater quickly gets Santino into a chinlock and screams at the crowd to shut up, when the 6,000 fans in attendance are almost silent. Santino makes the tag to Kozlov, who takes down Slater and goes for Jackson who jumps up on the apron. Slater grabs Kozlov from behind and hits a reverse DDT, tagging in Gabriel, who goes to the top rope and hits a huge 450 splash for the win.

(*) – Once again, not much of a match, but what should anyone expect from RAW this close to ‘Mania?

Kane and Big Show come out, and aid Santino and Kozlov in putting a beating to the Corre. Big Show and Kane give Ezekiel Jackson a double chokeslam. I’m expecting to see either Kane and Big Show against the Corre at ‘Mania, or maybe even an 8 man tag with Santino and Kozlov involved.

They hype Miz later on tonight “Rewriting Miz-story” and announce the expected appearance of The Rock on RAW next week live, one week before Wrestlemania.

We then get a recap of last weeks RAW, with “The Rock” coming out in the main event, turning out to be The Miz in disguise. An awesome moment, which I reviewed here. The video package was above average. Most segments get made to look 1000% more effective the week after with a hard hitting video package.

Now we have an interview with John Cena live via satellite in his home. Cena acknowledges that what Miz did last week was “one helluva stunt” and that he has been letting the war of words with The Rock distract him from taking his Wrestlemania opponent seriously. He says he’s looking forward to The Miz “rewriting history” tonight, because at Wrestlemania, he plans on making history.

Michael Cole is out of the Cole Mine now, promising a world wide exclusive concerning Jerry Lawler. Back from the break and Cole is dancing around the ring with his trainer Jack Swagger. Remember when this guy was the World Champion last year? Cole reminds of when he brought out Jerry Lawler’s son Brian Christopher to embarass him last week, and we get a clip. Cole says that Brian gave him a special gift, the Lawler Family Photo Album. Cole shows photos of Lawler’s father on the tron, running him down, calling him a midget in a photo where Lawler is taller than him. This was brutal. Cole ups the ante by calling his father a gutless coward, just like Lawler himself. He calls Lawler’s whole family losers and the King snaps, running to the ring. Swagger cuts him off but King side steps him and throws him into the announcers table. Cole leaves the ring and Lawler follows him around, Swagger cutting him off with a clothesline on the outside. The All American American puts Lawler in the ankle lock as Cole runs him down, before putting the ankle lock in himself, shouting at him to tap. Swagger raises his hand as the crowd boos loudly. An effective segment, a little sketchy in places, and at least not as long as the usual 15-20 minutes we’ve got every week with this feud.

Later on we’re getting a Wrestlemania Rewind match between Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio, who faced in a triple threat mach for the World Title at Wrestlemania 22 with Kurt Angle.

A video package is shown recapping the Snooki involvement in RAW last week, and all the media attention the Jersey Shore star has caused by her involvement at Wrestlemania. If you ask me, it’s all good, there’s always celebrity involvement, it gains more publicity, so why not?

John Morrison w/ Trish Stratus Vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Laycool and Vickie Guerrero

This could be a great match given the time. I highly doubt we’ll get that time. After a few minutes of good action, Ziggler ends up on the outside and Morrison goes to dive out of the ring, but Michelle McCool blocks him on the apron. Trish pulls McCool off the apron and she goes down hard. Trish gets into the ring, the two groups facing off. An email is buzzed in from the GM and Cole announces that the match will now be an intergender handicap tag match. Trish grabs Vickie’s hair and we go to break.

(*) – Another dud, basically a setup to another match.

John Morrison and Trish Stratus Vs. Dolph Ziggler, Laycool and Vickie Guerrero

Trish and Layla brawl around a bit, and Trish quickly hits the Stratusfaction from the top rope. She then proceeds to chop the hell out of Layla before McCool manages to kick Trish from the apron. McCool is tagged in and beats down on “the Diva of the Decade!” Layla beats down on Trish again, and then tags in Vickie, who misses an awful leg drop. Trish tags in Morrison, forcing Dolph to enter. Morrison fires up on him and Layla pulls Trish by the hair off the apron, Trish falling back first onto the outside, that was a nasty landing. Morrison misses Starship Pain and Ziggler throws him shoulder first through the middle rope into the ring post. As Morrison staggers back Ziggler hits the Zig Zag, tagging in Vickie, who pins Morrison for the win.

(*1/2) It wasn’t much more than ok at best, but the bump off the apron by Trish and fast paced action at the end by Morrison and Ziggler notch it up a bit.

Another cool over the top video package hyping the debut of Mexican star Mistico, now known in the WWE as Sin Cara. Good to see them hyping it up so much.

Then we get another video package on Triple H and The Undertaker. This was fantastic. A who’s who of wrestling legends were interviewed for this and over the great package of Triple H and Takers finest moments, we hear the opinions of some true great on this “epic match.” From Ricky Steamboat to Harley Race, Shawn Michaels to Chris Jericho, Arn Anderson to Stone Cold Steve Austin, and more current stars too. One of the better packages in a long time, and as of yet the highlight of the show. When a video package highlighting two superstars who were the face of the company 10-15 years ago is the highlight of your 2 hour show, you need to start dedicating more time to up and coming wrestlers, and less time on 60 year old legends and announcers feuding.

Randy Orton Vs. Rey Mysterio

This also has the potential to be great, but I doubt they’ll get more than a few minutes before some Punk involvement. The match starts out with a great little sequence ended in Orton dropping Rey with a european uppercut from his knees. Rey takes a great fall to the outside. Orton puts Rey on the top for a superplex and Rey knocks him down, hitting a huge seated senton off the top. Rey runs off the ropes, ducks Ortons clothesline and gets caught with a snap powerslam. Orton goes for the hanging DDT from the second rope and Rey jumps up, sliding under Orton, the momentum sending him into the second rope, setup perfectly for the 619. That was a sweet spot. Orton catchs Rey’s legs, pushing him back onto the apron, and pulling him quickly into the DDT. This is getting really good. CM Punk appears on the screen by the tour bus. He suggests he’ll introduce himself to Orton’s wife. Orton runs to the back and we see him running through the building, reaching the tour bus outside. Orton’s wife is screaming by the door and Punk comes from behind with a wrench to his leg. Orton’s wife screams annoyingly, and unlike the segment in 2009 when Triple H attacked Orton in his home, I believe this is his actual wife(I later read that it was in fact another actress). Punk loves it as he hits Orton with the wrench “Oh ho ho ho!” and mocks Orton’s wife’s screaming. “Ahhh, wahhh, SHUT UP!” This is great. Punk says Orton won’t be punting anyone at Wrestlemania. “Now ain’t that a kick in the head?” He kicks Orton in the head and turns to his wife who is standing just inside the bus, visible through the door. Punk blows her a kiss and leaves. She gets out to check on her husband and calls for help.

(**) – I’m guessing Rey won by countout? Does it really matter? The few minutes we got were great, at least. The segment that followed was great, CM Punk is one of the best things in the WWE right now, everything he does is so effective, and he gets about a quarter of the time of any other heel every week. This is an understated feud so far and I’m loving how little time its getting, it’s a real slow burner.

Hey, Randall

Alex Riley is in the ring with a veiled table to announce The Miz. They plug The Miz appearing on Conan O’Brien on Wednesday. As Cole rightfully put it “everyone wants a piece of The Miz!” He’s right, Miz is doing a great job of getting around the media and being the champion, and “face” of the WWE. Miz talks about sporting legends, comparing himself to Ali and Michael Jordan. He talks about how he was nothing at the beginning and now he’s made his way to the top. It isn’t bad by any means, but it’s the same stuff he always says. Miz calls himself a once in a lifetime original, and that he was rewritten history. He says he has more charisma than Shawn Michaels, is more powerful than Andre The Giant, and more intelligent than The Rock and John Cena combined. He is the greatest WWE Champion in history. He’s really hamming it up here and it’s getting better. Heel champions should brag that they’re the greatest thing ever, I can’t remember anyone in a long time pushing it as much as The Miz. He takes the WWE logo off the microphone he’s using and says he’s turned the WWE upside down. He flips the logo upside down and reattachs it to the microphone, the famous scratch logo of the past 10 years now a big “M” That was awesome. He says its time to rewrite “Miz-story” and the lights go on the veiled table. After a big buildup, the veil is removed and the new WWE Championship belt is revealed. And it’s…the same as it was before? At first I was excited at finally seeing a better belt than the awful spinner crap, but it’s mostly unchanged. The spinning WWE logo is now upside down as a big “M” and it no longer spins. Miz says his belt no longer spins like a toy. It is actually kinda cool. He says his catchphrase and John Cena appears on the screen applauding.

I suddenly now know without even thinking that Cena is in the building, it’s too obvious. Cena says Miz should never make him angry. Is he gonna turn green. He says he’ll make history at Wrestlemania. What, by winning the title for the 15th time? Some hockey players from the area remove the walls of the set in the background for a cheap pop. Cena says he is at home, because the WWE is his home. “Now I’m gonna take out the trash!” Cheesy stuff, but the crowd was loving it. Cena makes his entrance, takes off his purple shirt and hits the ring. Miz and Riley beat him down, struggling for a while before taking control. Cena fights out and Miz runs to the back, leaving Riley in the ring to get put in the STF. Miz appears again on the stage, shirt in a mess. Cena locks Riley in the STF for a second time, trying to coax Miz back to the ring. The referees try to pull Cena off and eventually they get him off. Cena acts really angry in the ring as the show ends.

5/10 – A miserably average show in a lot of respects. Saved by an awesome video package, a decent ending promo and most of the angles having shorter amounts of time allocated to them. This made sure that nothing really dragged. I’m sure there was less than 10 minutes of wrestling in the whole 90 minutes it was on air. Awful. The Rey/Orton match could’ve been awesome with some more time. It’s 2 weeks before Wrestlemania and the story building is getting tiresome now. Next week will definitely be better, I’ll throw that prediction down now, as The Rock will be there live, and we’ll likely get a confrontation with Cena. Undertaker and Triple H also have a faceoff. That alone should make the show more entertaining, but this weeks was mostly forgettable. The title belt angle was kinda cool, and the Punk/Orton stuff was understated and done well.

Miz-story in the making...

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