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Wrestlemania IV Review(30 Days of Mania)


2014 Update: This is now a part of “30 Days of Mania” – an open ended review series to chronicle every event, originally posted as part of the failed “27 Days of Mania” series. The review, including reference to 27 Days of Mania, will be left untouched.

Note: Whilst searching for images for this review, I came across some pictures taken by Lance Storm, who attended the show. I then realised it originated from HIS Wrestlemania IV review/commentary, and that he was trying to write about them all too! At first I was a bit miffed, but he’s been posting them monthly and is currently on X-Seven so my new goal is to now beat Lance Storm! A much more realistic goal than to review another 22 Wrestlemanias in a week, haha. 3 of the pictures here are from his collection, so credit goes to http://www.stormwrestling.com – an awesome site, check it out.



Storm’s seat was up in the nosebleeds, cool look at the arena pre-show


The classic WWF logo opens the event, flying over a picturesque American landscape, lightning striking it whilst a big fruit machine with “Trump Plaza” emblazoned across the top flys into view. The register rings and WWF coins shoot out. Mean Gene is in the ring to introduce the show and Gladys Knight, who sings “America the Beautiful”, wearing a glittery jacket with about eighty thousand logos sewn in. I guess the ‘Mania paycheck wasn’t enough?

Money, money, money, money…Moneeey

Two officials head down the aisleway with a huge multi tiered trophy, the Hart Foundation leading the way to the ring for the upcoming 20 man battle royal. “This is going to be a happening!” I’m actually gonna be a little sad when I reach the Wrestlemania where Monsoon doesn’t say this. Speaking of which, we now see Gorilla and Jesse Ventura up at the announce position welcoming us to the show. Ventura looks slightly less ridiculous than the previous three ‘Manias, wearing a godawful leather jacket with zebra print. I spend too much time on random things in these reviews don’t I? Bob Uecker turns up again in a fun cameo.

There’s a huge Wrestlemania IV banner above the aisleway, it must be 100 feet long, and it looks like its made out of a very expensive plush material. I wonder where that is now, imagine you had that in your room? So Wrestlemania IV took place at the Trump Plaza in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on March 27th, 1988. This show featured a much smaller crowd than the previous year, with the attendance record just topping 18k at 18,165. A friend of mine sternly pointed out that the 93,000 plus attendance record from Wrestlemania III was a work, and that the actual attendance was more around the 70,000 mark. The tagline for this ‘Mania is simply “What the World is Watching”

20 Man Battle Royal

This opening match was for a big trophy, for no real reason other than bragging rights I presume. I’ll spend more time listing the partipants than I will talking about the match no doubt. They were: Bad News Brown, Boris Zhukov, Brian Blair, Bret “The Hitman” Hart, Danny Davis, George “The Animal” Steele, Harley Race, Hillbilly Jim, Jacques Rougaeu, Jim Brunzell, Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart, Jim Powers, Junkyard Dog, Ken Patera, Nikolai Volkoff, Paul Roma, Raymond Rougeau, Ron Bas, Sam Houston, and Sika. This is just textbook battle royal stuff, and much like the battle royal from Wrestlemania 2, Bret can be seen in the middle of the madness actually wrestling. The final three are Junkyard Dog, Bad News Brown and Bret Hart. JYD gets some good offense on the two heels but they soon double team him, and quickly eliminate him. They celebrate in the ring as if they’ve both won, then Brown hits Bret with a enziguri. He then indulges Bret in one of his signature spots, throwing the Hitman into the turnbuckle hard. He then throws Bret over the top to win at 10:40.

(*1/2) – This wasn’t awful, just typical battle royal stuff, with no real buildup to an end besides the double teaming which wasn’t that great. It was good to see Bret briefly get in some action at ‘Mania and turn face.

That’s right, he turned face when Bad News Brown celebrated with the ridiculous trophy, dropkicking him out of the ring and destroying the trophy in the ring, to the crowds approval.

Howard Finkel introduces the centerpiece of the whole event, a huge 14 man tournament for the World Wrestling Federation Championship. They really should have called this event “Bigger! Badder! Better!” as the length was extended from 3 hours to 4, the poster in particular boasting “4 Hour Spectacular!” and a total of 16 matches would go on to take place, the most matches that have ever happened at Wrestlemania. And I highly doubt we’ll ever see that record beaten. The tournament kicks off with a whole bunch of First Round matches.

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Virgil and Andre The Giant Vs. Hacksaw Jim Duggan – First Round Tournament Match

The crowd chants “HOOOOOOO!” almost every 30 seconds. This was DiBiases first Wrestlemania appearance and Duggan’s first match at a Wrestlemania. They sell this match as the wrestler DiBiase versus the rough brawler Duggan. It was ok, DiBiase being the far superior worker. Duggan just struts around the ring shouting “HOOOOOO!” all the time. I could never decided whether DiBiase looked more like a Bee Gee or an ABBA member around this period. I’m still undecided. Highlight of the match for me was when Duggan gave DiBiase an atomic drop, lifting him so high it almost turned into the most disgusting head drop of all time. Andre sweeps Duggans legs after a few minutes, and then punchs him from outside the ring, in clear view of the referee but it isnt referenced. DiBiase follows it up with a fist drop for the pinfall at 04:54.

(*1/2) – Decent enough for 4 minutes, the crowd were into it for Duggan and I, a wrestling fan, enjoyed it for DiBiase. If he hadn’t been in the match it wouldn’ve been terrible.

Mean Gene interviews Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. He cuts a decent enough promo but Gene stole the segment by looking down at Beefcakes crotch and exclaiming “take a look at this!(now pointing at it) Brutus, this is incredible, what a package! What is that? Fishnet?” Wow, haha.

Don Muraco w/ Superstar Billy Graham Vs. Dino Bravo w/ Frenchy Martin – First Round Tournament Match

Muraco and Graham enter in tye dye shirts, and Ventura says he taught Graham “everything he knows” about tye dye. Uh, ok, good for you. This was ok, Muraco botched a second rope splash early on that was awkward, and Bravo seems to be putting a bit more effort in. After working over Dinos legs, Muraco goes for a spinning toe hold and gets pushed towards the ropes. His head flys between the second and third ropes and he ends up in the dreaded hangman. That was pretty cool but the crowd was dead for it. Muraco goes for a flying forearm and Dino pulls the referee in as a shield. The ref goes down and Dino hits his finisher, an awful sidewalk slam. As he covers Muraco the referee comes to and rings the bell at 04:53. Bravo celebrates but we quickly hear that Muraco wins via disqualification due to Bravo pulling the ref into the forearm.

(*1/2) – Again, not the overuse the phrase, but decent enough. The crowd just seemed to take a shit on most of it. Muracos theme sounds like epic, dramatic Star Trek music.

Bob Uecker pulls double duty after commentating on the battle royal, and is at the interview position talking about some random stuff before Jimmy Hart and The Honky Tonk Man intervene. They talk trash. Honky Tonk looks like a fat Ryan Reynolds.

Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart(who else?) Vs. Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat – First Round Tournament Match

Gotta love all the nicknames uses back in these days. Steamboat comes out with “the Little Dragon” his son, the cute little bugger. He lifts him up in the ring, that was kinda cool, I’m a sucker for shit like that. Monsoon wonders “what’s he gonna do with him?” Ventura has an idea: “Toss him over the rop?”I had to pause for a while I was laughing that much at the mental image of Ricky Steamboat throwing his few months old son out of the ring. His wife takes him away and Monsoon says: “he’s thinking ‘I don’t know what’s going on here, but it’s some kind of a happening, and I’m a part of it!'” Ok, a paragraph and the match hasn’t started yet, oops. Some quick action starts off the match, with the obvious impression that Valentine is struggling to keep up with Steamboat. Valentine botchs a rollup spot, just falling backwards and making Steamboat looks stupid. Steamboat skins the cat and I almost got a little chill remembering when he did the same thing at Wrestlemania 25 in one of my favourite Wrestlemania moments. Steamboat takes a lot of punishment from “The Hammer” and fires back with a few knife edge chops. Valentine sells the last one by swinging his arms up and falling like a tree. I don’t like Valentine. Steamboats selling is awesome, he really makes the crowd feel his pain, a simple gutbuster and 19 thousand strong groan. He nearly takes Valentines chest off with a chop and gets cut off again. We get a shot of Donald Trump in the front row, getting to host Wrestlemania was a huge deal for the Donald(his was awful even when it was all properly his). Valentine is just selling everything dazed, and it just comes across as lazy to me, I don’t know why. Steamboat hits a crossbody from the top and Valentine reverses it into a rollup for the win at 09:12. Great.

(**1/2) – The fact that Steamboat seems like such a nice guy, actually adds to my enjoyment of watching him wrestle, and I’m a big fan of his, so I loved seeing him in this. Like I said, he sold for Valentine great and made the match more than just “decent enough” but I just didn’t like Valentine in this match at all so it scuppered my enjoyment.

Mean Gene interview the British Bulldogs with their actual bulldog, Matilda, along with Koko B. Ware. Koko fires up and talks the most trash but we don’t see him for 90% of it, instead treated to an extreme closeup of the ugly pugface of Matilda.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth Vs. Butch Reed w/ Slick – First Round Tournament Match

The crowd are loving Macho Man here. Butch Reed dominates early on for a few minutes untill Savage fires up on him. Reed ducks a clothesline from Savage and hits one of his own. Reed takes to the top rope and Savage throws him off, before quickly heading to the next turnbuckle for his patented elbow drop. The crowd rises in anticipation and pops huge for the big elbow drop, and explode when he gets the pinfall at 05:07.

(*1/2) – This seemed more like 2 minutes than 5. Nothing special but the pop the finish got was awesome, and I’m always partial to a good elbow drop.

Bob Uecker interviews Bobby Heenan and The Islanders Haku and Tama. Heenan did all the talking, hyping the 6 man tag between the three of them and the previously mentioned Bulldogs and Koko B. Ware.

One Man Gang w/ Slick Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow w/ Oliver Humperdink – First Round Tournament Match

Why do I get the feeling this will be shit? I love Bam Bam though, so I’ll remain optimistic. He shows off some of his great agility considering his size, with a cartwheel into a big splash. One Man Gang does very and little, and when Bam Bam attempts to go off the ropes, Slick pulls at them, sending the big man to the outside. He gets back in eventually and after about 30 seconds the referee has the bell rung and awards the match to One Man Gang as a result of a countout at 02:56.

(*) – This was complete bullshit and an utter waste of a match that could have had a legit finish. I understand Slick pulled the ropes and that caused the countout, but we didn’t have the ref count at all, so what, the ref was in on it? No indication was made of that so, it was just a random, confusing end to a short match. Awful.

Mean Gene gets a word with the Hulkster. He hypes up his Second Round match with Andre The Giant. He promises he will slam Andre through the Trump Plaza, and carrys it on to ridiculous proportions, talking about how it will break apart the Earth, sending the Trump Plaza into the ocean or some shit like that. This was a classic Hulk promo that went mental in the second half.

Rick Rude w/ Bobby Heenan Vs. Jake Roberts – First Round Tournament Match

Rude cuts a promo about how sick is body is and that everyone will see why the “odds are stacked in my favourite” when he takes off his robe. The first few minutes of this were awesome. There was some lovely psychology as you would expect from a Jake Roberts(in his prime) match, and a sequence around a wristlock at the start was very cool. The ante was being upped and around 6 minutes in I was absolutely loving it. Rude was on good form, Jake was possibly in the best form I’ve ever seen him, but then it started to decline. They slowed it right down into headlocks, and whilst I enjoyed what they were doing, the crowd took a dump over it, chanting “Boring!” on more than a few occasions. The buildup of Roberts getting out of the headlock was done well besides the silence of the crowd(Roberts hitting a back drop, only for Rude to keep it the head locked in), and when he eventually fired out of it, the crowd were loving it again. The DDT was attempted a few times in the match but cut off. Man the DDT was super over, the crowd chanting it loudly at several points. Rude eventually had Roberts down in the corner and grabbed his legs, putting his own on the ropes for leverage in a pinfall attempt. The referee rang the bell at 15:00. The match was announced as a draw, reaching its time limit, of which the announcers were frequently mentioning throughout(“they can’t be using wear down moves in a match with this time limit”).

(**1/2) – I really, really liked this one. I think, knowing that they had to go 15 minutes, they decided to slow it down in the middle, but it just didn’t work with the crowd. I also thought the finish was empty, as Roberts released Damien, but didn’t get to “use him” on anyone, as it were. He didn’t get to hit a DDT either so, it just seemed like a bit of a bullshit finish. However, the reasoning is obvious, this frees up a Second Round match, giving One Man Gang a bye to the Semi Finals.

Mean Gene is now in front of a big colourful board depicting the brackets of the tournament. He introduces a girl from Wheel of Fortune. Gene explains how the next round will play out. The girl offers a few comments on each of the main wrestlers, it seemed very forced. “Randy Savage. I like Miss Elizabeth! It’s good to see a…woman person behind him.”

Hercules w/ Bobby Heenan Vs. The Ultimate Warrior

This was Warrior’s pay per view and of course Wrestlemania debut. They struggle around for a while and Warrior virtually no sells everything. Warrior then takes an awkwardly timed back body drop over the ropes to the outside, and they meekly brawl on the outside. Warrior hits a 10 punch classic in the corner and Hercules counters it with an atomic drop. He then locks in a full nelson on Warrior, who pulls himself to the corner, pushing himself off backward into Hercules. They both hit the mat and Hercules holds on with a bridging pin. The referee counts to three but Warrior lifts up one shoulder at 04:29. Warrior is announced as the winner as Hercules’s shoulders were on the mat. Fair enough.

(*) – Dire match, Warrior’s energy in his entrance didn’t exactly translate in the ring. Hercules tries choking Warrior with his chain and Warrior pretty much no sells it and swings it around slowly. Meh.

Monsoon and Ventura talk about the upcoming Andre Vs. Hulk match and we see Sugar Ray Leonard in the crowd. First gratuitous celebrity in the crowd shot, wrestling fans. They run a clip package of Andre challenging Hogan to a match prior to Wrestlemania III and turning heel, then the match itself. Then how Ted DiBiase tried to buy the WWF Championship from Hogan, who refused, before Andre attacks Hogan after a match. Andre then agrees to DiBiase’s proposition to buy the belt from Andre if he beats Hogan for it. They then had a rematch at The Main Event in February ’88 in which Andre won the WWF Championship in a screwjob finish involving a fake referee. It looked awful. They didn’t show it in the clip package(it ended there), but for the record, Andre sold the belt to DiBiase, becoming the shortest reigning champion in history(47 seconds). However the WWF President Jack Tunney vacated the title, and thus the 14 man tournament for the vacant championship.

I’ll give it credit, for its time it was a really cool storyline. Now, will the rematch to the(at that point) biggest match in Wrestlemania history live up to the original? I highly doubt it, but lets see anyway. First rematch in Wrestlemania history, Hulkamaniacs.

Hulk Hogan Vs. Andre The Giant w/ Ted DiBiase and Virgil – Quarter-Final Tournament Match

Andre takes to Hogan immediately, beating down the Hulkster. Andre hits the biggest chop in the world followed by a headbutt and Hogan fires back with a series of forearms. DiBiase jumps onto the apron and Hogan throttles him, to the absolute joy of the crowd. Andre tries to intervene but he smashs both their heads together. Hulkamania is running wild. Brother. After an elbow drop onto Andre, the Eight Wonder of the World manages to choke Hogan and get an advantage. The crowd is great for this one. Andre chokes Hogan around the neck and wears him down, the crowd willing the Hulkster on. Hogan fights out of it, clotheslining Andre into the corner. Hogan motions for the scoop slam and the crowd pop huge. Virgil leaps onto the apron distracting the referee and DiBiase sneaks in to hit Hogan in the back with a chair. Hogan no sells it and looks at the Million Dollar Man angrily. DiBiase literally jumps out of the ring and Hogan takes the chair, bringing it down on the back of Andre. He goes for another chair shot but Andre blocks it and using the underside of the chair, he cracks it down hard on Hulk, the steel making a real nasty noise. The referee rings the bell at 05:22. Hogan knocks Andre down with the chair for the hell of it. The match is ruled a double disqualification. Hogan heads down the aisleway after DiBiase and Virgil. The Million Dollar Man pushs Virgil into Hogan, saving himself, and Hogan suplexes Virgil onto the concrete. He runs back to the ring, where Andre is getting back onto his feet. He gives Andre a huge slam again, in a feat just as impressive as it was at Wrestlemania III but it just wasn’t the same. Hogan poses in the ring as “Real American” plays and Ventura echoes my thoughts exactly: “he’s acting like he’s won the match!”

(*1/2) – It wasn’t that bad. It didn’t have the unreal atmosphere going for it this time around, but it did its job for the crowd and was entertaining enough. If it had gone much longer it probably would’ve suffered.

I love Ventura. As Hogan leaves, he states “I’ve never seen anyone so excited about being eliminating from a championship tournament!” Mean Gene interviews Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth back in front of the normal interview set. Macho Man was his ridiculous self as usual, great stuff.

Don Muraco w/ Superstar Billy Graham Vs. Ted DiBiase – Quarter-Final Tournament Match

DiBiase comes out alone complaining and Muraco gets an early advantage, slamming DiBiase around the ring. The action goes back and forth for a few minutes, with the Million Dollar Man eventually catching Muraco with a flapjack onto the ropes for the pinfall at 05:44.

(*1/2) – It wasn’t that remarkable, but simply decent.

Demolition with Mr. Fuji(I love Mr. Fuji!) hype their match with Strike Force later, with Bob Uecker holding the mic. They looked like Kiss nuts.

Finkel announces that One Man Gang advances to the Semi Finals and the next Quarter is about the begin. One Man Gang is in the ring then leaves, that was pointless.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth Vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine w/ Jimmy Hart(who else?) – Quarter-Final Tournament Match

After going back and forth from the get go, Valentine secures an advantage over the Macho Man. He ravages Savage with elbows across the chest over the ropes and on the apron before hitting a really lazy suplex. I don’t like Valentine. Savage fires up and hits a big axe handle from the top rope for a close 2 count. He goes for another and Valentine counters with a strike. He goes for the figure four leg lock on Savage, who reverses it into a rollup for the 1,2,3 at 06:06.

(*1/2) – Again, it had decent moments, and I’m a fan of the finish.

We get another promo with the big bracket board and Wheel of Fortune girl.

The Honky Tonk Man w/ Jimmy Hart(who fucking else?) and Peggy Sue Vs. Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake – WWF Intercontinental Championship

Random trivia: Peggy Sue was played by Sherri Martel(which is pretty obvious when she starts screaming during the match), who was Peggy Sue when Jimmy Hart wasn’t dragged up. This boring stuff so far, Honky Tonk’s wrestling just isnt that appealing to me. He beats down on Brutus for a while, getting some good heat from the Atlantic City crowd. Brutus makes a comeback that the crowd pops for, and taunts that he’ll cut Honky Tonk’s hair. He locks in a headlock, but before he can win the match and ultimately the title with it, Jimmy Hart distracts the referee, knocking him down. Brutus doesn’t realise and Honky Tonk is out cold, he thinks he’s won but realises the ref is down. Deciding the take advantage, he decides he’s going to try and cut Honky’s hair. Jimmy Hart takes the shears and Brutus takes pursuit. He eventually pins the Mouth of the South down on the ring steps and chops off his mullet. Jimmy’s such a sport, what a guy. Peggy Sue wakes up Honky Tonk with a splash of water in his face. The referee is brought to and rules the match a disqualification in favour of Brutus Beefcake at 06:30. So the title of course stays with Honky Tonk Man.

(*) – This was just bad, the outside antics were alright.

Bob Uecker is joined with Andre The Giant who cuts a really good promo(for him), relishing in the fact that Hogan is out of the tournament and that Hulkamania will die. Bob Uecker asks Andre to “get your foot off my shoulder, huh?” and Andre chokes him, in a clip that has been replayed on TV hundreds of time. Uecker sells it great. Now that’s worthy of a being in the celebrity wing of the Hall of Fame.

You wouldn’t want that hand around your throat

The Islanders(Haku and Tama) and Bobby Heenan Vs. The British Bulldogs(Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid) and Koko B. Ware

Matilda the bulldog and Frankie the parrot are on separate platforms next to the ring. The action in the early stages is awesome, the Islanders and Bulldogs putting on a clinic, as would be expected. I want to know what’s on Koko’s trunks, because the version I’m watching blurs out the writing on them. Koko gets tagged in and I expect the standard to drop, but surprisingly he hits a great dropkick and a sweet double team move on the Islanders. Heenan gets tagged in against Dynamite Kid. Wow. I would not want to get on the wrong side of him. The Brain quickly tags out before he gets his face broken. This has been the best wrestling of the show so far, and the crowd may aswell not be there for the noise they’re making. The match slows down as the Islanders focus on Koko. It’s worth noting Heenan is wearing a big straight jacket too big for him, and huge padded trousers for dog handlers. The Bulldogs get thrown out of the ring by the Islanders, who pick up Heenan and slam him down on Koko, pinning the Birdman at 07:30.

(**) – It could’ve been 3 stars if the action had kept up the standard of the first half, but it soon disintegrated into just ok. The Bulldogs chase the heels to the back with Matilda.

Howard Finkel asks the crowd to look up at the Wrestlemania banner and acknowledge on the true greats. Jesse “The Body” Ventura steps up onto the balcony, takes off his jacket and flexes his muscles for a minute while the crowd cheers. This was so over the top and pointless, but it’s Ventura, and for that reason, great.

One Man Gang w/ Slick Vs. “Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth – Semi Final Tournament Match

The third match for Savage and Elizabeth, who have both worn different outfits for each match so far. Just before the match we had the same announcement that DiBiase had a bye to the final, he appeared in the ring, then left. I love Savage’s speed and from the little I’ve seen of him so far through these reviews, I’m really liking him, but he has the hair of a 50 year old who shouldn’t grow it that long. One Man Gang just clubs away at Savage, slamming him down and beating him up slowly. Savage dodges a few of OMGs attacks and ends up knocking him out of the ring, before coming off the top rope with an axe handle smash to the outside. Slick throws his cane in to OMG and he tries repeatedly to hit Savage with it. The referee, who was distracted with Elizabeth briefly, noticed it and disqualified One Man Gang at 04:05.

(*) – Nothing to this one really. There’s only so much anyone can do with One Man Gang.

So the main event is set, Ted DiBiase Vs. Randy Savage for the vacant WWF Championship. I had no idea this was the main event, I’d never heard of it. Hogan not main eventing Wrestlemania in this era? Madness.

Demoliton(Ax and Smash) w/ Mr Fuji Vs. Strike Force(c)(Rick Martel and Tito Santana) – WWF Tag Team Championship

Tag team titles getting the main event slot? That’s unheard of these days. I doubt they’ll ever be given that spot again. Demolition’s ring attire is AWFUL. It’s like…what where they thinking? They bring the power and brute force in this one, and Strikeforce offer the fast paced, exciting offense. After Demolition work over Santana, the hot tag is eventually made to Martel, who fires up huge on Ax and Smash, knocking them down about ten times. He puts one of them in the Walls of Martel…I mean a boston crab. Santana stops Ax from breaking it up with a flying forearm, then punchs out Mr Fuji on the apron. As the referee is distracted, Ax picks up Mr Fuji’s cane and hits Martel from behind, leaving Smash to cover him for the pinfall at 12:33.

(**) – It was a good tag match that had its moments for sure, but back to back cane shot finishs? Wow.

“Macho Man” Randy Savage w/ Miss Elizabeth Vs. “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase w/ Andre The Giant – WWF Championship Tournament Final

The WWF Championship is brought down on a red cloth, whilst an elegant piano piece plays, which somehow gave the whole thing a bit of a bizarre feeling. Bob Uecker comes out after taking up half the show backstage to be the special guest ring announcer, to announce the special guest timekeeper, the Wheel of Fortune girl. I love that DiBiase is coming out in his full glittery suit again, but I miss his classic theme music that obviously wasn’t around here. He enters to silence with Andre. I don’t believe it, Savage is wearing yet another ridiculous robe and Elizabeth is wearing another new dress. Gotta love it. The crowd is surprisngly quiet in the early going. It’s soon apparent why, as a huge “Hogan!” chant starts up. Savage and DiBiase go through some good chain work before Andre sweeps Savage’s foot. I’m loving the work that’s going on as the match progresses but the crowd is utterly dead. They’re too indifferent to a main event without Hogan, and even as I look at the crowd they’re looking to the aisleway, almost willing the Hulkster to come out. They liven up a bit when Savage gets in a few big offensive moves on DiBiase. Andre blocks Macho Man’s way as he tries to axe handle DiBiase on the outside, so he goes over to Elizabeth and tells her something. She immediately makes her way to the back and crowd starts buzzing, chanting for Hogan. After a minute she comes back with him and the crowd perks up even more. Hogan sits down outside the ring on a chair. As the ref is turned, Andre tries to grab Savage from the outside and Hogan runs around the ring to stop him. The action continues in the ring with DiBiase attempting to pin Savage twice for a nearfall. He heads to the top rope and Savage manages to get up, throwing the Million Dollar Man into the middle of the ring. Savage climbs the to the top and misses the big elbow drop. DiBiase locks in the sleeper and the referee is distracted, allowing Hogan the opportunity to slip into the ring and hit DiBiase with a chair. Savage takes to the top again and hits an awesome elbow drop more than halfway across the ring. He pins DiBiase for the win at 09:27. First WWF Championship winning in Wrestlemania history, oh yeeeaahhhh.

(**1/2) – A generous rating, it was definitely a good match, it’s just a shame the crowd weren’t into it at all. It might be because of the fact that they had just sat through 4 hours fo wrestling and a staggering 15 matches already, but I still think the fact Hogan wasn’t in the match played a huge part in their indifference. Nonetheless, it was a good match, and a big win for Savage, capturing his first WWF Championship at Wrestlemania, the best way to do it.

Hogan, Savage and Miss Elizabeth celebrate in the ring. They all point at each other and Elizabeth cries, Savage lifting her onto his shoulders. This is the eighth time we’ve heard Savage’s theme and it’s really growing on me as his theme. This was a very cool moment, a real Wrestemania moment in fact. Hogan and Savage continue to shake hands and point at each other as the show goes off the air.

Final Verdict: 4/10 – I think the amount of matches were a detriment to the show, with many, many disqualification endings and bullshit countouts. I understand the logic, for if there weren’t we probably would have seen a 20 match card. There were some good moments in this, but never really any great moments, save the last 2 minutes when Randy Savage won the WWF title. I love tournaments and I did enjoy that aspect of it, but I could never firmly plant myself into the idea of it because it was full of sketchy finishs.

Firsts: First gratuitous celebrity in the crowd shot, First rematch, First WWF Championship Win(it had only been defended before)

Final Thought: It’s quite strange that a first round match between two mid carders went 6 minutes longer than the main event almost 2 and a half hours later. I enjoyed this Wrestlemania, but it wasn’t great. The best part was the fact that Randy Savage went through 4 matches throughout the whole show to become the WWF Champion, that’s gotta be one of the biggest moments for someone winning their first championship.


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