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Highlight of the Night #2 – Cena Will Own The Rock

Hulk Hogan is the “Roid King” and a Real American Idol

What’s caught my eye the most this week has been the decidedly childish war of words between Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan over Twitter. They’ve both famously never got along, Bret ripping the Hulkster a new one in his book a few years ago(a great read by the way). It’s getting slightly ridiculous now, with Bret drawing a caricutate of Hogan, which due to the attention it has received he has put it up on eBay to raise money for Japan. The drawing itself is hilarious, and I’m glad Bret is at least using it to his advantage to help out the sufferers of the disasters in Japan. He also drew an equally funny depiction of Ric Flair, blood spewing out of his head.

Hogan has been keeping more cool about it, still fighting back on Twitter with remarks, but not really punching with as much ammo as Bret. He also appeared on American Idol on Thursday, surprising two contestants who were awaiting their fate on the singing competition. Hogan assured them that they were both safe, before punching Ryan Seacrest, who sold it in a way that would make Shawn Michaels proud. You can see it here:


Icon Vs. Icon II?

As I reported earlier this week, The Rock had some comments in this months issue of WWE Magazine suggesting he would in fact wrestle again. He’s now gone one step further, in an interview on Yahoo! Sports, revealing this:

 “I’ve never said never, I’m open to it. For years when I was asked that, I kept my emotions very close to my sleeve. I would say, ‘No, I don’t see myself wrestling a match,’ because I didn’t want to leave that open too much. I wanted to make sure I was concentrating solely on my goals in acting. It’s ‘The People’s Era’ that’s getting ready to happen, it’s just beginning.”

Interestingly enough, John Cena was also interviewed on the same site, offering this sentiment on wrestling The Rock and the impact his recent return has had in the WWE:

“I have been willing to do anything for that match. I will do anything for that match. If I have to talk more trash about The Rock, I’m your guy. I can’t tell you how much it[The Rock’s return] plugs our product back. It’s like getting hooked up to defibrillators. It’s the one little jump-start we needed.”

So it begs the question, will we finally see The Rock Vs. John Cena? Arguably this generations Icon Vs. Icon, much like The Rock Vs. Hulk Hogan was at Wrestlemania 18. And with Wrestlemania 28 taking place in Miami, Florida, the hometown of the Great One, it almost writes itself. Much like Hogan passed the touch to Rock at Wrestlemania 18, will The Rock return to the favour to John Cena ten years later in the sequel to the original “Icon Vs. Icon”? I think it’s possible, I’m not sure how long The Rock will stick around with the WWE or if his enthusiasm might wane over time. Cena certainly doesn’t need the match, I mention a passing of the torch but that’s just a cool phrase, Cena’s been carrying that torch since he headlined Wrestlemania with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, going over both of them clean in consecutive years.

Yet, it would be one of the biggest money matches left. This generations dream match. For a while, Hogan Vs. Austin was carrying that label, but thankfully Austin realised how bad that match would be and decided against it. Which you have to give credit to, for I’m sure for any retired wrestler who was that good, returning to the ring for one more buzz of the crowd, for one more burst of adrenalin, is very tempting. Stone Cold retired in 2003 at Wrestlemania XIX, in what I think is the most classy retirement of all time. It was never announced, and he quietly walked off into the sunset, as it were. It was the perfect ending for the Texas Rattlesnake.

But The Rock? That door has always been left open. His last match was a cool tag match at Wrestlemania XX, far from a defining last match. Maybe he needs that huge classic iconic match to finally close the book? The Rock and John Cena are of the same ilk, in my opinion. That being said, I do think The Rock is superior to Cena in almost every way, but they both are great on the mic, they both have hugely entertaining matches(Cena only with the right people…Rock could do it with anyone) despite not being amazing wrestlers. They’ve both commanded a generation, and that’s exactly the buzz that was surrounding Rock/Hogan 9 years ago. The only dream matches I’d want to see would be The Rock Vs. Shawn Michaels, which can’t happen now, and Bret Hart Vs. Kurt Angle, which definitely can’t happen now. Rock/Cena is the closet thing we’ve got to a dream match right now, so I hope it does happen somewhere down the road, as a wrestling fan.

Randy Orton was interviewed recently and had some choice comments on the whole Rock/Cena saga, as well as some other current WWE topics:

His match at WrestleMania XXVII with CM Punk: “I think really the character that Punk has become and the promo that he’s able to cut about having faith and being the leader of the New Nexus and taking advantage of his followers and the way he preaches and talks down to the fans, all of that is Heel 101. That’s the stuff that makes fans not like you.

If his goal is to “steal the show” at WrestleMania XXVII: “There is a lot of star power. Then there is the Triple H vs. Undertaker match with the 18-match streak on the line. There are a lot of things that are intriguing about WrestleMania 27, but I’m hoping when everything is over, people are talking about Randy Orton’s victory over C.M. Punk and the battle that we had.”

The Undertaker vs. Triple H match at WrestleMania XXVII: “I hate to say the obvious, but I think Triple H vs. The “Undertaker is going to be very interesting. The only thing that they don’t have going for them is the amount of time both guys have been outside of the ring the last year. But if there’s anyone who has been around and knows what they’re doing, nobody knows better than The Undertaker. And I think no matter what happens, this is going to be one of the most anticipated matches on the pay-per-view.”

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s return to WWE thus far and what people can expect when they face off this Monday on Raw: “I know them both and I know Cena a lot better than I know The Rock, obviously, but I’ve been in the ring with both cutting promos and wrestling. I have to say, though, talking about the whole ring rust thing, John Cena has had about 2,000 matches in the last seven years. The Rock? A big, fat zero. So when it comes to ring rust, I don’t care what type of athlete you are, and The Rock is obviously an athletic dude, but Cena has been in the ring. He’s been at every show and in every show and making appearances and he has been on the road with the WWE over 300 days a year for the last seven years. The Rock? Virtually nonexistent.

You see the interviews that The Rock does and he says that he doesn’t want to be known as a wrestler. He doesn’t want to be known as a sports entertainer or a performer with WWE or a WWE superstar. He wants to be known as an actor. Now all of a sudden he’s back in our world telling the fans what they want to hear. He’s telling them, “I promise that I will never go away again. I promise that I’m back for good and that I’m here to stay.” He said that, what, six or seven weeks ago? Have we even seen him live since then? No. Via satellite. I think Cena will own The Rock. I think Cena is wittier and can go off the cuff. Cena writes his own stuff, while The Rock has stuff written for him. It just all comes down to who you are in the ring and what kind of performer you are in the ring, and I think Cena is 10 times the performer in the ring that The Rock is. This Monday in Chicago, he’ll prove it.”


Miz is Awesome, Snooki is Awful, Sin Cara gains Heat and Jake Roberts takes a Seat

WWE Champion The Miz appeared on Conan O’Brien last Wednesday, and did really well. I kinda felt out of breath watching his appearance, but he made his mark and you can see it here:

Earlier in the week it was reported that WWE shot a major angle in a bar(namely Miami Mike’s Sport Zone in Hanover, New Jersey) involving Jersey Shore star Snooki, Trish Stratus and Lay-Cool. It’s apparent that the segment shot will air this Monday on RAW and involved Lay-Cool searching for the Snooki and Trish. It turns into a brawl to hype their mixed tag match at Wrestlemania 27.

Apparently filming was scheduled to begin at 10Am but Snooki didn’t leave her hotel room untill 1Pm, delaying shooting untill 3pm. Reportedly she was drinking heavily all day and being rude to the people around her, including branding the owner a “weirdo” before she left. She also told the bartender when Jersey Shore was finished she was going to become a full time WWE Diva.


Who knows if the latter part of the report has any truth to it, but if it did, would anyone really be surprised? I’m sure Snooki’s involvement will get Wrestlemania a few more buys…like…maybe 3. I can see why she’s there, but it seems a bit of a slap in the face of all the Divas who work all year round in the ring and don’t get a chance to be on the biggest show of the year.

WWE’s newest aquisition, Mexican wrestling star Mistico, debuted at a RAW house show a few days ago in Champaign, Illinois. Now named Sin Cara, his debut to WWE TV has been hyped up alot over the past few weeks with indulgent over the top video packages.

Will Sin Cara adapt to the WWE style?

There’s been a lot of anticipation and a lot of pressure held over the head of Sin Cara, and a fan report from the show stated his match was “solid” but he didn’t know how to work a “WWE style” match. Time will tell when Sin Cara makes his official debut, likely to be some time after Wrestlemania. Will he become the next Rey Mysterio and take the WWE by storm? Or will he be the nex Ultimo Dragon? It’s been reported he’s been causing a lot of heat in the WWE locker room by bypassing the usual route taken to be callen up to the main roster, which is to be sent to developmental for at least a few months first.

Though it’s no real news, Jake “The Snake” Roberts retired from wrestling back in January and a video has surfaced of his elusive last match. Watch it, if you dare. When I heard he was retiring from active competition my first reaction was: he’s still wrestling? This is a classic example of, and a complete opposite to a retirement like Austin’s, as I mentioned earlier, a wrestler who just won’t let go. Noone should be wrestling at his age, I’m glad he finally put his career to a rest, because he was great in his prime, just like a few others who are still hanging around well past their sell by date.

And Finally…

Last Friday night on SmackDown! English born Wade Barrett defeated Kofi Kingston to capture the Intercontinental Championship. Barrett has come a long way in the past year, being the standout star beyond Daniel Bryan in the first season of NXT, becoming the leader of the Nexus(who dominated the WWE for the latter part of 2010) and engaging in a main event feud with John Cena. Ever since being booted out of the Nexus thanks to Cena, Barrett has been drafted to SmackDown! where he’s floundered as a part of the new faction The Corre. It hasn’t been great, but his meteoric rise as one of the top heels in the company, taking out the likes of John Cena, The Undertaker and even Vince McMahon, was bound to slow down at some point. Is this IC title win a sign of the “winds of change” blowing again? Doubtful.

I. Am Wade. Barrutt.

The Intercontinental Championship used to be the stepping stone to the main event and ultimately the WWE Championship itself. But these days even the top prize in the business doesn’t hold much prestige when it’s being switched around every couple of months. Perhaps Wade can make the most of the IC belt and use the time he has on TV to give it some of its credibility back. Could we see the first ever English WWE Champion in the future? If Wade keeps up his work, improves and avoids any trouble, I think we just might.


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