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Wrestlemania 27 Press Conference Coverage

The Wrestlemania 27 press conference took place yesterday in New York City(where else?) and all the major stars of the show were on hand to talk about and hype up the show. The small New York were great and made the already interesting watch a lot more fun. The highlight came when The Rock and John Cena faced off at the end, a prelude of things to come this Sunday? Another came when a radiant Stephanie McMahon talked about the history of Wrestlemania and how the first one took place in New York, with such pioneers as Hulk Hogan. The crowd, in reference to the Hulkster’s current TNA tenure, responded with a resounding “Hogan Sucks! Hogan Sucks!” to which Stephanie replied “well he’s definitely not a part of this Wrestlemania, that’s for sure” with a smirk.

Here are some pictures of the conference and you can watch the full 30 minute video of the conference on WWE.com here. I couldn’t find a way to just embed the video but WWE.com has recently undergone an overhaul and is a lot easier to use, utilising a more blog orientated layout. If you’re not interested in the full shindig, then just watch the video below, the last 6 minutes from when The Rock comes out.

Michael Cole, still annoying

Stephanie McMahon, still hot

Snooki, still drunk

The Rated R(PG) Superstar

Will WWE Champ The Miz still be "awesome" after 'Mania?

The usually leather clad Triple H scrubs up well in NYC

"Press conference was f'n incredible!" - Twitter.com/TheRock

Also, WWE.com are running a Shawn Michaels “diary” in the runup to his induction into the Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday in Atlanta. The introduction is a rundown of his entire career and is a great read which you can catch here. It’s also been confirmed that Triple H will be inducting his long time best friend HBK at the ceremony.

Wrestlemania XVIII Main Event?

It’s all go this week, I’ll be back on Saturday with some Hall of Fame coverage.


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