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Wrestlemania 27 Preview

Wrestlemania...Showcase of the Photoshop

The biggest night of the year for evey self respecting wrestling fan is just 4 days away. On Sunday, April 3rd, Wrestlemania 27, from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, takes place. After a fantastic RAW this Monday, the stage is set, the time for talking is over, the time for action, ass kicking and moment making, is near. The internet and wresting world is buzzing with questions and predictions. What will The Rock do at Wrestlemania? Will Triple H end The Undertaker’s Undefeated Streak? Will Shawn Michaels get involved? Notice that all those questions feature wrestlers who were in their prime a decade ago and beyond.

It annoys me when every wrestling fan has to throw in their two cents and predict the outcome of every match. Stop trying to second guess everything and figure out what you think is going to happen, it just drains the fun out of everything. Now that’s off my chest, here’s my Wrestlemania predictions.

Daniel Bryan Vs. Sheamus(c) – US Championship Match

I think the likelihood is that this match will either open the show or be very early on, and get maybe 8 minutes. I’d love however, for it to happen more up in the middle of the card, and get around 12-15 minutes. If that was the case, I have no doubt this match would be awesome. As it stands I think they’ll both make the most of what they have, and put on a really good little match. They’ve had good matches in the past, and you’ve gotta think that Bryan is going to pull out all the stops in making the match look as good as it can. I think Sheamus will retain the championship. He was on a huge losing streak, getting buried every week, then he suddenly won the strap from Daniel Bryan, and ever since then the announcers have been putting over how Sheamus has been on a huge roll. What, after winning one match? Obviously they’re doing the old WWE trick of just forgetting recent history and acting like Sheamus has been dominating RAW for months.

Prediction: Sheamus wins with Pale Justice(hey if I’m gonna predict the outcome, why not the finish?)

Here’s the match between the two on RAW recently where Sheamus captured the belt.

Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Vladmir Kozlov vs. The Corre(Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson)

I’m looking forward to the interactions between the monster Jackson and Big Show. Zeke took Big Show off his feet at the Royal Rumble and effortlessly scoop slammed him on SmackDown! a few weeks ago, so this match is ripe for some big spot involving the two hopefully. Otherwise there’s not much too look forward to, I’m sure it’ll be entertaining with Santino in the match, and it’d be good if Barrett got a chance to shine. I think the Corre will win, the face team is thrown together and don’t need the win, a feel good face team win will happen elsewhere on the good I think.

Prediction: Wade Barrett wins via Wasteland on Big Show(he did it on SmackDown! why not here? Would be a great ‘Mania moment.)

Cody Rhodes Vs. Rey Mysterio

Rey always delivers on the big stage, even though his body is ruined. Ever since Cody took on this new gimmick of being emotinally scarred by a facial injury, it’s breathed new life into him. He’s been doing the best work of his young career and this match should really catapault him into a higher echelon. Rey had an awesome feud with CM Punk last year and the match only got 9 minutes. Some were disappointed and so was I a little. Yet it was a fantastic 9 minutes so I’m confident whatever happens, this match will be really good. I think Cody should win, he’ll get so much more out of it, and the feud can continue on for a few months.

Prediction: Cody Rhodes wins via leverae pin using the ropes(well I’ll look like a genius if this shot in the dark rings true, won’t I?)

Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk

This has been one of my favourite feuds leading to ‘Mania this year. The psychological aspect of it has worked wonders with both their characters. Orton’s character of late has been quite inconsistent but when he comes out on Sunday in full intense face mode, I’m sure it’ll be really entertaining. Punk can have great matches with anyone, I’m confident this could be a real highlight of the show. It feels like Orton will win this one, and I’ve got no qualms with that.

Prediction: Randy Orton wins via Punt to the head(it’s all been leading to it.)

John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Snooki(ugh) Vs. Dolph Ziggler, Michelle McCool and Layla

I think this will be an entertaining match, purely down to having two great athletes in Ziggler and Morrison being involved. For the past 6 months or so, ever since they’ve been calling Morrison the “Prince of Parkour”(my vote for one of the worst nicknames of all time by the way), he’s been pulling off some crazy shit at every big show. His spot in the Royal Rumble this year was phenomenal, and I’ve got to expect he’ll do something memorable at the grandest stage on Sunday. The faces will win this for sure, probably the most certain prediction of the show. I hope Trish puts on a good perfomance, she was one of the best women in wrestling when she was in her prime, and ever since her return it’s been lacklustre.

Prediction: Snooki wins via pinfall on Vickie Guerrero(after Trish takes her out, probably.)

The awful pre-tape with Trish, Drunk Snooki and Lay-Cool. Why not?

Jerry “The King” Lawler Vs. Michael Cole w/ Jack Swagger – Special Guest Referee Stone Cold Steve Austin

You know, I’m not that bothered about Austin being there. I don’t know why, because I love Austin. I’m sure I’ll love it on the night, but for now I’m only excited for him being there because it means Wrestlemania is going to feature Stone Cold, The Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker(and that’s pretty damn cool). They’ve been treating this match like the 3rd biggest of the event, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it take place later on in the card. I think it’ll definitely be entertaining, screw all the haters of this match, there’s always a match at Wrestlemania involving people who don’t wrestle/old wrestlers. Cole has done a great job of being a prick the past couple of months and it’ll make the payoff when he gets his ass handed to him all the sweeter. Cole winning could probably draw the biggest heat ever but it won’t happen.

Prediction: Jerry Lawler wins via Piledriver(I can dream…it’ll probably be from a Fist Drop or outside interference.)

Edge(c) w/ Christian Vs. Alberto Del Rio w/ Brodus Clay – World Heavyweight Championship Match

The Miz talks about being an afterthought at Wrestlemania, but I think match is more fitting of that label. I haven’t heard anyone talking about this match. I can see this happening halfway through the show, or at least before the other 3 main matches. I like Del Rio, his character and mic work are outstanding. I’ve yet to be truly blown away by his wrestling, and Edge is nearing the end of his career it would seem, his in ring work has definitely slowed down(not really a surprise). I think it’ll be a decent match, but when the show is all said and done, not many people will be talking about it. I’d like to Edge to retain, purely because Del Rio has run all over Edge(and Christian) for a long time, and it’ll make Edge look weak. Either way though, I don’t mind too much, it’d be cool to see another new World Champ(it’s better than Swagger anyway, God that was an awful title reign). A Christian heel turn is rumoured and it feels like that’s the way they’re going(Edge has never saved Christian from a beating in recent weeks, whilst Christian has always come to the aid of Edge), seeds have been planted. What better place to do it than ‘Mania? Time will tell.

Prediction: Alberto Del Rio wins via Cross Arm Breaker(does he have any other signature moves?)

The Undertaker Vs. Triple H – No Holds Barred, “The Last Outlaw” Nickname On The Line(just kidding)

Wow, the buildup for this certainly kicked into gear on RAW, didn’t it? The video package and promo with Shawn Michaels really pushed this match up into the forefront of Wrestlemania’s hype. It was there already but man did Shawn sell the gravity of this match. It’s rumoured Shawn will appear at ringside for this match, and I really hope that happens. The history of Shawn and The Undertaker is legendary now after everything they’ve done, and the history between Shawn and Trips is storied to say the least. It’ll add that extra emotional charge to push the match’s entertainment even further. If it doesn’t happen, that’s fine, but it was certainly hinted on RAW. Perhaps Shawn will intefere and hit Sweet Chin Music on The Undertaker? Maybe he’ll miss and hit The Game? Maybe he’ll help Undertaker intentionally out of jealousy? Whatever part he has to play, or whatever happens regardless, you’ll see The Undertaker bowed on one knee at the end of this one, a huge 19-0 graphic on the stage. He’s too close now for the Streak to end, at least not now. 20-0 is a nice round number and a streak that would be revered even more than it is now. They’re trying to convince us that it will end, but it won’t. I’ll be going crazy during all the nearfalls all the same though, because you get caught up in the moment, and a doubt creeps into your mind. That’s the magic of ‘Mania.

Match wise, I don’t know how it’ll hold up. Undertaker’s shoulder has been surgically repaired recently and reportedly it’ll never be the same. Triple H hasn’t wrestled a big match in a long time. I think they’ll bring it though, and it’ll be a very memorable match.

Prediction: Undertaker wins via Tombstone Piledriver(gauranteed…though I’d love a Last Ride finish like the match we’re supposed to forget ever happened, when the two legends met at Wrestlemania ten years ago)

This is a fan shot video of the full Triple H/Undertaker/Shawn Michaels promo. Watching this you really get a sense of how entertaining a live show is, and it’s worth a look, in this day and age HD filming off a phone is commonplace. Also check out the guys girlfriend stressing about going to the bathroom at the end.

The awesome video package highlighting the Triple H/Undertaker match from RAW last Monday, which I reviewed here.

John Cena Vs. The Miz(c) – WWE Championship Match

Well this match may aswell be John Cena Vs. The Rock, for that’s the way its been built this past month. The main heat is between Cena and The Rock, just watch this weeks RAW. Miz did great but was ultimately still an afterthough. Personally I’m gunning for him to win, he really needs it. He hasn’t had many title defences, and the ones he has have been shrouded in interference and cheating. It works for his character but he needs a bit more credibility. The title needs to stop changing hands so much, desperately. I’d absolutely love to see The Miz keep the belt throughout the summer, and for the WWE to really build up to his eventual loss of the strap. That’s how bigger moments are made, make it feel special. Also, John Cena doesn’t need the championship at this point, he really doesn’t. He’s transcended the title, as weird as that sounds. Others need the chance to make it feel important. It seems like every Wrestlemania John Cena wins the title or retains the title. Regardless we’re going to see a bigger confrontation between Cena and The Rock at Wrestlemania, but when?

After the match? During the match? Will he cost Cena the match? I have no idea, and I love that. So I’ll end this preview by not predicting the outcome of this one, because I really have no idea. If I had to put money on it, I’d say that Cena wins with the STF. But I’m not sure, and again, I’m gunning for Miz. As for The Rock, I have no idea what he will do as the host of the show, or with his physical confrontation with Cena, and I love that too. I can’t wait for Sunday and I’ll be leaving my thoughts here straight after the show. Over the next few days I’ll also be updating frequently with some Wrestlemania coverage as the week of events takes place leading up to the show, such as the Hall of Fame ceremony and more.

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