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RAW Reaction 04/04/11(Cena Challenges The Rock)

Banner looks almost indentical to last weeks right? Well it’ll be the last time you’ll be seeing The Rock in there for a very long time. I haven’t got long this week, it’s been hectic catching up with RAW, the Hall of Fame ceremony, Tough Enough and reviewing Wrestlemania. I’m also visiting my fiancee in Norway right now so I’ve got a few hours while she’s in work to quickly run through some post ‘Mania RAW thoughts.

Triple H comes out to open the show, says that he’s never been more beat up and tired than he is after Wrestlemania on Sunday. I doubt that, but at the same time he is pushing his late 40s these days. He gave the match, and Undertaker, a fitting tribute, talking about how big it was and that he was hyperventilating as The Undertaker came to the ring at ‘Mania, the first time he’d been nervous. Also debatable, but it’s the first time he’s actually said it. He even mentioned the Wrestlemania 17 match, I guess it happened now. He also said that they’ll both never be the same and how ‘Taker got carried out.

I don't know how to tell you guys this but...I'm gonna be taking up an hour of Wrestlemania next year too

Trips also mentions that The Undertaker isn’t supernatural, he’s just a man, but no man has taken that kind of a beating from him and kept on coming. He took his shades off and thanked the Deadman for the fight of his life. Before he left, he said he knows ‘Taker will be back after what he felt last night and when he is, he’ll be waiting. It was a typical Triple H promo, putting ‘Taker over huge(like he needed it, but still) and hinting at a possible rematch. People are already whispering about Undertaker/Triple H II at Wrestlemania XXVIII next year, or now that they’re acknowledging Wrestlemania X-Seven happened, Undertaker/Triple H III. I think it would be epic, and given other news from this RAW, the match I thought would be Undertaker’s 20-0 match won’t be happening. I just also think they did everything on Sunday, I have no idea how they could make it different and worth seeing again. Difference with Shawn and ‘Taker having a rematch was the fact they had two 5 star classics.

Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler are at the announce desk, which is a great sight to see, but I doubt it’ll last for long sadly, definitely not past this show.

Cole comes out in his wrestling gear again, says he’s 1-0, undefeated at Wrestlemania, and now that Shawn is in the Hall of Fame, he will now be the new Mr. Wrestlemania. Lawler tells him to shut his piehole and calls him a jackass. Cole asks if he wants a rematch and Lawler accepts, already in his wrestling gear. Cole says he meant a rematch with Swagger from last week, and the All American American American American comes out to face The King.

Jerry Lawler Vs. Jack Swagger

This was usual RAW fare really, nothing more than you’d expect, Lawler got a few punchs in, Swagger took him down. Lawler took Swagger down with a dropkick after he missed his corner splash and set him up for the fist drop. Cole distracted him so The King chased him around the ring and back in again. After beating on him a bit, Swagger locked in the ankle lock, much to Kurt Angle’s dismay. Jerry tapped out. Swagger didn’t break the lock as J.R screamed “break it, dammit!” The referee reversed the decision and disqualified Swagger.

(*) – Not much of a match.

Cole taunted J.R and found a bottle of his BBQ sauce in the Cole Mine. He asked J.R what it was, “What does it look like, idiot?!” Cole squirted the sauce in J.R’s face and ran away when he pursued him up the ramp. They continued to show slow motion replays of the sauce incident, which I didn’t like, but it got heat. Cole resumed his position in the Cole Mine, which was taped up in yellow police tape, that was funny. He cut a really vicious promo on J.R from the Cole Mine on his headset, love him or hate him, he’s really great at delivering a heel promo.

Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes and CM Punk

This was a great idea for a match, not in the booking of it, we always get a pre or post Wrestlemania tag match featuring opponents, but the participants all have history. Was cool seeing Cody and Orton lock it up again after legacy, aswell as Punk and Mysterio after their great feud last year. Interesting that these four men were also against each other at Wrestlemania XXVI, just in a different configuration. Some great action in this, Rey was awesome. Orton was still selling the leg injury, which I really liked. Selling an injury this long these days is unprecedented. Finish was a predictable but great looking 619 on Cody, who turned into an RKO.

(***) – Great little TV match, very enjoyable.

Rey's a machine

Backstage Austin bumps into Triple H and says if it ever happens again(meaning a Triple H/Undertaker encounter), he’ll be there, it was a hell of a match, and they shook hands. Very cool moment between another two people who have a lot of history.

Another over the top Sin Cara hype video airs, his debut imminent, I love his logo.

Stone Cold Steve Austin comes out to hype up Tough Enough which I’m really looking forward to, but still can’t comprehend why NXT Season FIVE, yes five, is happening as I type also. Yes they’re different, but the basic concept is the same. He brings out all the Tough Enough contestants and gives them all a few seconds to say something, and introduce themselves. Some of them did ok, some of them were brutal.

The Miz interrupts, and says that he had a concussion after last night. He shows the clip of the spear on concrete, the slow motion really shows his head bounce off the floor, ouch. Miz says that when he was on Tough Enough, he was told to go home, but after last night noone will ever tell him to go anywhere. The crowd cheered for Miz and “Miz is Awesome!” chants started. This was a cool, real moment and everyone applauded The Miz. It’s deserved because to me, he’s really earned his spot and his talking here was great. Of all the newer world champions he’s in a league of his own, he really gets the presence of a world champion and pulls it off, even if he hasn’t had any 5 star classic matches.

Really? What? Really? What?

He gets in the ring and says to one of the contestants with a big afro: “Move out of the way, Buckwheat.” That was really funny, Miz could end up going down The Rock route of being the charismatic funny face in many years to come. Miz gets in Austin’s face, and asks him if he thinks he has one more run. “One more match!” chants. Austin tells the Tough Enough’ers to leave the ring. The Miz hits Austin with a cheap shot and Alex Riley beats him down in the corner as Miz leaves. Austin sells the punchs like a God, man I miss him. Austin soon turns it around, stomps a mudhole in Riley, hits him a Lou Thesz Press and an AWESOME elbow drop, before hitting the token stunner on The Miz’s apprentice. That was great, we finally get more than just a stunner, and Austin looked great. He could definitely go and have another match, but I’d prefer if he didn’t. His legacy is perfect untouched right now.

Never gets old

Austin gets about 20 cans of beer and throws them all to his Tough Enough contestants, the crowd boo this a little, after previously shouting “Stun them all!” earlier. Austin hits cans with them all and proceeds to have a mini beer bash. He finishs off his festivities by dousing Cole with beer in the Cole Mine. Great segment, was entertaining, The Miz got over in it big, rubbing shoulders with Austin and getting acclaim from the crowd, but without taking a beating. Tough Enough was also hyped well and didn’t take too much of a backseat.

Not the Cole Mine!

Alberto Del Rio w/ Brodus Clay Vs. Evan Bourne

So is Del Rio on RAW now or? The brand extension has meant nothing in the past couple of years, and I’m not even complaining really so this sentence is redundant. Was great to see Bourne again and he pulled out some great stuff. As he set up Air Bourne, Del Rio hopped up to the top rope and hit him with an Enziguri, that was awesome. He then finished him off with the Cross Arm Breaker.

(**) – Great match but only about 3 or 4 minutes long, good to see Del Rio against someone like Bourne.

They show the Axxess package that aired at Wrestlemania.

Dolph Ziggler comes out with Vickie Guerrero and they challenge Trish and John Morrison to a tag match.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero Vs. John Morrison and Trish Stratus

WWE: stop putting non wrestlers in matches. At least for a while, please? Vickie is awful, and this match reflected that. Morrison and Ziggler had brief moments of action and it was ok. Ziggler hit a german suplex on Morrison who sold it with a backflip onto his front, that looked great. Morrison came back with Starship Pain for the win.

(*1/2) – Dire match, but Trish did the Matrix dodge of a clothesline and Morrison/Ziggler did some cool stuff, so it was worth watching in the end.

Sheamus(c) Vs. Daniel Bryan – United States Championship Match

I knew we’d see this after it was bumped from Wrestlemania, but it’s no consolation because they still got about 4 minutes. Is it that hard to give the best worker in your company more than 5 minutes on a wrestling show? Oh, I forgot, WWE isn’t a wrestling show anymore, oh well. I can see Bryan leaving soon, I just hope he hangs in there untill he gets booked well. Sheamus was wearing a red, white and blue version of his trunks, boots and kneepads. Cole pointed out it was because he was the US champion. Thanks for clarifying that, I’d have never made the connection. Daniel Bryan also had a new ring jacket, and I actually feel a bit sad about the whole situation, because both of them obviously had different ring attire made for Wrestlemania. I try to keep my language down here but fuck WWE.

Still the best in the world, still being buried

This was another really good TV match, Bryan sold a beating amazingly as always, one of his strengths. He got some great offence back in and as he went for the LeBell Lock, the crowd were cheering and chanting “Daniel Bryan!” really loudly. Take notice, Vince! People like this guy and connect with him, even if he doesn’t have an over the top character! Sheamus reversed the LeBell Lock attempt into a big back breaker, pushed Bryan off the ropes and hit the Brogue Kick for the win.

(**1/2) – It didn’t get much time, but was spot on as usual.

As Sheamus celebrated and then carried on beating down Bryan, new music hit. Sin Cara was on the stage in his attire and a typical lucha style elaborate entrance jacket. He pointed at Sheamus and ran to the ring. He literally dived from the floor, over the ropes and into the ring. It was amazing, though he almost didn’t make the leap and his forward roll nearly landed him on his head. He recovered easily though, without even skipping a beat and hitting Sheamus with a springboard hurricanrana from the second rope. He then dropkicked Sheamus out of the ring and hit a HUGE crossbody to the outside from the top rope.


Within seconds he was back on the ramp. The whole debut was great, once he ran to the ring, Sin Cara didn’t stop once, it was all one fluid motion almost. I also loved that he did a mental crossbody as an exclamation point to his debut, and not some crazy loopy flip that I’m sure he could do.

John Cena Call Out The Rock

Yeah, another main event promo, but The Rock promised on Twitter that he had a ‘special announcement’ to make. Cena soaked it in when he came down, and bigged up The Miz. I liked that. He said that whatever happened, Miz was still the champ, and that’s all that matters. He also said he hopes he never gets the chance to wrestle him again. Huh? I don’t get that. So, he hopes he never gets another shot at the championship? I mean, I know he’s won the title more than Charlie Sheen has gotten wasted and/or laid, I know he hasn’t made it seem like he wanted it at Wrestlemania either, but to just say that was weird. He may aswell have said “I’m gonna forget about the title and find someone new to get angry with and wrestle throughout the Summer!”
He also said he should thank The Rock(he kept saying “a certain someone”, not using his name) for last night, because otherwise a double countout end to ‘Mania would’ve, and I qoute “suck donkeys.” He congratulated The Miz and said he’s earned everyones respect. Lots of applause, Miz is getting put over huge tonight.

He then turns his attention back to The Rock, and calls him out, because they have business to attend to. The Rock comes out and the biggest chant is “Fruity Pebbles”, I love it. The Rock asks Cena “what did you THINK was gonna happen?” A truer word never said. Rock was great here, his confidence was so much better than it was last week on RAW. He tells Cena that he’s wrong, because The Rock does respect him, and knows that he lives and breathes the WWE. He even says he knows Cena is one of the greatest Superstars and WWE Champions of all time. Crowd boos this a lot. He then tells Cena that “flatout, The Rock just doesn’t like you.” He mentions that they’re complete opposites in the way they talk, walk, and fight. Yet their similarity is their desire to be the best at whatever they do. This was great, The Rock was putting Cena over and making this a real moment, no more jokes.

Cena challenges the Great One

But what would a Rock promo be without a rip? “Except when we go shopping, The Rock shops at department stores, you obviously shop at Baby Gap.” Haha, that was pretty funny. Cena responded with “Ahh, awesome, whaddaya know, fashion advice from The Tooth Fairy.” Burn. That was great, and The Rock looked genuinely rocked a little, no pun intended. Crowd loved the comeback too. That’s what makes the chemistry between these two promo wise, they always elicit such great reactions.

Cena says they’ve said the time for talking is over, listen to the people, they want a match. Massive pop for this. He builds it up as a match where generations collide, comparing it to Tyson/Ali or Jordan/James. Cena says it’s obvious that’s what they should do, so does The Rock wanna talk about it, or bring it?

The Rock has one condition for the homeless Power Ranger

The Rock says Cena has no idea what he’s just asked for. He tells him he can bet his candy ass The Rock will bring it! This is awesome TV. The Rock proposes they make the biggest match of all time, on the grandest stage in the world. Wrestlemania XXVIII: John Cena Vs. The Rock. Wow, what? I’ll get to that. The crowd pops and boos at the same time. Some guy heckles “go back to your movies!” Rock hypes it up even bigger, calling it the People’s Wrestlemania, that their match will be the main event, and gives an intense, short “If ya smell what The Rock is cooking.” He holds out his hand and some people chant “Do it!” Cena shakes his hand and they stare each other down.

John Cena Vs. The Rock: Icon Vs. Icon - Wrestlemania XXVIII...It's on.

Suddenly, The Corre come out, and much like the original Nexus beatdown, they storm the ring, taking them both out. Soon Cena and Rock fight back, dishing out signature moves. Cena hits the most energetic “You Can’t See Me” fist drop he’s ever done as The Rock approves, before hitting The People’s Elbow on Wade Barrett. Cena hits Heath Slater with an AA and The Rock finishs it off with a Rock Bottom on Barrett.

They staredown again and Cena leaves, backing up the ramp, pointing at his wrist. The Rock moves “One on one, I’ll see you at Wrestlemania” and then does the “You Can’t See Me” taunt, which the camera cuts away from.

9/10 – Yeah, this show was that enjoyable, for me. Every match was of a good to great quality, with awesome wrestlers for the most part, and at least the ones without had some cool little moments. There was a perfect debut, a surprisingly concise Triple H opening promo, everyone put themself over, Austin had a great moment, and the “main event” promo was fantastic.

It was probably my favourite promo from The Rock since he came back, he was so intense and really built up this match as being the biggest thing ever. As for that decision itself, after thinking about it a lot, I loved it. Sure there’s a load of cons to booking the “main event” a year in advance, the soonest a Wrestlemania match has EVER been booked, by the way, by a long shot. They don’t really need to build it, it’s already there, but it’ll be tricky to just re-insert The Rock into the picture in a year, if that’s how they do it. They may just hint at it every now and again throughout the year. The internet has been fuming about the decision, and having to wait, but why not? The expectations of this match are going to be sky high to begin with, so I can see why they’ve decided to just do it at the biggest event of the year. I can’t help but think they wanted to just do the match at this years Wrestlemania, while the feud is hot, but it was obviously too late.

Still, they screwed over Daniel Bryan and Sheamus, why not The Miz?(Ok, I’m dropping it, officially) The one down side to this is that when Wrestlemania season starts up again the clash between these two icons might not feel as relevant or hot as it does right now. Either way, I’m all for the sequel to the original Icon Vs. Icon 10 years after the original in Rock Vs. Hogan. It’s a long time to wait in wrestling, because we get programming every single week, without fail. Just think of it as a movie, we have to wait years for those too. Will Rock/Cena be worth the wait?

Final Though: Will Sin Cara be the next big thing or the next big flop?


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