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RAW Reaction 11/04/11(Edge Retirement)

Sorry this RAW Reaction is late, I all but forgot to post it here after I hastily posted it up on Flmboynt.com. It’s been a busy week. New Highlight of the Night column and 27 Days of Mania review coming soon.

This week’s RAW took place live as always in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

The show started with Michael Cole being announced as the only undefeated Superstar in the WWE. Wait, Michael Cole is a…”Superstar?” Nevermind. Usual Cole heat, wearing a bit thin now, though I enjoyed that The Cole Mine still had yellow tape on it to “sell” its beating from Wrestlemania.

Cena came out to mixed response as per usual, and beat around the bush a lot about the big announcement last week, being the main event that was set for Wrestlemania XXVIII – John Cena Vs. The Rock. “Rocky” chants and Cena nods, before declaring it will also be for the biggest prize in sports entertainment, the WWE Championship. Which of course means he needs to win the WWE Championship. So now he cares about the belt, after previously last week coming out all smiles after losing his title opportunity at Wrestlemania. God WWE, a bit of continuity please? Does Cena care about the belt? Does he not? One or the other, it makes the thing seem so meaningless sometimes when your biggest star picks and chooses when he cares that he has it or not. Randy Orton interrupted him, rightfully pointing out that Cena had his chance at ‘Mania. Orton’s wearing an “Apex Predator” t-shirt. Really? John Morrison then interrupts Orton, and cuts a typical below average to okay John Morrison promo. After being a royal prick at Wrestlemania to Trish Stratus, I’m surprised he’s being inserted into the title picture. Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler are next to come down, Vickie suggesting she should get a title shot considering she pinned Morrison a few weeks ago. Snap. She said she was only joking and puts Dolph forward as a contender. That “joke” was almost as brutal as The Chaperone probably is.

“Uhhh..What’s Up?” R-Truth comes out, and proclaims his worthiness to the WWE Championship, pointing out he’s never had a shot. “And that’s the Truth! What’s up!” That was just weird as R-Truth fist pumped. I’m even more surprised that R-Truth is in this opening segment, he’s been off WWE TV since he came out on RAW and asked the wrong city “What’s up?” Who forgets what city they’re in? R-Truth, and that’s the…truth. Man I’m sick of him. The GM buzzes in and Cole reads from his iPad that the GM has a “new concept” in a gauntlet match for the main event. Groundbreaking. The 5 men will square off in a gauntlet match with 2 random competitors starting it out untill one winner remains, that winner becoming the new No. 1 Contender for The Miz’s WWE Championship.

Another Lawler/Swagger match was hyped for later on as well as a rumoured retirement announcement from Edge. If I’d watched this without spoilers I’d have though instantly it was work, but we’ll get to that.

Before the first match, an eerie segment aired, with an unseen woman playing with a blonde haired doll. Her hair was definitely the unmistakable mane of Awesome Kong, who apparently has been sent to FCW and will no doubt be making her debut very soon. It’s about time, they signed her around four months ago. I’d like to think she’s going to inject a new sense of purpose into the women’s division but I doubt it. She’s a hell of a wrestler though, I’ll never forget seeing her take a deadweight German suplex onto her head from Natalya in a match from Japan. She laughed in the segment and flicked the head of the doll off. It was effective.

Brie Bella Vs. Eve(c) – Divas Championship Match

Eve forced the referee to mark Brie with a magic marker on her hand, so as not to fall victim to “twin magic”, the act of the Bellas switching places in matches. A good enough idea that went down about as well as a fart at a funeral. They guffed around for a while, and I don’t usually put the women down, sometimes they can have really entertaining matches that I enjoy. This wasn’t one of those times. The Bellas switched places and the referee kicked Nikki out, giving Brie the opportunity to give Eve a sitout facebuster for the win. Why didn’t the referee disqualify her? Why do I even care? Brie Bella is the new Divas champ. Awesome.

(*) – Dud of a match.

In the locker room Eve was pissed and Gail Kim tried to console her. She wasn’t having any of it and was interrupted mid storm-off by Natalya, who also tried to offer some words of comfort. She blew her off too and said the Divas are all alike, all out for themselves. Natalya and Gail Kim wondered if she was right and Tamina walked in, leaving without acknowledging them. So all women are essentially bitches I guess is the point of this segment. Awesome. Would be cool to see Natalya actually wrestling but God forbid we actually see some of that dreaded word wrestling on the show. At least not more than ten minutes.

Sin Cara Vs. Primo

Sin Cara’s WWE TV debut match went down pretty well. He entered to silence, and did his amazing ring entrance where he runs down the ramp and dives from the floor over the top rope into the ring, an explosive pyro erupting from the stage as he does so. So, here’s the thing. He didn’t do that for real, and he didn’t last week either. I feel stupid for not spotting it but a trampoline was placed next to the ring by a stagehand under the ring, and the same happened here too, Sin Cara barely making the leap yet again. Reportedly Vince is furious with the almost botchs from this entrance and is considering dropping it. I’d go with that, because he’s nearly breaking his neck everytime he does his entrance. The match itself was quite entertaining and revolved around Cara’s flashy offence. It didn’t flow very well and I can see why people have said he doesn’t know how to work a WWE style match. Even Chris Jericho had difficulty settling into the WWE match after years of experience around the world. He hit some impressive springboard variations of hurricanranas, but the rest of the match seemed somewhat stilted. The finish was a Spanish Fly from the top rope, where Sin Cara grabbed Primo and backflipped off the top, sending Primo flipping forward onto the mat. It was a very impressive move, nowhere near the cleanest one I’ve ever seen but I never thought I’d see it in the WWE. Cara actually fell from the top to the outside when Primo lost his footing, but he just ran back into the ring and did the finish anyway. It felt a bit awkward and I hope he isn’t blowing his chances here. The crowd soon got behind him, a “Sin Cara” chant starting up and a good reaction for his first victory on RAW.

Never thought I'd see this on RAW

(**) – Exciting action when it wasn’t off kilter.

The Corre were in the ring and Wade Barrett moaned about how the group looked weak last week, causing everyone to get their pants in a twist before Santino came out with Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan and Evan Bourne. He said they were forming a new group called Apple. Allied Powered People Loathing Everything. This was pretty funny, just because it was Santino, but man why are Evan and Bryan being dragged into this? Hopefully it’s only a one show deal. They challenged the Corre to a match.

The Corre(Wade Barrett, Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel and Ezekiel Jackson) Vs. The Apple(Santino Marella, Mark Henry, Evan Bourne and Daniel Bryan)

Typical 8 man tag team stuff, nothing memorable. It pains me that Daniel Bryan was stealing pay per views for nearly five months a while back as the US Champion and now he’s a part of the comedy crew. Oh well. After a few minutes Gabriel stopped Santino with hitting the Cobra on Heath Slater who hit his finisher for the pinfall win.

(*) – This match did very little for me, give Daniel Bryan better stuff! Come on!

J.R came out to be in Jerry Lawler’s corner for his match against Swagger. Cole cut a heel promo on him from the Cole Mine and J.R started attacking the Cole Mine, shaking it from side to side. It would’ve been great if he’d just broken through it, however unrealistic. Swagger tried to interfere and Lawler intercepting, leading to the match starting.

Jack Swagger w/ Michael Cole Vs. Jerry Lawler w/ J.R

This was okay, Lawler still surprises me, not that he did anything special but they did a simple spot that got a great reaction. Swagger bashed his head into the corner, Lawler trying to shake out of it unsuccessfully, leaving Swagger to smash him into the next corner. Lawler then psyched up and puffed his cheeks, unloading a series of his trademark punches that got a great reaction. It was such a simple old school spot, I’ll always mark for stuff like that. Cole made me laugh at ringside constantly taunting J.R. “Whaddaya think J.R? Loser.” They both had mics on so their cheering was heard on TV. Cole almost got involved on the apron, and J.R pulled him down, Lawler then rolling Swagger up for the win.

(*) – Eh, it was okay. Nothing worth writing home about…(wait a minute…)

There was some complicated stipulation to the match revolving around Cole and Lawler wrestling again or not wrestling again. Long story short, they’re wrestling again at Extreme Rules, and Jerry picks the stipulation. Cole berated Swagger in the ring, slapping him for losing the match. The crowd wanted Swagger to drop Cole but he didn’t and Cole left up the ramp. Lawler announced from ringside that he’s decided on a stipulation for Extreme Rules. Lawler and Jim Ross Vs. Swagger and Michael Cole. A tag match, so extreme, it’s going to be nuts. The match announcement may aswell have been an announcement that Yoshi Tatsu was retiring. The added angle being that Swagger was now annoyed with Cole. I guess. This whole storyline is getting tiresome.

A really good video package airs about the Triple H Vs. Undertaker match from Wrestlemania 27 last week. It was a good look at the match itself using slow motion clips and still images, all the WWE superstars talking about the match, from Big Show to CM Punk, and even The Rock to Stone Cold Steve Austin. It also included audio from Triple H’s promo last week when he announced “he’d be waiting”, heavily hinting at a rematch. Maybe at Summerlam? Probably not, it’s more likely to be a shoe in for Wrestlemania XXVIII.

Cena shakes hands with Edge backstage and I almost felt a little emotional. After all they’d been through, sure it was years ago and just a storyline, but it was just a nice little moment. I loved their feud in 2006, it was fantastic.

Edge Retires From The WWE

Another “main event” type promo this week, but on a much more sombre note. I came back from Norway yesterday and when my phone came back on all I was reading about were “tributes” to Edge. At first I of course assumed the worst, that something had happened and he had maybe died. It’s the saddest thing of all that my mind naturally jumped to that conclusion, such a common occurance in wrestling that I assumed that was the issue. However after a quick search I found out that Edge had been told he could no longer compete after an MRI, after suffering from severe pain recently. He came out with his World Heavyweight Championship soaking in the reaction from the Connecticut crowd. He was a bit nervous and paced around a lot, explaining what I just mentioned and how ever since his broken neck was surgically repaired 8 years ago he’s been on borrowed time. By the time Edge was trying his hardest not to burst into tears it became painfully obvious how legitimate the whole situation was and he announced he would be retiring from wrestling. Sorry, I mean entertainment. It was a great, honest, true, emotional promo and he should be proud with the way he handled it. I could go over it all but it would be pointless, I recommend you watch it if you haven’t, he’s earned the right for wrestling fans to listen to him for a short while before he takes his final bow.

As for my thoughts on Edge, I’ve never been the hugest fan of his, and always took his wrestling for granted. Because now that he’s gone I’m going to really, really miss him. He always brought a consistent quality to the WWE in his last years in the business, and beyond that he set records, made Wrestlemania moments and WWE history. He won more titles than anyone in the history of the WWE, a multiple time tag team champion and 11 time World Champion. He’s main evented Wrestlemania, stole the show at Wrestlemania one more than a couple of occasions(Wrestlemania 16, 22 and 24 in my opinion). As he said, it’s more than anyone who grew up loving the business could ever dream to achieve. He can leave with his head held high, dodging the bullet of near paralysis and enjoy the rest of his life. I remember reading his book Adam Copeland on Edge years ago and feeling like his career wasn’t quite complete, as he wrote it around the time he broke his neck. He can now say he left one of the most storied careers of the 00s with a great legacy and a championship win at Wrestlemania. I’ve always been a big fan of Edge, contrary to what I said earlier(I simply meant he wasn’t near the top of my all time favourites) and will always respect what he’s done for wrestling, and will enjoy the work he’s left behind for many years to come. Thank you Edge.

He left the ring and posed with his back to the arena on the ramp, with one last bittersweet smile to himself. He was greeted by a lot of RAW Superstars at gorilla position, sharing hugs and smiles with them all. They applauded him and it was a nice moment, heels momentarily breaking kayfabe and joining in too.

John Cena Vs. R-Truth Vs. John Morrison Vs. Dolph Ziggler Vs. Randy Orton – 5 Man Gauntlet Match for the No 1. Contendership to the WWE Championship

I wasn’t too focused on this after the emotional retirement speech from Edge. There was some good action from Orton and Ziggler to start with as they began the match. The New Nexus interfered and cost Orton his spot, but it was only David Otunga, Michael McGuillicutty and Mason Ryan, no CM Punk for some reason. R-Truth came out to face Ziggler and beat him in a few minutes. I don’t quite get why Truth is getting a push all of a sudden, and over Ziggler who has recently made a big move to RAW from SmackDown! Oh well. John Morrison was next and again Truth beat him within a few minutes. This is more understandable. After shunning Trish at Wrestlemania, Morrison has a lot of heat backstage, as he wanted his girlfriend Melina to be in the intergender tag at ‘Mania. Even though it wouldn’t have made any sense. He’s gonna have to suffer being buried for a while unfortunately. Truth was being put over huge by beating these two and being left with Cena at the end of the gauntlet match. I just don’t understand why. Touch wood, but R-Truth will never be a main event player, so I don’t see why he’s benefiting here. I’m not being harsh, it just doesn’t make business sense to me when you could’ve used that spot to elevate Ziggler, an up and comer who could take to the main event like a fish to water sooner rather than later. And that’s the truth.

15 minute push here I come!

Miz was at ringside the whole time commentating with J.R, Lawler and Josh Matthews. At times he was really good, at other times he seemed to be stumbling over his words a little. He’s still not competing due to the legitimate concussion he suffered at Wrestlemania, which is still one of the crazier bumps I’ve seen in a few years though I doubt it’ll ever get much of a reputation as big bump. You can read my review of Wrestlemania 27 here by the way. Before Cena could get the win, Miz and Alex Riley stormed the ring and the match was ruled a double disqualifcation. Ugh. A main event on RAW that’s different, is given a lot of time, and another DQ ending? Whatever.

(**) – Some good stuff going on in the match, and it was different, and it had time. Nothing outstanding though.

Lawler reads an email from the GM informing Miz he would defend his WWE Championship at Extreme Rules against both R-Truth and John Cena. Cena and Truth got rid of Miz and Riley, then faced off, before shaking hands and embracing in a manly…manner. They slapped each other heartily, harder each time untill Cena shoved Truth to the ropes. Seriously. It was almost funny but I dunno, it didn’t do much for me. That was the end of the show.

I think R-Truth is in the triple threat at Extreme Rules to take the fall from The Miz. Either way I’m all for that because I personally want Miz to keep the title for as long as possible, we need longer title reigns. I think Morrison might’ve been considered for this match but he’s dropped himself in the dog house now so he had no chance.

5.5/10 – This weeks RAW was average. Sin Cara was really impressive but the match still didn’t seem to “click” for me as a viewer completely, don’t know why. Edge retiring was pretty huge and I have a ton of respect for him, but apart from that the show was mediocre.

Thank You Edge

Star of the Night: Edge, he deserves it, and delivered an honest promo from the heart.


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