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RAW Reaction 18/04/11(Punk/Orton)

RAW this week took place in the O2 Arena in London, and aired as a taped show due to the time difference. Apologies for the late review but I’ve been working a lot of late nights. Without further ado…

R-Truth comes out to canned cheers, which I HATE and was one of my pet peeves with SmackDown! for years. They used the same damn crowd cheer time after time, it was worse than canned laughter. Apparently it was reported the crowd initially boo’ed Truth. I understand why they put it in but I really don’t like it. J.R and Lawler were they along with Cole in his Cole Mine of course. He cut a typical face promo about how he’s overcome a lot of things and now has an opportunity to win the WWE Championship. Morrison came out and the two embraced in the ring. Morrison was happy for Truth but felt like he should’ve been in the match at Extreme Rules, considering how out of shape R-Truth is. Truth acted otherwise, even blatantly asking “do I look like I’m in good shape?!” to the crowd. Morrison showed a clip from the gauntlet last week when Truth was drinking water and looking blown up between matches. Morrison had a playful go at Truth for being a smoker. This is ok, but Morrison just isn’t great on the mic. He’s not terrible but there’s just something off about him.

 Truth said he knows Morrison wants a match to get the title opportunity at Extreme Rules. Truth is really putting energy into the promo and being fun but it’s just falling so flat. He agrees to the match.

John Morrison Vs. R-Truth

Right off the bat Truth leaves the ring to get a drink of water, to many boos. Cole and J.R/Lawler argue more than they commentate on the match it seems. The match starts properly and it proves a lot more entertaining than their talking. After a few reversals and several minutes of action Morrison hits Starship Pain for the pinfall victory.

(*1/2) – Short but a little sweet, would’ve enjoyed it more if the promo hadn’t gone on for so long.

After the match Morrison offers his hand to Truth, who rejects it, looking pissed. He pulled Morrison off the turnbuckle as he celebrated, and proceeded to beat him down on the outside, upset that he lost his title match. He then hit a really good looking running knee into the barricade. He grabs Morrison asking him “why would you do this?” Because he wants a title match? The opportunity of which you gave him? He then feigned being sorry, helping Morrison up and then throwing him back down. It’s really dragging out, and Truth is playing it really well. It’s just going on far too long I think. His motivation seems a little off too, going from such a laidback attitude to almost disturbed. I didn’t buy it too much and no disrespect to the guy but I don’t care too much. If Truth was going to be a big star, he would’ve by now. He’s a great midcard guy and great at getting the crowd into the show. That being said, I do look forward to a heel run, it just depends how it plays out. I guess the office are over Morrison being a dick at Wrestlemania.

It cut very abruptly to Evan Bourne in the ring, as Vickie Guerrero came out. I read from an American review that the Truth/Morrison encounter went longer, with Truth lighting up a cigarette, the UK crowd chanting “that’s illegal!” Wish they’d kept that in, but I heard WWE came under fire from an Anti Smoking group. I don’t get why that means it aired in the US but not here. Oh well, no big loss. Vickie introduces the new and improved Dolph Ziggler. He came out with shaved hair, now brown, his bleached blonde locks gone. I don’t like the look, the blonde looked cool and set him apart. I don’t see how a new haircut is new and improved though. Lets see how it pans out, I like Dolph’s in ring work.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero Vs. Evan Bourne

As a matter of fact Dolph now looks like a lot of other wrestlers, looks kinda samey.This was a short one, with Dolph winning after dodging the Air Bourne, Evan landing on his feet, and hitting the Zig Zag. That was a sweet finish.

(*) – Even shorter, great end spot, not much more to say.

An Edge tribute video that was shown last week on SmackDown! was shown, and it was really great, highlighting some of his finest moments throughout his career, making use of old photos too. Once again, Thank You Edge, your career was cut too short but one hell of a long list of achievements.

Apparently later in the show Michael Cole is getting knighted. Ugh.

The Miz comes out, sporting a new ‘Awesome’ t-shirt. It’s a baseball style shirt with 40 on the back, because he’s the 40th WWE Champion. I like that. He announced that the triple threat match at Extreme Rules against John Cena and now John Morrison, would be a Steel Cage match. He bitched about the fact that he could lose the title without being involved in the decision. Just like any triple threat then really? He has a sit down strike untill the GM changes the match. His “I’m awesome” catchphrase was interrupted by Sin Cara’s music, who was out to face Alex Riley. He finally hit the trampoline entrance without touching the ropes and it looked ALOT better thank God. I’m willing to bet he put a lot more extra practice into it after messing up two weeks in a row. Cena comes out, chasing Miz and Riley out of the ring. The GM informs Cole via his iPad that a tag match would be made.

John Cena and Sin Cara Vs. The Miz and Alex Riley

Miz and Riley soon worked over Cena before he tagged in Sin Cara who showed off his unique talents. Again it wasn’t as crisp as you’d expect, probably because Cara just isn’t used to the WWE style yet and of course also the WWE wrestlers aren’t used to a Mexican Lucha style either. Cena got the hot tag and Miz soon bailed, leaving Riley to eat an Attitude Adjustment and a springboard moonsault from Sin Cara, which was again quite sketchy. By sketchy I mean he completely missed. Why does Riley stick around with The Miz when he just leaves him to get beaten up everytime? It’s like an abusive relationship. Nevermind. Cara picked up the pinfall win.

(*1/2) – Uneventful for the most part, Sin Cara needs to settle into the WWE more yet, he’s got time, but he needs to pick it up quicker than this. It seems almost harsh to say it but his spots always seem a bit off with the WWE wrestlers and it always shines a big light on how planned things are, by the nature of the style he works. We all know it’s planned, of course, but it doesn’t help the suspension of disbelief, the best workers are the ones that don’t draw attention to it in anyway and almost make you believe.

A 2nd hype video for Awesome Kong next, and online reports suggest her WWE name will be Kharma. Sounds alright to me. I’m really intrigued as to how they’ll use her. I’m liking these hype videos for new characters, allegedly one of Triple H’s decisions as head of talent in the WWE, to build up anticipation for new stars as opposed to debuting them out of the blue. I approve of this decision.

Eve Vs. Nikki Bella

I really don’t care about the Bellas. Or Eve for that matter. Why aren’t the decent female wrestlers being used in the title picture? Meh.

(n/a) – Awful, crowd took a big dump over it, they tried but it just sucked. I’d like to see Kong come in and destroy all the useless Divas but I doubt we’ll get to see her as vicious as she was in TNA.

Michael Cole was spouting crap in the ring and Jack Swagger came out, apparently now best buds with Cole again after their spat last week. The WWE Draft is next week, and it really matters you know. Even though SmackDown! wrestlers appear on RAW all the time. They try and make it seem like getting drafted will mean you won’t ever be on that show again. Untill next week. I guess. An old lady posing as the Queen came out and knighted Cole as Sir Michael Cole. He wanted Lawler and J.R to kiss his knighted foot. He took off his shoe and the foot looked disgusting, some weird colour to it. After much pissing about, Swagger had Jim Ross in the Ankle Lock with Cole putting his horrible stinking foot in his face. Ugh. I didn’t like this, the whole angle is just running SO thin and I, along with so many other people I’m sure, could not give a shit. Cole’s a funny heel, but God I’m tried of it. Ross gets humiliated once again. For the greatest commentator of all time, they sure love to make him look like a twat. Of course its leading to some retribution at Extreme Rules, but I just don’t care.

Santino Marella Vs. Sheamus

Sheamus wanted to get some retribution on Santino after the Teatime segment last time RAW was in the UK, because with the Draft next week, he might not get another chance. Don’t be silly fella. Sheamus beat him down and Santino tried going for the Cobra, but fell down out of fatigue. I do love Santino. Sheamus hits the Brogue kick for the win.

(*) – It was ok, I’ll forget it ever happened in a few weeks. I think Sheamus will go to SmackDown! though they need more faces, not heels.

Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk

This went on for a while for a RAW match, I really liked it. The crowd were really into it and I will never get tired of Punk. Orton however, I don’t know. His pace is little hard to get into sometimes, I love his methodical way of working a match, but it’s very formulaic. At one point Orton hit the Angle Slam, something Kurt Angle took offence too after he did it at Wrestlemania. More on that on the next Highlight of the Night. I like the use of the move from Orton. Josh Matthews point out the members of the New Nexus have been banned from ringside. So they’re definitely coming down then, cheers for the update. This had a good main event feel with a lot of action and a big superplex, which always scream ‘main event’ to me for some reason. Towards the end the action picked up and Orton won after slipping out of the Go To Sleep and rolling Punk up. Loved that finish instead of a generic “out of nowhere!” RKO.

Gotta love a good old superplex

 (***) – Real enjoyable RAW match, good main event.

Post match the New Nexus came down in Michael McGuillicutty, David Otunga(we in the same club!) and Mason Ryan. They beat down Orton and Mason wanted to punt him for some reason. Punk took a while convincing him not to, wanting the honours to himself. Punk is great. New Nexus is shit. They went from being a really dominating, powerful group, to a face feeding group of jobbers. Because he took time getting Mason to move away from the corner, his punt attempt was intercepted with an RKO. Orton retreated up the aisle victoriously as the show ended, Punk going mental in the ring, that was awesome.

3/10 – This was a really poor RAW really. It seemed so bland. The Truth/Morrison stuff got so much time yet the WWE Champ and Cena had zero verbal interaction, and the tag match didn’t progress anything, it just further established how much of a dick Miz is to Riley. I enjoyed the main event but don’t see why the feud is going on, don’t get me wrong I like seeing them wrestle, and I love Punk, but Orton beat Punk already? Twice now. Why have a rematch? It was announced online that they would face at Extreme Rules in a Last Man Standing match. That could be great but I’m unsure in the PG climate, who knows. I’m sure Punk will deliver.

Star of the Night – Was there really any? I guess CM Punk, but that’s not a great achievement on this RAW. Disappointing show.

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