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Pay Per View Review: Extreme Rules 2011

Man I wished I’d watched this live.

Extreme Rules took place in Tampa, Florida.

To start off the PPV, Josh Matthews, Booker T and Jerry Lawler were at the announcer’s table, Michael Cole absent.

Randy Orton Vs. CM Punk – Last Man Standing Match

Bold choice of opener, but it gave the beginning of the show a bit of an exclamation point, and spaced out the matches with the most potential, in my opinion. The GM buzzed in to quickly remove The New Nexus from ringside. Punk acted angry and it made him look a little weak, I know his character is kind of aimed at that, but he’s been really confident in the face of Randy Orton, so going into this big match looking a little weak bothered me. It did its main job though, and got a good reaction from the live crowd, and ensured us this would be strictly one on one. The match turned out to be awesome, a classic slow burner. People criticise Orton for being boring, but it feels like he makes the most of every move he makes. At one point he whipped Punk repeatedly from the ring barrier into the ring, then caught him with a snap powerslam on the outside, it was awesome. They used kendo sticks and a chair, not much more they could do in the PG climate but to be fair this was a match full of psychology and didn’t really need an overuse of gimmicks. Both men were bruised by the kendo sticks however and a big RKO onto the announcers table would’ve been fantastic had the table broken. It didn’t hurt the spot though, it just would’ve been more appeasing to see. The finish came with an RKO from the top/middle rope, which looked really cool, and Punk was out for the 10 count.

(***1/2) – This was a great match that I personally really enjoyed, and I feel a bit put out that Orton won again. I understand he’s the face and the feud should end with him winning. I don’t understand then why he won at Wrestlemania, and on RAW. It was just a complete squash feud over two months that’s buried Punk in a way. He’s unhappy with his direction in the WWE reportedly, feeling he’s a workhorse and has been a reliable member of the WWE for 5 years, and is not being used enough. I’d agree, at first I mentioned how I liked the minimal amount of time this feud has been given on TV, a slow burner. But thinking about it, Punk deserves so much more, he is without a doubt one of the best assets the WWE has right now, and they should do everything in their power to keep him there, whatever the deal. Randy Orton starts a new chapter of his career on SmackDown! the victor.

Sheamus complained backstage to Teddy Long about defending his US Title against Kofi Kingston in a ‘toible’ match. He asked to see Kofi’s birth certificate…but Sheamus is…Irish? Apparently it was a jab at Donald Trump who claimed Barrack Obama isn’t really American or something. Who gives a shit?

John Morrison was training backstage using his parkour to good effect. He did the cheesy stretching looking down then flicking his head back up dramatically. At least they called him the parkour master and not the ‘prince of parkour’ one of my picks for worst nickname ever.

Sheamus(c) Vs. Kofi Kingston – US Title Tables Match

This was a pretty good last minute addition to the card, and didn’t last too long. Kofi did some cool stuff using his athleticism and Sheamus kept his solid power in there too. A classic spot came when Kofi was pushed off the apron and dove over a table to avoid losing the match. Textbook. The finish was Kofi hitting a HUGE double leg drop from the top to the outside onto a standing Sheamus, sending him through a table. That was a great spot/finish.

(**) – Really solid, interesting match, mixing it up on the card, and an awesome finish. I imagine the title change was to put a midcard title on RAW as SmackDown! already has the IC belt(like that means anything anymore) and Sheamus can now move up on SmackDown!

R-Truth was interviewed by Todd Grisham. It was good and I’m enjoying heel Truth.

Jack Swagger and Michael Cole Vs. Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross – Country Whipping Match

Cole came out in bubble wrap. Pretty funny. He cut a promo, it was like deja vu. I just didn’t care for this match, I don’t understand the appeal. Cole can be funny as a heel sometimes, but it’s all just dragging so much. End it already. After some whipping and about 200 ankle locks, Cole rolled up JR with one of the worst I’ve ever seen, for the win.

(*****) – Classic. Brought a tear to my eye. But seriously, stop humiliating JR. Please? He’s the best commentator of all time, show him some respect? I don’t know why Vince likes to put him in these angles all the time.

Cena promo with Grish. Ok.

Rey Mysterio Vs. Cody Rhodes – Falls Count Anywhere

The hype video for this was FANTASTIC. YouTube it. Cody is becoming one of the hottest prospects in the WWE right now. The cocky Legacy character never really fit him as well as this disturbed psychotic gimmick does. I’m loving it. This match was awesome, Rey can make anyone looke good but Cody has really upped his game. They fought up to the concourse area, with Cody putting Rey in a boston grab through a guardrail along the way. They did some spots next to a bar and it was really cool and different to see. Back in the ring the match seemed to lose it’s way for about 30 seconds, but they brought it back and Rey hit a 619 to Cody’s face while he was still standing almost. That was really cool and Rey hit a splash for the win.

(***) – 3 stars may be pushing it when the end seemed to go off track a tad, but this was a great little match. Again, would’ve been much better for Cody to win, moreso than Punk over Orton, because he’s just establishing himself. Still, he got the win at Wrestlemania and that was huge for him. Look forward to his future.

Divas segment. They said to Layla they didn’t like her, but didn’t like Michelle McCool even more. Awww.

Michelle McCool Vs. Layla – Loser Leaves WWE

So Michelle is leaving WWE. Wonder who will win? They got more time than usual for a Divas match, there was some alright stuff. McCool hit her finish, the Styles Clash, and Layla rolled her up from the pinfall attempt. McCool is gone.

(*) – Was fine, just nothing great. Crowd was dead for it so it wasn’t really a job well done. They both ‘cried’ for a while and then Kharma(Awesome Kong) came out. After a lot of buildup, she hit McCool with a big Angels Wings style Pedigree. It looked pretty good. Kharma laughed madly then looked seriously, then did it again. They’re going for a real pyschotic character obviously. Respect to McCool for losing her last match, crying in the ring and then getting squashed by a new ‘Diva’ on her way out. That’s the way it should be done, it’s business.

I don’t really care much about her leaving the WWE, which is legit by the way. Undertaker, her husband, will be leaving soon no doubt so it makes sense and she wasn’t exactly setting the womens wrestling division(sorry, entertainment) alight or anything.

Christian Vs. Alberto Del Rio – Ladder Match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship

The video package before this was quite emotional, with Edge relinquishing his title. It feels like the crowd aren’t as into Christian finally winning the big one as much as say, Eddie, or Shawn, or Jeff. That being said, they DO want him to win and the crowd was great for this one. You know what, it’s great seeing these two guys, who are smaller guys for the wrestling(dammit, sorry! the entertainment) business, stand across the ring from one another, fighting for the World Heavyweight Championship. Some great guys paved the way for this to be possible. This match was awesome, and worked so well. Del Rio upped his game and adapted well to the ladder match, even if he looked a -little- out of his element at times. Particularly when he went for an elbow drop to the outside onto a ladder setup across the ring and announcer’s table. He looked so hesitant, but regardless took the bump full force as Christian moved, mad respect for that, it must’ve killed his hip. There were some great spots and moments here, Christian pulling out all the stops. The announcers really put over his experience in ladder matches, which added to the enjoyment. Brodus Clay tried to interfere and Christian smashed his face in with a tiny ladder, busting him open big time. He rolled to the outside and a big puddle of blood was briefly seen. Del Rio locked Christian in an arm lock with the ladder wedged on his arm, and went for the title. A horn sounded and Edge came out in a truck, distracting Del Rio. Christian pushed the ladder over and Del Rio flew to the outside, almost getting tripped up by the ropes, and fell onto Clay and his personal ring announcer Rodriguez. Christian made his long awaited ascent as Edge cheered him on at ringisde. He pulled the belt down, cementing his name forever as a World Heavyweight Champion.

(****) – This match was awesome, and the emotion of it really helped. Christian has busted his ass for over 13 years in the WWE(with a brief stint in TNA) and truly deserved this. The people love him, he’s a great wrestler, he makes people look good, and he can really talk too. I doubt he will hold this belt for long, but man it was great to see. The emotional celebration with Edge was a sight to see and a moment I won’t forget in the future. Thank you WWE for letting us and more importantly Christian, have this moment.

On a sidenote, Christian has now held: The Intercontinental Title(3), The European Title, The Light Heavyweight Title, The Tag Titles(9), The Hardcore Title, The ECW Title(2), The TNA/NWA Title(2), and now the World Heavyweight Title. That’s one HELL of a list of accomplishments. Regardless of its legitimacy, he’s now held the ECW, TNA and WWE main belts. Totally awesome!

Big Show and Kane(c) Vs. Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson – Lumberjack Match for the Tag Team Titles

This was about 5 minutes, standard, standard fare for a lumberjack match. Big Show pinned Barrett with a chokeslam, then he and Kane chokeslammed the rest of the Corre.

(*) – Why are the Corre so badly used and squashed? Why do I even care? I don’t, actually. Because they’re booked so badly.

The Miz(c) Vs. John Morrison Vs. John Cena – Steel Cage Match for the WWE Championship

This surprised me. There were some great little moments with the three and they used the whole three guys in a cage thing well, with the pace never slowing down. Cena hit a MONKEY FLIP on Morrison. Hell just froze over. Morrison predictable did some cool stuff, jumping around the cage and even hitting a sketchy Starship Pain off the top of the cage. Miz was suplexed from the top to the ring by Cena and Morrison, and it turned into a brainbuster, really harsh landing. Miz sure takes a beating, you can’t fault him for that. R-Truth interfered and took out the faces, before symbolically escaping the cage. It was good but ruined the pace of the match, and Cena hit Miz with an Attitude Adjustment off the top rope for the 1,2,3.

(***) – Surprisingly good, but there were too many ‘two guys sitting on top, trading punches’ moments. Some good high spots and a nice pace. Didn’t like Cena winning. He’s a 10 time champion now. Couldn’t the Miz hold it a little longer? He’s a much more interesting champion. He also needs it, and we need longer title reigns in my opinion, because title changes these days just don’t seem to hold any water.

8/10 – Yeah, a high rating for this show but it over delivered. I kept my expectations low and loved it. Lots of great matches, a fantastic standout match, and solid undercard. It was a really strong pay per view I thought, with the womens match, lumberjack and tag match bringing it down a little.

As a quick extra, here’s my initial thoughts and reactions to the PPV, from my YouTube channel.

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