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RAW Reaction 02/05/11(Rock’s Birthday)

Live from Miami, Florida, RAW is all set for The Rock’s birthday celebration.

The show opens with a flashback to George Bush’s address of the nation from September 11th 2001. Lots of images of the Twin Towers and so on. An emotional package, that then segues to 13th September 2001, when SmackDown! aired and paid tribute to America. Eh. This seemed very much like trying to put attention on how good WWE is.

Lillian Garcia was in the ring and sung the National Anthem. It was a great rendition and she sang her heart out, leading on a USA! chant. I dread where this is going.

The Rock comes out to huge cheers in his hometown. He starts doing a new taunt with his hands like framing a picture. He did it on both turnbuckles and looked like DDP. A diamond upside down is a pussy! Or pie? Anyway. Rock soaked in the adulation of the crowd and said of course, probably the first legitimate time, “Finally…The Rock has come back!…Home.” He then said something that is going to skewer this review in half from the get go. “I’ve got one thing to say…WE GOT HIM.”

Ok, I hate to let my views on anything other than wrestling creep in but I can’t ignore this, because it seriously irked me. Osama Bin Laden was found and killed on Sunday. Hence the huge USA! chants. Now for starters I would’ve prefered for them to capture Bin Laden, lock him up and let him die slowly for the rest of his years, and suffer for all he’s done. I can understand capturing him would raise security concerns for his followers trying to break him out. They captured Hussein, but whatever, I’m not clued in at all. Point is, Osama Bin Laden was purposefully murdered. I am NOT justifying his life by any means, and I am NOT saying he doesn’t deserve it for the evil he has unleashed on this world. I just don’t think it’s cool at all to celebrate a murder on a live television broadcast. For one, it brings you down to their level in a small sense, and secondly, don’t you think the extremists who followed this nutter are going to try and seek vengeance? He’ll be seen as a martyr and they will terrorise even further. It’s throwing it in their faces, and besides all that, I’m just not comfortable with anyone, no matter the situation, relishing in a murder, especially on live TV. It reeks of the WWE, and perhaps even The Rock, trying to take the nationwide spotlight and shine it on themselves.

The Rock then went on to lead the arena into the Pledge of Allegiance, I think it’s called, which was a cool moment but again it stinks of this USA bravado that annoys me. I totally relate to people, well ok I don’t relate, and can’t relate to such a tragedy, but I can understand that the death of this man feels like justice and serves as some closure to the people who lost loved ones on 9/11. I just don’t think this murder should be celebrated in such a public forum in this manner. I didn’t like it, and I don’t care if people are against that, I’m sorry. Murder is murder and should never be romanticised. The Rock said ‘WE GOT HIM’ and gave a dramatic look like he was cutting a promo. Which, ok, he was, but you know what I mean. This isn’t an ANGLE. Rant over.

The Rock was interrupted by the GM buzzing in. Rock and Cole got into a verbal confrontation, Rock goading him into reading the message to him face to face, outside of the Coal Mine. Cole took off his shirt to reveal some kind of sports jersey that gained a LOT of heat from the Miami crowd. I don’t get the reference but it was funny. He gets into the ring and tells Rock he needs to apologise to the RAW GM for smashing the laptop at Wrestlemania, I guess, otherwise the celebration would be shut down. Cole also asks for a personal apology for all the humiliation he received from The Rock over the years. The Rock says he’s sorry and holds out his hand. Cole accepts his shake and The Rock holds on. “Thank you…and Go Heat, bitch!” He Rock Bottoms Cole and does the DDP taunt again. The whole crowd do it, so I’m assuming it’s some sports reference. He hits the People’s Elbow and introduces some bald guy called Pitbull. He sings and some dancing girls come out. Not interested.

I’m not going to bother recapping all of them, because there’s a lot, but a whole bunch of celebrities wish Rock a happy birthday throughout the show, some of the more notable ones being Samuel L. Jackson, Ellen Degeneres and Steve Carrell. Some sports guys and so on, and so on.

John Morrison and R-Truth were scheduled to wrestle but Truth jumped him from behind and beat him down. It was pretty generic but there’s not much you can do with a jumping from behind angle and make it look fresh. He hit a facebuster kind of move on the mats then on the stage. It didn’t look great, Morrison got his hands down a lot and there was no connection with his face at all, yet he still sold it. That being said, Truth did very well facially and did a good job of putting over a more deranged side, but again it seemed a tad generic. I enjoy heel Truth though.

Kelly Kelly Vs. Maryse was scheduled to happened, but within 30 seconds Kharma’s music hit. No point listing this as a match and 40 minutes into this show we’ve yet to have a match. I like Kharma actually, the whole package is working so far. Apparently Triple H has been behind the introduction of both Kharma and Sin Cara. I’m liking the approach of building it up. Crowd popped for her, so she’s very recognisable already, regardless of her previous run in TNA as Awesome Kong, it’s worked very well actually. She hit what I’ve read as being called an Implant buster, on Maryse. JR put it over as the most dominant debut of a female and I might agree with that. Can’t think of anyone else. The Implant buster was awesome, Maryse took it much better than McCool at Extreme Rules. Kelly cowered in the corner looking scared and was spared by Kharma. I like the idea of Kharma going after all the blonde bimbos, similar to the dolls she was destroying in her hype videos.

The Miz was pissed backstage about Riley not being ringside at Extreme Rules. Riley reasoned he’s on SmackDown! now, and Miz basically said the Draft doesn’t matter. No shit. He says he’ll win the WWE Championship back tonight in a rematch against Cena. Riley will be at ringside, as he’s employed to The Miz. Or whatever. After Riley was put out of the WWE, then came back just as Miz’s employee, why was he drafted to SmackDown? Nice continuity as always, why do I bother?

The Rock was talking to Divas backstage at his party, telling them he sang to the Presidents wife and he gave him a People’s Elbow. Remember “do you smell what Barrack is cooking?” Santino turns up dressed The Rock’s character in Fast Five. Santino and The Rock. Should have been much better but it was awesome to see. Hornswoggle comes out dressed as the Scorpion King. He hurts his tooth and The Great Khali comes out dressed as a fairy. As in, The Tooth Fairy. Jesus. I am typing this, right? Ron Simmons comes out and The Rock nudges him, pointing at the idiots. “DAMN!” The Rock smiled huge for that and left. We are the Nation! That was kinda cool and saved the almost awful segment.

John Cena(c) Vs. The Miz w/Alex Riley – WWE Championship Match

45 minutes into the show, and a good hour into the actual broadcast before the first match. Vintage RAW. This match surprised me, and seemed to click better than their ‘Mania match. JR said “John Cena is living his dream” and talked about how he grew up wanting to be WWE Champion. Wait, what? Lawler talks about how Cena made a paper belt as a child. Sorry. Is this 2005 again? We did this SIX YEARS AGO. He didn’t just win the belt for the first time, he’s a TEN TIME champ. Ugh. Whatever. The crowd were very behind this and aside from that I really enjoyed it. Cena had Miz in the STF and he tapped but the ref was down. The Miz got a nearfall from his Skull Crushing Finale, the finish he needs to change in my opinion, after a shot from the briefcase Riley still carries around 5 months after Miz cashed it in. Cena fired back with an AA and Miz kicked out, surprisingly. Miz hit Cena with the belt and the ref didn’t see. He got the 1,2,3 but the ref noticed the belt was still there and reversed the decision.

(***) – This was actually a great TV match, I was pleasantly surprised. Crowd were super into this and they both did a great job I thought. Maybe the feud will continue, but I’m not sure.

Miz went nuts at Riley and Cena hit an AA on them both, bringing SuperCena out to play, roaring victoriously.

They showed footage of Cena at Extreme Rules after the PPV went off air announcing to the crowd that Osama Bin Laden was dead, basically, though he didn’t use those exact words. I’m gonna leave it.

Alberto Del Rio was at ringside for a tag match featuring the new RAW guys from the Draft.

Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston Vs. Jack Swagger and Drew McIntyre

Kofi got beat down for most of the match, with Rey getting the hot tag and going to town. McIntyre ate a Trouble in Paradise from Kofi and a 619 from Rey, and was pinned.

(*1/2) – Not much of a match, but entertaining enough.

Rey dropkicked Del Rio and this made me think they might go fro another Rey/Del Rio feud. It’d help Del Rio claw back some momentum after losing to Edge and Christian at the last two PPVs, and Rey would be a great guy to do that for him. Allegedly WWE are looking at a big main event at Summerslam in Cena Vs. Del Rio. Could be good.

Backstage at Rock’s party again and he shoke hands with the new World Heavyweight Champion Christian. That was awesome and I’m glad he was at least on the show. Vickie and Dolph had a cake for The Rock and Mae Young was in it. Dear God. The joke wasn’t on Rock though, as he kissed Mae anyway, claiming he gets more pie than Dolph. Lot of cunnilingus jokes tonight. Cena popped up, as I predicted in my video, and held up the WWE title, saying his gift to The Rock was making the biggest match in Wrestlemania history even bigger. If Rock wants the title, he’ll have to go through Cena. The Rock said just bring it slowly and Cena just said happy birthday and walked away. That was cool, and not too much, which was perfect because they’ve got a LOT of time before ‘Mania.

Kane Vs. Mason Ryan

This lasted about 2 minutes untill CM Punk interfered and Kane won via disqualification. Big Show came out, and Ryan took both him and Kane out. CM Punk called him but he left alone, happy with himself. Punk is definitely leaving the WWE, it’s a sad sight to see.

(n/a) – Shit.

The Rock came out and asked the crowd if they’d had a good time. He was interrupted by Vince McMahon! These days it’s always awesome to see Vince. He thanked the Rock for everything he’s done, and wished him a happy birthday. He then introduced a video package on The Rock’s life which was very well done. Rock seemed genuinely emotional. He thanks his family who were in attendance and confetti fell from the roof, and he posed to close the show.

6/10 – I don’t know. The opening really bothered me. Asides from that it was great seeing Rock as always, I am getting tired of his 30 minute promos though, I’ll be honest. It was fucking cool to begin with but it’s just retreading old ground now. A lot of the segments weren’t great, the birthday wishes were hit and miss. We got a great match, 3 that weren’t even matches and a nice moment at the end. It wasn’t a very enjoyable show for me. It’s great that The Rock got a night dedicated to him and everything, but it seemed a little too much right now.

Before I end this review, I just read the spoilers for the SmackDown! TV tapings. If you don’t want to be spoiled, don’t read any further, and thanks for reading as always.


Ok, so on SmackDown! Christian defending his newly won World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton, and LOST. Fuck WWE. Seriously. I knew Christian would be a transitional champion, but that’s a joke. Even Jack Swagger had a longer run. Jack SWAGGER. I just don’t get it. Well I do. They wanted to get the belt on SmackDown! but they just didn’t want it on Christian. Awesome. I know I should be thankful he had a reign, but man I’m so disappointed in that. Does Randy really NEED the belt so soon? It figures though. WWE puts out a great PPV, the best of the year so far, and follows it up with a disappointing week of TV. I hope Christian doesn’t get pushed to the midcard again now, urgh.

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