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RAW Reaction 16/05/11(Cena/Swagger)

Live from San Antonio, Texas this week, and John Cena opens the show.

He comes out and is soon interrupted by Alex Riley. “That’s Miz’s buddy!” Michael Cole reminds us. Cheers. Riley introduces a video of The Miz beating up Cena over the last few months, with over the top editing to make every poorly sold hit look devsatating, with equally as over the top music. It worked for The Miz though. He came out in a suit and cut an ok promo. Typical Miz fare really.
Cena said Miz will never say “I’m the Miz, and I have testicles.” Eh…*rubs forehead* He did go on to big Miz up, mentioning how he’s proved himself and how he respects it. It went from being awful to doing an alright job of building up their I Quit match. GM buzzes in, saying that Miz can pick an opponent and stipulation for Cena tonight, as long as it doesn’t involve himself or Alex Riley. Miz doesn’t reveal who he’s gonna pick, but it’ll be awesome.

This was an alright promo, but an I Quit match used to be HUGE. I mean it used to be used in awesome feuds with so much heat and physicality. It just didn’t really excite me much, it did its job for the new generation of fans though. At least Cena acted serious for some of it and didn’t grin his way through it.

Kofi Kingston Vs. CM Punk

This could’ve been really good, but it wasn’t that long, maybe five minutes. There was some cool stuff, the two avoiding each others finishers and hitting a few close calls before Punk hit the GTS for the win.

(*1/2) – Good, short match. Hopefully something is done with Kofi and Punk. Not together but, the Nexus angle had been a joke since the feud with Orton started.

Afterwards Punk talked about how he was going to lead by example with the Nexus and won’t stop until they’re the most dominant force in the WWE. Yawn. Finish them already. I smell another Punk burial. I hope I’m wrong, he’s one of the top workers in the company and world, use him!

Miz was scouting Dolph Ziggler, who was with Vickie Guerrero backstage, to see if he wanted to pick him as Cena’s opponent.

Kelly Kelly Vs. Brie Bella

This was rubbish really. Lawler kept telling Cole to shut up when he was running him down, and to concentrate on commentating. He then had a go at Cole himself. Ugh. I shouldn’t got onto commentary, could write a book on how awful it is sometimes. Kelly won after an awkward rollup.

(n/a) – So forgettable, just served as a setup for…

Kharma came out. Loving her music now, and she immediately focused on Kelly. The Bellas tried attacking her from behind but she quickly disposed of one of them, giving her the huge underhook finisher that doesn’t have a name yet. Looked awesome. Kharma then turned to Kelly, who looked petrified. She took off her glove and flicked Kelly in the forehead. She looked scared and the crowd laughed a bit. Kharma smiled, pleased, and left. I really liked that, really got over how much power Kharma has by being big bully, interested in where its going.

Another shot of Miz talking to Big Show. Again, we can’t hear him.

Rey Mysterio comes out. Still weird to see him on RAW. He calls out R-Truth after what happened last week. Instead, Albert Del Rio came out, horns a-blaring. He calls Rey out for costing him a match last week…wow am I sick of that old chestnut. He gets some good heat on the crowd, saying he’s a true Mexican, unlike any of them. He exchanges some choice words in Spanish with Rey, who says that if Truth isn’t going to show, he’ll face shut Del Rio up instead. Good segment.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Rey Mysterio

Some back and forth untill Del Rio hits a big armbreaker off the top, that was sweet. Del Rio is in control, working over the arm of Rey, who fights back with a great wheelbarrow bulldog. The crowd’s pretty good for this one and after Rey hits a crossbody, R-Truth is talking from the crowd, up on the balcony. He ranted about Rey being a thief, and to call the cops, because he stole his No. 1 Contender spot. That was pretty funny, and Truth looked really stereotypical in a du rag. Rey gets some momentum but his 619 attempt is blocked by Ricardo Rodriguez, leaving the ref to DQ Del Rio.

(**) – I enjoyed this one. Nothing amazing, but a pretty solid showing from these two. Loved Rey as always, and the crowd was really hot for the action.

Post match Del Rio shoved Rey into the ring post, and the referee had to stop him from doing anymore. Truth came in and hit him with a big arm breaker face plant move. Huge heat for Truth, fair play, he’s really coming along now his heel character is in full swing. He knelt down by Rey and ran him down, it was really good stuff. He then stomped him down leaving the ring to a chorus of boo’s and jeers. He was muttering about his spot being stole as he left, I love that, because it’s totally believable that he thinks he’s in the right. Great stuff. The pay per view has been promoted so badly though. Remember when it was a long 6 weeks wait for WrestleMania after Elimination Chamber? Feels like Extreme Rules was less than 2 weeks ago.

Cole and Lawler are in the ring for their contract signing for Over The Limit. I couldn’t care LESS. If you want to read about it, go elsewhere. This whole angle has been like spreading a small blob of butter over a whole loaf of bread. I really wouldn’t be surprised if they had a pay per view match every month untill WrestleMania 28, because someone in the back must think this angle is amazing. It just isn’t interesting anymore, same old shit every week. So if Cole wins, he gets Lawler’s Hall of Fame ring, and Lawler will induct Cole into the Hall of Fame. WHO CARES. It’s a Kiss My Foot match. WHO CARES.

They showed the clip from 1995 when Lawler and Bret Hart had the same match and Bret shoved Lawler’s foot in his own mouth. Lawler commented on Cole taking Swagger, a former World Champion and turning him into a sidekick. Cole said noone remembers he was World Champion. Swagger isn’t happy and stares Cole down. I guess I lied earlier, I’m actually writing about this. Swagger says he’s on his own and leaves him. Cole says it was “just a figure of speech.”

Lawler’s got a huge grin on his face and Cole tries to make up with him. He pulled him down to the contract table by the tie, and flipped it over on him, promising him he’d stick his foot in his mouth. Awesome. Can’t wait. This feud sucks.

Miz is now talking to Kane, who walks away with Big Show, Miz looking frustrated.

Big Show and Kane Vs. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty

Otunga still looks so green. Or as the trainers on Tough Enough would say, “Green as gooseshit.” After some Nexus interference, McGillicutty beats Kane with a swinging neckbreaker. Wow.

(*) – It wasn’t terrible, but not standout either. I don’t really enjoy Kane and Big Show as a team, or any of the New Nexus’s in ring work for that matter. Meh.

At Over The Limit it’ll be Big Show and Kane defending their titles against Punk and Mason Ryan.

Backstage Kane says on Sunday Punk and the New Nexus will be anihilated. Sure.

Useless Zack Ryder cameo, as he talked to Cena on his way to the ring. I like Zack Ryder. The internet wants his babies.
Miz comes out and announces Cena will be in a No Holds Barred match against Jack Swagger. Interesting.

Jack Swagger Vs. John Cena – No Holds Barred

Swagger attacks Cena from behind and the action kicks off. The crowd is great for this, the token “Let’s Go Cena! – Cena Sucks!” chants going strong. Cena gets beaten down and typically makes a Superman comeback, which Swagger cuts off. Miz and Riley are watching from the ramp. Swagger locks in the ankle lock as Kurt Angle spits out his cereal and gets on Twitter. Swagger hit his corner splash onto Cena with a chair over him, that was cool. Swagger nearly killed Cena with a really slopped sideslam. Swagger tried charging at Cena, who moved, causing Swagger to hit his head hard on the steel chair. Rare to see. Cena locked in the STF eventually and Swagger quit. Yawn.

(**) – Crowd was into it, I didn’t enjoy it so much. Great to Swagger get a “push” for a week though.

Miz talked about all the ways he can make Cena quit. He rammed the camera crane into the stage, talking about how he could do that to make him quit. He gets Riley hand him a pipe and he tells Cena he has no problem using it tonight, if Cena doesn’t believe he will make him say I Quit. Miz hits Cena with the pipe and Cena somehow just shrugs it off and clears the ring. Ugh.
Cena then cut a fired up promo about making Miz say “I Quit!!” We get it. It was a good ending promo, but wasn’t standout really. The whole match seems rushed. I don’t know, I Quit matches used to be a big deal. Sue me.

4/10 – Really didn’t like this RAW. Some good stuff, but nothing more than good and beyond that forgettable. I’m gonna be watching the pay per view live as it’s on Sky Sports and I’m going over a friends. But I’m really not bothered about it so far, I’m just going for something to do.

The only fresh thing has been Kharma and Truth’s heel turn. Even then, they’re not main attractions. Cena/Miz isn’t too excited, Del Rio has got nothing since being moved to RAW, and Cole/Lawler? Fuck off. Apologies for the disgruntledness, but I wasn’t too impressed this week.

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