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RAW Reaction 09/05/11(Del Rio/Miz/Mysterio)

First of all, apologies for the lateness of this review, and this weeks(23/04/11) will be going up tomorrow. Secondly, this RAW from two weeks ago was forgettable anyway, I’m just posting this for continuity.

RAW this week is live from Knoxville, Tennessee.
I’m gonna be quick here, I don’t have much time to write these days and this is over 2 weeks overdue. The opening promo featured Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio, The Miz with Alex Riley and R-Truth arguing about their claim to the No. 1 Contendership. The GM made a triple threat main event with Miz, Del Rio and Mysterio, which Truth hated. He said both “you don’t piss off an angry black man” and “I’ll kick Cena’s lily white ass!” Wow. Didn’t expect to ever hear that on a PG broadcast. It was a fun promo.

Kelly Kelly and Eve Vs. The Bella Twins

This was a 1 minute match, nothing to it and Kelly Kelly won with a rollup.


Kharma came out and after stalking the divas, she eventually took out Eve with her big move. I’m loving Kharma.

Kane Vs. Mason Ryan

Mason is green as gooseshit and it showed here. I know why he’s getting pushed (because he’s huge) but I don’t like it. Nexus interfered for the DQ win for Kane.

(*) – Forgettable.

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Santino Marella

Ugh. Dolph looks awful with his ‘new’ hair. He beat Santino in about a minute with the Zig Zag.

(*) – Awful RAW for matches so far.

They played an awesome video package really showing off how great the Orton/Christian match was from SmackDown! As always, great VTs from the WWE.

Lots of promos, none really stood out.

John Cena Vs. Alex Riley

Wow. Another bad match. Awesome. Cena won after two AA’s and an STF. Miz watched from the ramp, pretty much giving away that he was gonna be winning the main event. But you already know/knew that. Terrible.


Then a Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler segment. I hate this feud. Cole said “what did you do for Mothers Day Lawler?” Then cupped his mouth with his hand. “Oh I forgot, she passed away didn’t she?” This wasn’t even cheap heat because it GOT NO HEAT. Unnessecary. Don’t give two shits about the match or feud.

Jack Swagger Vs. Kofi Kingston

The focus of this was the announcers feud. It actually got time but it felt like it was rushed and wasn’t anything special. There’s too many short matches on RAW, sacrifice a few and give deserving people some real time. Kofi won with Trouble in Paradise.


The Miz Vs. Alberto Del Rio Vs. Rey Mysterio

Finally, a good match! Really good in fact. Some great chemistry from these guys, and some exciting moments. Rey really adds to any match really. Miz won by rolling up Mysterio, no surprise there.

(**1/2) – Good match, saved a terrible show for me. Made it worth watching at least.

Cena came out and announced it would be an I Quit match against The Miz at Over The Limit. So a big grudge match stipulation was gonna happen against any of those guys? Even Mysterio? Hmmm. I miss when matches like that were big attractions. Nevermind.

3/10 – Really, really average show. Sorry for the short review but, does anyone really care? You weren’t missing much if you didn’t catch this weeks RAW guys.

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