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RAW Reaction 23/05/11(Bret Hart Special Guest Ref)

Live from Portland, Oregon, RAW opens with Jerry “The King” Lawler making an entrance.

He says he doesn’t wanna take up much time, but finally Cole was beaten last night and he also tasted King’s foot. He knew Cole would try and get out of kissing his foot, so he had an ace up is sleeve…or a hart. He introduced Bret Hart, who put Cole in the Sharpshooter the night before at Over The Limit.

Bret said how much he respected Lawler and went on to say it was about time Cole tasted defeat. R-Truth interrupted him and came out acting like it was an honour to see Bret. He then asked Bret for his shades and went to find “a little Jimmy” in the audience. He put the shades on a kid at ringside and asked if he gets a WWE title shot now. He threw the shades back at Bret and talked about how giving the fans something was never going to get him a shot yet Bret had the title “90” times. Bret said it was because he was the best there is, the best there was and ever will be. And that the reason Truth has never had a title shot is because he’s a “freaking lunatic.” That was great. Bret seemed as stoic as ever, but had a bit more energy than usual.

Truth started to threaten Bret, and the Hitman told him to bring it, before Cena came out. He was doing a weird limp that just looked like he’d followed through in his denims. When he got to the ring he was fine though. Way to sell the huge beating from that night before, SuperCena. But we already know this. He talked to Truth, asking him where it all went wrong. Truth was awesome here, really ranting against Cena, about how he’s a franchise and everyone loves him. This is probably the first time I’ve totally bought Truth’s heel character, he was great here. He told Cena, that just like Bret, he’s a propaganda tool designed to make everyone feel good, but he doesn’t care about the people, he only cares about himself. Suddenly Cena wanted a piece of Truth and the GM buzzed in.

The main event was set in R-Truth and CM Punk taking on John Cena and Rey Mysterio, with Bret as the special guest referee. It was actually a really enjoyable opening promo, and although I groaned a little at Cena instantly coming out to align himself with his buddy Bret, it was great. Bret went back out to “little Jimmy” and gave him his shades, I loved that. Truth’s character feels so real, like he totally believes everything he says.

Backstage Kane and Big Show were talking about the Nexus, Big Show sitting on Alberto Del Rio’s car. Ricardo Rodriguez complaining in Spanish and Show shoved him to the floor. Del Rio appeared and spouted some angry Espanol.

Big Show and Kane(c) Vs. David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty – WWE Tag Team Championship Match

Everytime Big Show forms a random team with someone, I love how their theme always opens with “Weeeelll it’s the Big Show!” then a pyro explosion kicks us into his partners theme. CM Punk, flanked by Mason Ryan, sat at the announcer’s desk to commentate. The in ring action was so stock, but it was made watchable by Punk’s commentary, he’s epicly entertaining. I remember when Punk joined the Nexus, it was so shocking and felt like it was gonna be huge. Now look at it. Punk called Big Show “King Kong Bundy.” Simple, but hilarious. Mason Ryan tried interfering and Kane hit him with a really slow, awkward Cactus clothesline. I wondered if it was being shown in slow motion. Show went for a double chokeslam on the legal men in the match, and Punk kicked him from behind whilst the ref was looking elsewhere. They hit him with a double DDT and…won the tag team titles. I guess a guy that big getting DDT’d is worse because of his size, but it looked like he just did a giant roly poly.

(*) – Nothing standout at all, surprised the Nexus have the tag titles now, but I can’t even remember what’s happened with the tag titles in the past year or so. Hopefully Punk can be at the forefront of a proper Nexus push, but I’d prefer the faction to just end already, it’s best days are over.

They plug the Capitol Punishment poster, with a caricatures of John Cena, Rey Mysterio and the US President Barrack Obama. Wasn’t as great as King and Josh Matthews were making it out to be.

A plug for Randy Orton signing DVDs of his new film That’s What I Am. I actually liked Legendary and it looks like it could be ok. I hope I never have to sit through The Chaperone though, I’m not gonna even give that a chance.

Backstage, Big Show was going mental over the loss and Alberto Del Rio came out of nowhere and slapped him. He ran away and led Show into the area where the car was, and thanks to some creative camera shakes and effects, we suddenly see him lying under the car, with his leg trapped. Kane started shouting madly for help, Show screaming in agony. Show actually said “Holy Sh….aahhhh!” Gold. He did a great job of selling it though, despite the fact Kane was actually holding his hand (that really happened) it worked really well. They milked it for a while, EMTs taking off his knee pad and checking it over. Show was too proud and tried to stand up, insisting he was fine. I guess he’s out for a while.

Jack Swagger Vs. Evan Bourne

Wow, Evan Bourne is actually on RAW this week, what happened? He needs to be put in a feud or a simple series of matches with another great wrestler. Josh Matthews talked about how ever since Bourne was a kid, he dreamed of flying! Ugh, that was an awful line. You can really see how small Bourne is compared to the rest of the roster here. They did some good stuff, with Swagger pinning Bourne after his gutwrench powerbomb.

(*1/2) – For a 2 minute squash match, they did some good stuff. More Bourne please.

While Swagger was doing his goofy celebration, Bourne gave him a flying kick and ran back up the ramp grinning. Ok. A feud perhaps? Would be good.

Michael Cole was backstage and you can hear the arena boo’ing SO loudly. He stopped by the Divas and tried to shake hands with Eve. She held up her foot instead. Pretty funny.

They plugged how much Fast Five made this week. Wicked. Thanks for that.

Michael Cole came out, apologised for his behaviour to a chorus of boo’s. Man has he got heat. He went back to the announce desk, Lawler loving it. Seems like his heel character is done. Thank God. Though I would’ve liked to see him be a full on heel manager, it’d work wonders for a young heel who isn’t great on the mic. “You Sucked Toes!” chant. Wow. That’s a first. He said that the matches were done and the Cole Mine was gone. Shame. I actually liked the Cole Mine, of all things. Lawler ribbed him a bit and he sat down.

The Miz came out immediately with Alex Riley in tow. Lawler said “He’s the Miz, and he quit! Hahaha!” I miss old Lawler. You know, when he was actually kinda funny. Miz turned everything around on Alex Riley, blaming him for his losses at both Extreme Rules and Over The Limit, and also his rematch after Extreme Rules on RAW. Miz pleaded with the GM to give him a rematch against Cena once again, with Riley banned “at” ringside. The GM denied this. Miz got back in Riley’s face and Riley said it wasn’t like he was the one who said I Quit. Miz got really angry and fired A-Ri from his “personal services contract.” His rant against Riley was great. He shoved Riley in the face and Riley responded with a punch. They brawled and Riley beat the hell out of Miz, throwing him into the ring barrier, and ripping his clothes off, throwing him over the announcer’s table. The crowd was loving it, a big “Riley!” chant going. I bet inside he was marking the fuck out.

You were supposedtobemyfriend!

I love how by purely beating the crap out of Miz, Riley became an instant over face. He kicked Miz in the head and left him lying in the middle of the ring. This was interesting and will no doubt lead to a match at Captiol Punishment. Another effective promo, I enjoyed it a lot.

Kelly Kelly, Eve, Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix Vs. The Bellas, Maryse and Melina

Before this even started, Kharma’s music hit and she came down, entering the ring. She stood in the middle of the ring and they all stared at her. Then she started…crying. What. She fell to her knees, talking to herself and weeping. It was really weird. Someone in the crowd actually yelled “what the FUCK?” I concur.

The match obviously didn’t come to a decision as the camera just focused on Kharma crying and looking distressed, cowering on her knees, the Divas looking confused. It just ended there. Now this angle caused a lot of controversy amongst wrestling fans. I personally liked the idea of it, but would’ve thought it would happen a lot later down the line. It was effective, different, and shocking. It also got people talking. It seemed rushed though, and perhaps the explanation can be found in the rumour that Kharma is in fact pregnant. She’s expected to be out for a year. That’s just rumour the last time I checked. Joey Styles put on his Twitter that we would hear from Kharma next week on RAW, so watch out for that.

"Well...she has been here a month now..."

Kofi Kingston Vs. Drew McIntyre

My first reaction: Oh right, Drew’s on RAW now. He just split up with his wife former WWE Diva Tiffany. Best of luck in her future endeavours. This started off great with a really cool sequence which ended abruptly when Kofi tried doing a leapfrog facing away from Drew. He botched it and landed awkwardly. Drew saved it quickly, focusing on Kofi’s leg, even pulling out the classic figure four around the ringpost. I love that spot. Kofi sold his knee, but still did his Boom Drop. Ok. Drew hit a really weird powerbomb on Kofi for a 2 count. I really want to like Drew, but his work never seems to scream out to me and standout. Kofi hit his weird rollup move for the win.

(*1/2) – Started off promising, tapered off from there.

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero were watching the match backstage. Dolph had blonde hair again. Ahhh *rubs forehead*

They ran the promo from Over The Limit where they used clips of Barrack Obama answering questions about WWE. It wasn’t really funny, but yet again, the announcers thought it was amazing. I’m sure Vince did too.

The Nexus were celebrating backstage and Punk said he was going to go and win the main event.

Another advert for WWE’s anti-bullying campaign. I “dig it” so to speak.

They recapped the Big Show/Del Rio angle from earlier and Alberto was interviewed, saying Show brought it on himself for disrespecting him. He then shifted the blame on Ricardo Rodriguez. He called him an idiot. I guess he was mad at his sidekick. Deja who? At the announce desk, Cole is now completely back to normal.

Jerry Lawler mentioned the passing of Randy “Macho Man” Savage last week. He said he’ll always be a hall of famer, no matter what. A really nice video package was played. It was nice to see WWE do this, considering Savage jumped to WCW and ended his in ring career at TNA. After so many years away from the WWE, it was great that they still honoured him with a video package. The net is already rampant with Hall of Fame 2012 petitions and campaigns. It was quite emotional, Savage was one of the best, such a loss. A classy move by WWE for sure.

John Cena and Rey Mysterio Vs. CM Punk and R-Truth – Special Guest Referee Bret “The Hitman” Hart

Bone Saw sign in the crowd. Awesome. Punk was wearing pink trunks and yellow kickers in a tribute to Savage, love it. I’m also loving R-Truth’s silent entrance, it really gets heat. When Punk was on the turnbuckle, he pointed at Bret, did a mock version of his shaking hands taunt and then laughed, waving it away like it was so stupid. God I love Punk. I really hope he doesn’t leave this summer. This was typical RAW main event tag match stuff. So Cena wans’t selling the beating he took at Over The Limit at all here…eh. Cena took the Bret bump getting whipped into the turnbuckle frontways. He barely touched it, awful. Watch Bret doing it back in the day, he pure killed himself on it. Punk did a russian leg sweep into a pin like Bret used to do, a huge grin on his face, eyeballing Bret. He got a 2 count and Punk said “where did you learn to count?! Canada?!” Hahahaha. He then did the Bret elbow drop from the second rope. Truth managed to actually get a CM Punk chant started. The people know how awesome he is. It really picked up when Rey got going. Truth hit his facebuster finisher on Cena and screamed “How d’ya like me now?!!” Where’s Hardcore Holly when you need him. Rey hit the 619 on CM Punk, who turned right around into a right hand from Bret, who then put him in a Sharpshooter. Rey then did a springboard legdrop to the back of Punk’s head while he was in the submission. Rey covered Punk for the win. It made no real sense but was awesome anyway.

(**) – Fun main event.

People have been moaning about why Bret randomly just put Punk in the Sharpshooter. Punk’s a heel, he was mocking Bret throughout the match. It was a nice face moment at Cena, Rey and Bret celebrated. Why not? The interent gets so hung up on heels winning matches and getting over. Enjoy moments like this. Besides, it was a cool spot.

6/10 – Wrestling wise this wasn’t great, but I really dug a lot of the promos. The Big Show/Del Rio stuff was mainly a snorefest, though Show did a good job of selling it. R-Truth has really set himself apart from the rest recently, he was one of the stars of the night no doubt about it. Punk was awesome as usual. Generally, I really enjoyed this show, especially for the Bret involvement. So it wasn’t a great RAW generally speaking, but I really liked it.

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