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RAW Reaction 30/05/11(R-Truth/Cena)

A quick note, I wrote this RAW Reaction live and it was a breath of fresh air, a lot more fun to write! So here’s a super quickly posted edition of your 8th favourite RAW write-up!

RAW this week is LIVE from Omaha, Nebraska

The show opened with a tribute to all the American troops on Memorial Day.

There were technical difficulties and suddenly R-Truth is at the merchandise stand going nuts, throwing stuff down and smashing things up. He spots an ad with Cena on it and gets even more riled up, walking through the concourse. There was no audio, not sure if this was the same with everyone, but Cole and King apologised for technical difficulties so I’m assuming so. This is a cool opening so far.
Truth appears at the top of the crowd, pointing out Cena t-shirts. He’s pointing out and berating fans, this is great. There’s a row of black kids in red Cena shirts. Truth kneels down next to him. He points at the kid, talking to his Dad: “let me guess, Little Jimmy?” He’s talking about “Big Jimmy” having a Cena shirt on too, thinking he’s better than Truth. The Dad tells him”What’s Up” and Truth said it’s not about that anymore. He’s in the ring talking about the conspiracies again. Cena comes out. A refreshing RAW opening is now gonna turn into a generic in ring promo.

Cena says everyone gets the idea that it’s all apparently a conspiracy against Truth and everyone is called Little Jimmy. He says that in reality Truth is nuts. The audio is now in synch, apparently WWE are fucking up technically but I’m not sure. Big Cena chants. He says again that Truth is crazy, and he’ll knock some sense back into him. Truth said all the Little Jimmys are gonna get to see him beat Cena down. The whole Little Jimmy thing is so random, yet hilarious. I’m sure it’ll be stale in a few weeks though.

Cole receives an email and does the “can I have your attention please” schtick. He confirms from the anonymous GM that the main event will be John Cena Vs. R-Truth, with no Little Jimmys allowed at ringside. Hilarious. Truth says Cena is “gonna get got!” Well at least it was short, as Truth leaves, rambling to himself on the ramp.

They plug Kharma speaking out later on, and a Dolph Ziggler Vs. Kofi Kingston match. So, the match that happened about 20 times on SmackDown? Fresh.

Kofi Kingston Vs. Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero

Cole promises the technical difficulties are behind us. Ziggler’s new blonde hair is a great new look…oh wait. They start out pretty sloppily, then get into a bit of a groove. Crowd are pretty hot tonight, they popped quite big for Kofi doing two consecutive leapfrogs. Kofi hits a huge monkey flip on Dolph, who almost lands on his feet, but falls on his front, was kind of awkward. Kofi went for his diving dick to face move in the corner and Dolph moves, as Kofi lands perfectly feet first on the top rope, leaving Dolph to push him off the top to the outside, exciting spot. Back from the break and Dolph is in control. Dolph misses a huge splash in the corner and Kofi fights back with some double handed chops and a big dropkick. He goes for his weird pin move and Dolph reverses it, but it’s awkward and they lose their way a bit. Kofi takes him down, hits the Boom Drop and goes for Trouble in Paradise. Dolph ducks the kick and gets Kofi in a sleeper, which Kofi manages to power out of. He misses a HUGE frogsplash like crossbody and Dolph busts out a FAME ASSER. Kofi kicks out at two, and goes for the SOS, but Dolph grabs the rope, and hits the Zig Zag for the 3 count.

(**) – This was a nice competitive match with some decent time, I really enjoyed it. Nothing amazing but the crowd were behind it and it had a few nice moments.

Cole plugs Alex Riley Apologising later on, and that he’ll force him to say sorry to The Miz. Another plug for the Cena/Truth main event.

Back from the break again and Ricardo Rodriguez announces Alberto Del Rio. Cole talks about how he loves that Del Rio has his own personal ring announcer! Yeah…we got that about a year ago man. He also recaps the whole Big Show incident last week. Del Rio does his usual schtick and introduces a recap video of last week. They’re really treating this as a big deal, it was the main focus of the ads during Tough Enough. I love how they build the video up around Show and Kane losing the tag titles like it’s a big deal. The tag titles haven’t meant anything for a long time. They also really hammed up the part with Show getting “run over.”

Back in the ring Del Rio has a lot of heat, and he says Big Show brought it on himself. He makes a joke about the whole thing, and that business is business. After last week claiming it was all an accident, right? Well, he’s a heel, he doesn’t need to make sense.

A video package plays about the Christian/Orton feud, and what happened on SmackDown with Christian not making it in the No. 1 Contendership match, and hyping up the Sheamus/Orton title match on Friday. Surprising to see RAW hype up SmackDown, but good to see to.

The Bellas Vs. Eve and Kelly Kelly

They plug Kelly Kelly being in the Maxim Hot 100. Like it’s such a big deal. Apparently Kelly says it’s a dream come true. Wow. To start Eve does a nice one handed cartwheel over one of the Bellas. I don’t know which, and I don’t care. The Bellas double team Eve in front of the ref and he does nothing. Kinda make their whole “Twin Magic” deal redundant doesn’t it? Eve fights back with a nice release northern lights suplex, and tags in Kelly. She hits a Lou Thesz and a Stink Face. Yes. A Stink Face. *rubs forehead* Eve takes out the Bella not legal in the match, whilst Kelly hits basically a Fame Asser on the legal Bella to win.

(*) – Forgettable, but not actually bad for a random Divas tag. Looks like they might be setting up a rivalry between the four. Would be good. Better than just random shit every week anyway.

Another plug for the Alex Riley Apology up next. Back from the break some random pictures of families, King putting over Memorial Day. They have some people having a BBQ in Omaha. Ok then.

Michael Cole is in the ring. Ugh. So the Cole slot of the show is back? Great. He says Alex Riley’s actions last week were akin to Judas. A recap video of Riley snapping and beating up Miz royally. Riley comes out to new music or I dunno, maybe he had it before. He got a good reaction. Cole lectures Riley on how Miz helped him, nurtured him, all that stuff, the crowd giving him the full “WHAT?” treatment. He claims the WWE Universe were emotionally effected by what he did to The Miz. I tuned out of everything Cole was saying. Riley said he’s never felt better and the crowd loved it. Cole suggested he gets down his knees for The Miz. Riley goes the cheap pop and tells Cole to shut up, that he has a big mouth and is arrogant just like Miz. Riley only just figured that out? This face turn is working for the crowd, but it’s quite out of the blue in terms of Riley’s motivation.

Cole calls Riley a bastard. Oh shi’. Riley shoves him down. Cue Miz coming out, surely. There he is, Miz comes down and takes down Riley, peppering him with lefts and rights. He beats him down, stomps his head and goes medieval on his ass. He keeps saying “I made you!” Riley spears him down and starts pounding on him. Miz tries running away and he tackles him down on the outside, the brawl spilling all around ringside. This is looking pretty damn convincing. He throws Miz over the ring barrier and dives over it onto him, this is great. Miz runs into the crowd and out of the arena. That brawl was great, really convincing without being too sloppy, and the crowd were into it the whole time. I’m surprised with how well its all turning out.

Up next, Rey Mysterio Vs. CM Punk. This could be a great RAW. An advert plays for the WrestleMania 27 DVD, plugging it as the greatest of all time. But not really, right? See the pinnacle of entertainment in all its edited glory! (For Whom The Bell Tolls was deleted from Triple H’s entrance along with Ain’t No Grave in Undertaker’s entrance, not to mention any boo’s for Cena being omitted too)

CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio

They’re basing this match around Rey beating Punk last week with the help of Bret Hart. Works for me. Punk comes out with The Incredible Hulk Mason Ryan. Cos he’s green. Get it? I’m sorry, that was awful. Cole goes over their rivalry that culminated in a great match at WrestleMania 26, mentioning the angle with Rey’s family and Punk losing his hair. An awesome feud, and rare to have WWE acknowledge past feuds, ha.

Punk takes control from the get go beating down Rey and choking him in the corner. Rey fights back quickly with a headscissors. Rey gets thrown down to the mat and slides out of the ring as we get another textbook break. Back from the break and Punk has Rey in a stretch. Rey rolls out of it and Punk gets back in control with a backbreaker. Rey fights back from a few submissions with some kicks and knocks Punk into the ropes. He ducks under the ropes to the outside and Rey hits an awesome suicide dive through the middle rope, sending Punk flying onto the announcer’s table. Back in the ring Rey gets a 2 count from a top rope seated senton and springboard crossbody. Then he hits a big victory roll on Punk and bridges back for the pin. This is getting really exciting. Punk goes for the GTS and Rey reverses it into a hurricanrana, sending Punk into the ropes. He dropkicks Mason Ryan on the outside and skins the cat straight into a GTS attempt! Again Rey reverses it into a rana attempt, but Punk blocks it, pushing Rey off. Rey backflips to his feet and Punk connects with a high kick to the head for the win.

(**1/2) – Really good little TV match, we’ve seen most of the same stuff from them before so it was nothing outstanding, but it was really cool all the same. Hopefully this’ll give Punk some momentum, but you never know. Allegedly Punk might be heading to ROH when his WWE contract is up, that’s just speculation at this point though.

A video package of Stone Cold Steve Austin appearing on Jimmy Fallon, plugging Tough Enough and the finale next week between Andy and Luke.

Up next Kharma speaks out.

Back from the break Kharma is in the ring looking sad. She said, very normally, no gimmicky tough voice. She says she had two dreams when she was a kid, one being that she would be a WWE Diva, and that people told her it was impossible. She talks about JR telling her she was too fat to be on Tough Enough Season 2. She took those words and went to Japan, paid her dues to learn and become a wrestling master. She went to every wrestling promotion, to every dank arena, untill her dream came true and WWE made her welcome. The crowd is being supportive. She talks about her second dream of being a Mother. She then announces that’s she currently pregnant. A few whoops from the crowd. This is strange. She talks about not taking risks with the pregnancy and thanks the crowd for sharing her dream. She’s really over with this promo, and the Bellas come out.

They run her down, calling her as big as a blimp. They said the guy must’ve needed a seat belt. They tease her and ask her how it feels to not be able to get physically involved. They almost tell a “yo momma so fat” joke and Kharma walks towards them. They back off and she says she has a new dream. That when she comes back in one year, that the Bellas are still here. She leaves and stares at them from the ramp. King talks about how he’s lost a lot of respect for the Bellas. We’re forgetting that Kharma physically assaulted all the face Divas then? Ha. They told her she was fat, so he lost respect for them…yet an hour ago he was ribbing Vickie Guerrero on being fat? Go figure. The Bellas cower in the ring in an over the top way, that kinda tainted a good promo.

They play the stupid Barrack Obama promo AGAIN. That’s 4 times in a week. It’s not that funny Vince, move on.

Overall, I liked the Kharma promo. They obviously went with the option of letting Kharma speak from the heart without any gimmicks and it really worked I think, and the crowd showed a lot of respect for her. It set up her return perfectly and I don’t think it took away from her character all that much. It was the right thing to do.

More pictures of families and weird clips of people playing volleyball in a carpark in Omaha. What.

Jack Swagger Vs. Evan Bourne

Cole called their 2 minute match last week a very competitive match up. Heh. They show the clip with Swagger doing his victory lap around the ring and getting kicked in the face by Bourne. Swagger boots Bourne down repeatedly to kick things off, choking him with his knee on the floor. He beats down the much smaller Bourne and tries giving him a back suplex. They both fall backwards over the rope to the outside in what looked like awkward landings for both of them. Back in the ring Swagger clotheslines him down hard for a 2 count, and then does pushups resting his hands on Bourne’s back. Seems like they’re going for a bully kind of angle for this mini feud.
Bourne fights back with a few kicks and attempts a twisty tilt a whirl type move and Swagger reversed it into a sidewalk slam, that was a sweet spot, very crisp. He picked up Bourne in a huge full nelson and Bourne reversed it into a really fast victory roll type small package, and gets the 3 count. That was a great, quick finish out of nowhere.

(*1/2) – A lovely little match, with a great finish, giving Bourne some momentum out of nowhere, without hurting Swagger at all. Swagger sold it angrily, looks like this is gonna continue.

Truth is backstage rambling to himself and Cena walks to the ring backstage, bumping into Zack Ryder doing his great YouTube show. They fist pump and Cena carrys on, laughing. I love Ryder’s videos, but I’m not having a nerdgasm like the rest of the internet on this one. I enjoy his RAW cameos.

R-Truth Vs. John Cena

Little Jimmy sign. Awesome. I’m officially loving Truth at the minute, he’s really won me over and proved to be a really entertaining heel. They show the opening promo with Truth at the merch stand, with audio this time. “Surprise surprise! John Cena! On cups?!” Crowd was laughing. I think Truth is gonna be one of those heels that the crowd finds funny and enjoys, so I’m not sure how Truth’s heel run is gonna pan out. The rambling, crazy Truth is entertaining, but I dunno how much longevity it has. Recap of “Big Jimmy” in the crowd asking Truth “What’s Up?” Funny.

Cena hugs some troop in the crowd, what a nice guy, right? It’s 11pm in the US already and the match hasn’t even started yet, but that’s common. They start with a tie-up into a headlock and Cena gives Truth a snapmare. Cena’s actually wrestling, always strange to see. He hits a big bulldog and the crowd is hot. Yes, Cena hit a bulldog. Some guy in the front row is yelling at Truth: “Woo Woo Woo! Zack Ryder’s got a t-shirt! Zack Ryder’s got a t-shirt!” He really is over, huh? Classic “Lets go Cena! Cena Sucks!” as always. Truth relishes it, but gets a big clothesline for his troubles and fist drop from Cena. Truth bails to the outside for the third time in the match after getting dominated, and runs down people in the crowd. He’s getting some genuine heat now.

Back in the ring Truth walks straight into an AA attempt, and drops off out of the ring for a fourth time. He goes into the crowd and Cena brings him back, much to the crowds delight. Truth clocks Cena, knocking him back into the crowd, and runs into the ring. The ref counts a 10 count in what seemed like about 3 seconds, and Truth runs up the ramp, and then through the crowd.

(*1/2) – Nothing too elaborate, crowd were super into it. More of an angle than a match, it was just Truth getting beat up for 5 minutes.

Truth goes back to Little and Big Jimmy from earlier, and throws a drink in Big Jimmy’s face! Definitely a plant then, but it would’ve been amazing if it wasn’t. Cena came out to him and asked if he was alright, so maybe not…I doubt it though, he had to be a plant. Cena consoles them both and gives them his sweatbands as the show closes.

Weird end to the show, but different, which I like. Truth basically got his ass handed to him and got his heat back with the screwy finishand the drink throwing. I want to see Big Jimmy back next week haha.

6/10 – I almost gave it 7 but there was nothing really great this week. It was consistently good I thought, I enjoyed almost all of it and it just felt a little bit more fresh without adding in too much. The Riley/Miz feud is looking to be intense, the Divas division might have a decent storyline going on, the Cena/Truth feud is going great, the Bourne/Swagger dispute could be really fun, and the New Nexus/CM Punk are actually gaining some momentum. Lovely show, and it was great to finally do a live RAW Reaction, it was so much easier to write and I could go into much more detail. Hope it was enjoyable to read!

Final Thought: I really hope Punk stays with the WWE

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