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RAW Reaction 06/06/11(Austin Special Ref)

RAW is live this week from Richmond, Virginia.

The show is actually opening halfway through the finale of Tough Enough, with Vince McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the ring with the finalists Luke and Andy. Vince just said “we’re now live on RAW!” So I guess that’s that.

He’s trying to announce the winner and Austin is stepping in, arguing it’s his show, so he picks the winner. This is tense stuff for Luke and Andy. Austin said bullshit and they managed to edit it out. They didn’t catch Austin calling Vince a “dumb sumbitch” though. We get a drumroll and a spotlight on the ring as Austin prepares to announce the winner. Andy is shouting at Austin to say it.

Austin announces it’s Andy, and Luke looks utterly, utterly devestated. Throughout the whole in ring segment, when Andy spoke he seemed like a Superstar, and Luke seemed over the top and cheesy. I’m very psyched for Andy.

Vince welcomes Andy to the WWE with a huge slap to the face, knocking him off his feet. Badass! He really gave it to him. Austin helps Andy up and hits him with a Stunner, draping his belt over him, saying “Welcome to the WWE, you son of a bitch! And that’s the bottom line, cos Stone Cold Says So!”

The Tough Enough logo is now running to signal the end of the show, so God knows if this counts as RAW or not. Austin and Vince are gonna have a beer bash, but R-Truth interrupts. He’s now got some weird music on, and he’s singing a ‘Little Jimmy’ song, wearing a pirate hat and brandishing a cutlass. What the royal f…

He explains that the RAW GM told him he had to apologise for what he did last week. Vince rolls the footage from last week, with Truth throwing a soda in “Big Jimmy”s face. Truth looks ridiculous, I’m not liking it. He says he’s sorry, cos he’s a “good R-Truth.” He keeps saying sorry, and Austin says he should be sorry for dressing up like a jackass.

Truth explains that he’s in Richmond, Virginia, and blah, blah, apparently there’s some relevance in American history. It’s kind of too elaborate a point I think. He’s talking about the conspiracy again, and that he wants noone to make money off of him in action figures and video games. Vince asks Truth if his first name is really “R.” Hahaha. Truth said conspiracy again and spelt it out. “C, O, E….” Wow.

Vince tried to save it but they ended up talking over each other and The Miz came out. Brutal.
Miz isn’t impressed with Truth being a tool in front of the Chairman. Miz argues he deserves another shot at the WWE Title and Alex Riley comes out. Riley says all he deserves is a third beating, as Miz hides behind Vince, that’s hilarious. John Cena comes out and this is turning into a clusterfunk of an opening segment.

Cena reminds Miz he made him say I Quit, so he won’t get a rematch. He told him to stop being a jackwagon. Ugh. He tells Riley he doesn’t like him but he grew a pair by beating down Miz. Finally he turns his attention to Truth, and rips him for being mental. Appparently the sarcastic apology earlier means their title match at Capitol Punishment is on. That’s how easy getting a WWE Title shot is folks.

The GM buzzes in and Vince says “Michael Cole…SHUT UP!” That was great, I’ve really missed Vince. He makes a main event of R-Truth and The Miz Vs. Alex Riley and John Cena. Works for me. He makes Austin the referee. Works for me also, may aswell use him while he’s there. Austin gives Cena the U Can’t See Me.

Once again I’m doing this live, and loving the awful American ads. It’s like Raahhhh, Food! Chicken! Soda! Castrol GTX! AwesomeNewGame! MentalNewFilmWithRobotsAndDestruction! ThisRazorIsEvenBetterThanTheLastOne!

Santino Marella w/ Vladmir Kozlov Vs. Michael McGillicutty w/ David Otunga

McGillicutty has literally left no impression on me and he’s a Tag Champion. Makes sense. Santino runs rings around him, sending him flying to the outside, celebrating in the ring with the trumpet and an Ultimate Warrior taunt. So good. He brings out the Cobra and McGillicutty cowered into the corner. Come on. It’s hilarious but that just makes McGillicutty (awful name) look like a bitch. He eventually gets some offence in with a decent enough dropkick. Santino nearly gets the win with a quick rollup. He downs McGillicutty with a stiff forearm, following it up with a hiptoss and standing headbutt. Kozlov headbutts Otunga down on the outside. The ref misses McGillicutty stunning Santino on the ropes but it makes no difference as he wins with The Cobra. Crowd popped huge as Santino and Kozlov celebrated in the ring.

(*1/2) – It wasn’t bad. The crowd were really into it which mattered and it didn’t get too boring. Santino’s super over.
Cole and Lawler are now on their own, completely ignoring their whole feud, it’s all gone now. I guess what else would they do but still.

They plug a CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio rematch from last week tonight. Awesome.

Kelly Kelly and Beth Phoenix Vs. The Bellas

Finally, Beth Phoenix…y’know, a Diva that can wrestle…is actually being used! Only because Kharma’s gone though. Shame. The stream I’m watching is being rewound through the ads and the guy is pausing on Kelly Kelly getting into the ring. Sweet. Recap of the Kharma announcement last week, the RAW “Slam of the Week.”

Finally the match is about to start. Beth and Kelly shake their heads at the Bellas. Wow, Kelly opens the match with a springboard backflip arm drag and follows it up with a sweet hurricanrana. She could be the next Trish, she’s actually getting good! Beth gets the crowd going as the Bellas work over Kelly Kelly. There’s so much screaming going on, sounds like they’re giving birth. Beth gets the hot tag and destroys whichever Bella it is that’s in the ring. She hits an atomic drop and almost falls over, but recovers with a great rebound suplex off the ropes. She hits the Glam Slam on…again…whichever Bella it is in the ring, for the win.

(*1/2) – Actually entertaining with Kelly hitting some sweet moves and Beth Phoenix being solid despite a minor slipup. Still don’t like the Bellas. Just the right amount of short, too.

Cole and Lawler hype up the big tag match main event. More ads. God Damn it Leeroy!

Booker T and Trish Stratus are backstage. Booker says it’s great Andy won, but now Tough Enough is over he’s got a special move for Trish. He calls it the Trish-a-roonie. He coachs her on how to do it and Jack Swagger interruptes with a sleazy “hey, how’s it going?” to Trish. He doesn’t think Booker T is Tough Enough and challenges him to a match. He says “have you still got it?” Booker does the “tell me he did not just say that” bit. He accepts…and can you dig that…SUCKAAAA. Awesome, should be a fun match and good for Swagger.

Punk comes out and sits down crosslegged on the stage. Lawler quips: “Punk gets tired easily.” Rare funny line from King. Punk talks about Rey wanting a rematch and that he’s happy to do that to prove the power of the New Nexus. Mason Ryan is with him.

Recap of SmackDown! now. They’re really pushing SmackDown recently because it’s not doing well as a live show. They never used to plug SmackDown on RAW. The Christian/Randy Orton program is really shaping up after two fantastic matches and what seems to be a heel turn from Christian last week.

Another “Slam of the Week” recapping the sweet little Rey/Punk encounter from last week. So more like…Slam(s) of the Week? Thinking about it, it might have just been RAW Rewind or Rebound. It’s the same thing.

CM Punk Vs. Rey Mysterio

Punk is in the ring with Ryan, miming the kick that knocked out Rey last week. I love Punk. So much. I wish I could describe everything Punk does, but I don’t have the time. Everything he does is great. He goes for the knockout kick straightaway and Rey dodges it. This is textbook psychology that we rarely see in the WWE these days, especially on a week to week basis. Punk dominates Rey with a headlock and after some awesome chainwork Rey hits a big sunset flip. The pace picks up and this is getting great. Rey slides out of the ring and catchs Punk with a headscissors. I never tire of watching Rey be awesome. He rolls Punk back into the ring and hits a leapfrog legdrop over the ropes for a two count. Another awesome little sequence leaves Rey in a tree of woe, leaving Punk to hit him with a running knee for a two count. He slows Rey down, building the crowds anticipation up.

Rey fights out but gets cut off as Punk throws him down to the mat, with enough force to send him sliding under the ropes back first into the ring post. Great spot. Rey fights back with kicks and chops and forearms, and again Punk cuts him off, bringing him to the top rope. Rey beats Punk down from the top and hits a weird front flip sention that was almost like a diving missile. Weird but cool, really can’t tell how much of that was intentional. Rey hits a HUGE springboard crossbody and a big headscissors. Punk reverses an irish whip and snaps in a powerslam for a 2 count. This is awesome, the crowd are so into it. Punk ends up on the ropes and Mason Ryan blocks the 619 attempt. Rey hits a tornado DDT on Punk, kicking Ryan off the apron, and then jumps to the top, hitting a big splash for the win.

(***) – I loved this match. The psychology was there, the spots were exciting, the pace was perfect and the crowd was behind every move. This was awesome. They put over them being 1-1 over the past two weeks in their “mini series.” I hope this means a rubber match next week or even at Capitol Punishment. That’d rule.

Another Barrack Obama promo. Please. Just…stop these. This time Truth is in the media section questioning Obama. He tells Barrack about the conspiracy. Ok, this one was actually pretty funny, with Truth bringing in Little Jimmy. Alright, I concede, that one was kinda funny, but the rest have been terrible.

Backstage Cena and Riley are talking backstage about being partners. Cena warns Riley not to cross him after double crossing him out of the WWE Title so many times.

Next week is an “All Star Night” on RAW with a 3 hour show. I’m now guessing Rey/Punk’s rubber match will happen then. 3 hour RAWs really drag, but I’ll stay optimistic.

Alberto Del Rio comes out in his suit and I’m wondering why he’s not wrestling. This angle with Big Show and/or Kane, whatever, is so stock. He talks about the hit and run being an accident. So 2 weeks ago it was an accident, last week he’s not sorry for what he did, now it was an accident. Ugh. I couldn’t care less about this. Del Rio asks Big Show to come out. He doesn’t so Del Rio assumes he’s afraid. I’m guessing it’s Ricardo Rodriguez who’s coming out dressed as Show, with a big fat gut and crutches. I’ve seen this a hundred times. Unless you’re Shawn Michaels dressed as Hulk Hogan, shit like this is just isn’t funny and it doesn’t get heat. “Big Show” just responds to Del Rio by shouting like a drunk mental. Michael Cole makes fart noises. Is this shit happening.

Now Del Rio isn’t sorry for what he did. Enough. Now he addresses the camera, and says Big Show will get hurt if he crosses Del Rio. Because bad things happen to bad people. He was good there, but it was too little, too late to save this segment. Ricardo takes off the bald cap and announces Del Rio, and he’s loving it, like he really just owned Big Show. Buh.

Cole introduces us to what he likes to call “a CONTROLLED…FRENZY!” A random video package on the US Champion Kofi Kingston…like we didn’t know who he was? It was good and all, made him look great but it’s like they were trying to introduce him or something. The clip of the legdrop he did on Sheamus to win the US strap at Extreme Rules is unreal. So much height.

Kofi Kingston Vs. Zack Ryder

Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero are at ringside to provide commentary on the match. The internet is exploding right now as Zack Ryder gets a match on RAW, ha. I missed the first few minutes by losing an eBay auction by 2 bucks. FUCK. Kofi gets the upper hand and hits the Boom Drop. Within another minute Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise for the win. Dolph says he’s tweeting. Miz already did that, Dolph.

(*) – This was okay, I did miss the first few minutes but I’m sure I didn’t miss much. Was a basic match. I bet all the Ryder marks are raging right now.

I checked his twitter. “I’d rather perform in Spiderman the Musical than sit here and stare at @TrueKofi in his spidey trunks. I know a kid designed them, but ouch.” Meh. Not so funny, right?

The DVR guy on my stream is replaying in slow motion a spot in the match where Zack Ryder fist pumped. I like this guy. I also like Zack Ryder. I just don’t bum him.

We get a “Did You Know?” About “Cena Nation” because he just got 7 million Facebook fans. Go him. I guess.

Another recap of Andy winning Tough Enough.

The RAW GM “announces” that The Miz will face Alex Riley at Capitol Punishment in 2 weeks. I’m down with that.

Jack Swagger Vs. Booker T

Recap of Bourne getting the shock win over the All American American American…American. I guess that isn’t gonna be a mini feud. Who knows. Good to see Booker T have a match and that he’s only gonna be used on special occasions. Good move in my opinion. “Booker T has been the King of the Ring 15 Times….Tag Team Champion!” Good one, Cole. Booker T takes it to Swagger with some chops and a big hook kick. Swagger ducks another kick and clotheslines Booker to the outside. He rams him into the barricade and pushs him back into the ring for a quick count. Swagger’s kinda pacing around as if he’s wondering what the hell to do. He puts Booker in an armlock and whips him into the corner. Booker breaks him off with a back elbow and a sweet wheel kick. He goes for the Scissor Kick but Swagger avoided it, before eating a side swipe kick to the face.

He bails to the outside and says he doesn’t need this. He’s getting counted out and walks back up the ramp taunting.

(*1/2) – Pretty fun match, not much to it really. Always great to see Booker.

Evan Bourne attacks Swagger from behind and leads him into the ring, where he eats a Scissors Kick from Booker. Then he goes to the top and hits Air Bourne. Amazing, every time. They do a double spinneroonie. Evan’s was awful, I was expecting an insane one, heh. I was an idiot to not see this coming, of course Bourne was going to get involved. Nice little moment on RAW.

Austin is backstage heading to the ring in wrist tape and a Broken Skull Ranch shirt. Guess the main event is next. Surprising, it usually goes on with about five minutes to spare. Might get some good in ring time. Lets not hold our hopes up though.

Awful advert for a film starring Kevin James (who trained as a wrestler with Mick Foley in high school) as a Zookeeper who discovers the animals can talk…genius title…Zookeeper. Eh…*rubs forehead*

John Cena and Alex Riley Vs. The Miz and R-Truth

Austin comes out to a big pop. I’m sure this isn’t gonna end in stunners, he’d never do that, right? Cole says Austin made history as an entertainer in the WWE. Fuck off. He was a WRESTLER, Ok? Truth gets a decent amount of heat, not as much as I would expect. I think the problem is he’s actually being funny. It wasn’t bad though, just not as much heat as I would’ve expected.

Only won the second bid din’t I? YES. Ok, the match starts after a long ad break. (there’s now 5 minutes till the end of the show, surprise surprise, I spoke too soon) Truth chains with A-Ry (according to his TitanTron that’s how you spell it…I dunno..) and it almost seems like they’re rushing through it a bit. Cena tags in to get at Truth, but he dodges him and tags in Miz. Cena takes it to the Awesome one and tags in Riley, but Miz leaves the ring, leading him all the way around, leaving Truth to cut him off.

Another ad break. Wow. That’s one during the entrances, another 2 minutes into the match. WWE need to sort out their time management on these shows, that awful Del Rio segment could’ve been shorter or just…not on the show? The opening promo took its time too, but it always does.

Back from the break with Miz keeping Riley down with a headlock. Riley fights back but gets cut off again with Truth chipping in a few punchs, before Miz hits his sweet low DDT. Miz stomps a mudhole on Riley and Austin drags him off, getting in a verbal face off with him. Miz swore. I don’t know what he said though, it was muted. Riley almost makes the hot tag but Truth blocks it, that was good, the crowd bought into it. Big Cena chants. Truth unleashs some aggressive punchs on Riley in the corner and takes a big run up, just hitting a lame looking kick. Shame. After trying an axe handle from the 2nd rope, Riley gets his foot up, which Truth comically sells. Riley tags in Cena who goes properly MENTAL on The Miz. Crowd were super into this. After his SuperCena comeback sequence Cena goes for the AA and Truth interferes. He sends Truth flying out of the ring and puts Miz in the STF. Surefire finish but Miz gets the ropes, this is good. WOW. Truth tried hitting Cena with a chair, Cena ducked and hit a DROPKICK into the chair, taking out Truth.

There’s a lot going on here, and Riley gets in the ring with the old metal briefcase. He’s going to clock Cena, but doesn’t and hits Miz. Austin gets in and gives Miz a stunner which he takes and walks into a huge AA for the winner. Austin literally did a baseball like slide to count the fall.

(**1/2) – This wasn’t technically great but it got the crowd going SO much. This was a job done well, by all involved. Great main event, some sweet sequences and false finishs. The fake Riley swerve was cool too.

Austin celebrates with Cena with some beers, tossing one to Riley. When he popped it open and drank it the crowd actually popped. The future may be bright for A-Ry. The GM buzzed in and Cole said the decision was reversed because Austin got involved. So Miz and Truth win. Like that matters. Another email came in and Cole said Austin was gonna be the Guest GM next week on the 3 hour RAW. Austin pushed over the laptop podium and dragged Cole in the ring. He punched him down and drenched him in beer. Cole ate a stunner and Cena gave him an FU, beer in hand. That was great. “This may be the best RAW…EVER!!” Alright King, calm down.

The ring is soaked in beers by this point and Austin rolls around in it all. He gets in Coles face, calling him a “mealy mouthed bastard” and promising he’d see him next week. As usual he had a lot of fun getting many beers thrown into the ring, tossing more to Cena. No Cena hate this week, even with the rubbing shoulders with Austin, the fans usually take a dump over that. Austin throws the whole beer cooler in the ring as RAW officially goes off the air.

7/10 – A very different RAW, with a unique opening, for sure. I’m still not sure when it officially started, but hey. R-Truth did the most he could with the awful opening schtick he was given, the progession of Alex Riley was good, we got an awesome TV match between Punk and Rey, the standard awful segment with Del Rio, a decent Divas match and a really entertaining main event. The other matches had fun elements too. I think overall it was quite decent, and Austin’s involvement always boosts a show. Seeing Vince again was great too. Guess I was wrong about the main event, they got enough time and yeah, very enjoyable. Looking forward to RAW next week Austin as the GM, ohhh Hell Yeah!

Final Thought – Hopefully this wasn’t too long, but I enjoyed writing this alot, just like last week. I might have to keep doing these live as long as I can. My new favourite catchphrase: You’re boo’ing me, but you should be boo’ing yaself!

Qoute of the Night – “R is your first name, right?” Vince McMahon

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