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RAW Reaction 13/06/11(All Stars Night)

For the first time in a while we actually get the RAW intro video to kick off the show. It’s gonna be a 3 hour “All Star Night” so they need to use up as much time as possible. You’d think having an almost PPV length show would mean we get longer matches. Very doubtful.

RAW this week is Live from Long Island, New York.

Main event is gonna be Cena Vs. Punk. Seen it before on RAW, not too psyched. The matchup screen was from the All Stars game. Why are they doing this about 4 months after the game came out? Wouldn’t it make more sense to do it when…y’know, the game was out, and somewhat relevant?

The Miz comes out and we see the clip of Miz getting squashed by Cena and Austin. Miz says he’s the biggest All Star and that he’s gonna show up A-Ry at Capitol Punishment. Crowd start the whole “What?” bit and Miz says “that was cool in 2001, by the way.” He says he’s gonna call Stone Cold, and rants about all the Attitude guys stealing the spotlight, and he wants an apology from Austin.

Austin’s out to a great pop as per usual, the guest General Manager of the night. On the turnbuckle he clearly mouths: “you’re fucking right!” I love Austin. He does what he does best, tearing Miz a new one. He talks about the night after ‘Mania when they had a confrontation, and that he was intrigued to see if Miz was all he was cracked up to be. He gives him some credit, calling him a silvertongued devil, but that when it came down to it he ran away from the fight. Austin is actually on great form here, his last random appearance to promot Bret/Vince, he was quite subdued, but he’s on fire tonight.

He keeps cutting Miz off, and then talks about Alex Riley, actually creating a bit of interest in the match. He grabs Miz by the tie, and pulls him real close. WOW. Austin tells Miz he’s gonna be in the ring with Riley later with ROWDY RODDY PIPER, in a special edition of Piper’s Pit. No pun intended, but that, is awesome. Austin turns his back on Miz, goading him to try something. Miz backs off and leaves the ring looking very pissed off. Austin says tonight is Stone Cold RAw, and not All Star RAW “or whatever the hell they’re calling it.”
Alberto Del Rio comes out. Guess they wanna kill two birds with one stone and get over two heels with Austin…although Miz was just made to look like a complete bitch. It still helps to rub shoulders with the likes of Austin though, regardless of what happens.

Del Rio tells Austin who he is. He calls himself the greatest Superstar ever. I don’t like that. Heels always say it and it works sometimes. But Del Rio has nothing to back it up with. A Royal Rumble win? That’s it. It’s so generic when a heel spouts himself to be the best thing ever without much to show for it. Austin brings up Big Show and announces the first match will be Del Rio Vs. Kane. Lucky Del Rio was randomly in his ring attire, huh?

Alberto Del Rio Vs. Kane

So Kane’s gonna get retribution after his life partner Big Show was incapacitated by Del Rio 3 weeks ago. Del Rio concentrates on Kanes arm, which makes for a slow, dull match so far. Kane fights back with a throat thrust, a big boot and a sidewalk slam for a close 2 count. He misses his big clothesline from the top, and Del Rio locks in the Cross Arm Breaker. The transition into the arm lock was actually pretty good. Kane gets to the ropes and ref counts to five, disqualifying Del Rio. He refuses to let go.

(n/a) – Very boring.

Big Show comes out, and I’ve never seen him move so fast. He slid into the ring and punched out Del Rio. Ricardo Rodriguez jumps onto Show and Del Rio hightails it to the back. Kane has to put Big Show in a headlock to get him off Rodriguez, reasoning he’ll actually kill Rodriguez, and then he’ll never get his hands on Del Rio. Yeah, sure.

Austin comes out and books Big Show Vs. Del Rio for Capitol Punishment, really putting over Show. Not too interested in that one to be honest.

Later on Randy Orton “returns to RAW” which should be…just like the norm, I guess? They act like the Draft matters for all of one week a year. It really doesn’t.

Back from commercials, they show that during the break Rodriguez was taken out on a stretcher after getting punched a few times by Show.

The front row are having paper bags handed out to wear, as at ringside we have Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett. Sin Cara comes out, to accompany Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson.

Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Wade Barrett Vs. Sin Cara, Daniel Bryan and Ezekiel Jackson

After Cody and Cara mixed it up, Bryan was tagged in and a “Daniel Bryan!” chant starts. We have the weird colourful lighting that Sin Cara always has to have. I hate it. Wade Barrett is tagged in hits a big Pump Handle slam on Bryan. Jackson gets the tag and powers down Barrett. He hits him with consecutive body slams, his trademark spot, which has gotten over better in the past. Rhodes and DiBiase try to take him out but he back body drops them out of the ring, then press slams Daniel Bryan out of the ring onto them. He tags in Sin Cara who hits a springboard crossbody on Barrett for the win. Really? That was an underwhelming finish.

(*) – Jackson actually got the most attention put on him surprisingly. Like I said though, underwhelmin finish in my opinion, was over before it really got started.

No matter how many times WWE show us an advert stating WrestleMania 27 was the greatest in history, I’m not gonna buy it. Both literally and figuratively. I might’ve if it wasn’t WrestleMania 27: The Vince Edit Edition – All the best stuff edited out!

Back from the break Hornswoggle is in the ring shooting t-shirts out of a big gun. Only on All Star Night! R-Truth comes out. “Looks like Hornswoggle is out here shooting t-shirts at all the Little Jimmys!” He wants to try the gun, and tells him not to be afraid because he’s a “good R-Truth.” He hypes up beating Cena on Sunday for the title. Hornswoggle shoots two t-shirts at Truth, haha. Truth grabs him and hugs him, insisting they’re cool. He then kicks Hornswoggle square in the face. It’s been done before for cheap heat, but that was the best one I’ve seen. He sold it well afterwards too.

Austin appears on the tron and asks Truth to pick on someone his own size. Like this guy…John Morrison is backstage with Austin, apparently in ring shape after a legitimate neck injury. Truth vents by kicking Hornswoggle why he’s down. He’s getting a lot of heat and reacting really well to it. He really made the best of a cheap situation there I think.

Santino Marella Vs. Sheamus

Me smells a squash. It’s nearly an hour in and they’ve just mentioned the fact that we’re seeing RAW Vs. SmackDown! matches because it’s a “special” “All Star” night. Sheamus beats down on Santino. Huge “We Want Ryder!” chants from Zack Ryder’s hometown crowd. Santino tries to mount a comeback but gets cut off instantly. Sheamus goes for his Razor’s Edge and Santino drops down, hitting a great hip toss on Sheamus, who gets up and goes for his Brogue Kick. Santino ducks and hits the Cobra to a huge pop. He barely gets a two count and Sheamus downs him with the Brogue Kick, then locks him into a Cloverleaf and Santino taps instantly. They put over Sheamus never using it before.

(*1/2) – Had a good pace to it once Santino started getting actually involved, and a nice finishing sequence.

Backstage Orton is on his way to the ring. There was a break before this, and after. Wow.

Another SmackDown package which has become the norm now, which is good. It’s nice to see RAW actually acknowledge the show. It covers the Christian heel turn, which I watched last week and was kind of disappointed. It was very generic. Orton’s entrance is going on for ages. Orton’s clearly loving the pop he’s getting, starting out by saying “live TV is awesome!” This so doesn’t fit Orton. He says it’s great to finally be back. Eh? He’s barely been gone a month. He says he knows Christian is there and calls him out. Couldn’t this happen on SmackDown?

Christian is backstage, refusing to come down, and wonders why Orton is angry when he was born with a silver spoon whereas he’s had to work hard his whole career. Something he and the Long Island fans know nothing about. Orton shakes his head like “that was uncalled for.” I’m officially hating this babyface side of Orton. Christian does the classic tease, asking if the crowd wanted to see him come down. He says he doesn’t care what they want. Orton says it’s a shame Edge isn’t there to carry him down, seen as he’s been carrying him for 17 years. I like Christian’s new t-shirt “Hit The Switch.” Christian gets mad and says he’s coming down the ring.

He comes out on the ramp and walks towards the ring, Orton pacing around angry. Christian stops and leaves. Security come down and stop Orton from getting to him. This is actually good, it’s really building towards Orton getting his hands on Christian this Sunday. The anonymous GM buzzes in, even though Austin is the RAW GM but whatever. Not to mention this is SmackDown business. But whatever, right? Apparently Orton will not wrestle tonight. Even though it was never announced he was? That’s like saying “here’s Shawn Michaels, but he won’t be wrestling, because we’ve just got word that he’s retired.” Orton is warned he’ll get stripped of the belt if he…doesn’t wrestle. What? He visibly shouts through gritted teeth “Fuck! Fuck!” as the security hold him back. Austin pops up on the tron again and tells Christian he dodged an ass whoopin’, but will be wrestling tonight against Rey Mysterio. Sweet. It was a pretty good segment, but could’ve happened on SmackDown and the whole GM thing was just weird, so the RAW GM, who isn’t even supposed to be GM tonight, has the power to strip the SmackDown! champion of his title? I’m sick of how riddled with plot holes RAW gets sometimes.

Back from the break Booker T is out to commentate.

Christian Vs. Rey Mysterio

Punk Vs. Rey will take place at CP, awesome, that’s a MOTN contender right there. This is Christian’s first match as a heel, so it should be interesting. Rey hit a big hurricanrana variation on Christian, who took into the ropes, but didn’t have enough room and hit the side of his face hard on the bottom rope. He checked his ear a few times but went straight back into it. Rey goes for the springboard crossbody which Sin Cara is now annoyingly using, and Christian pushs him forward out of the ring. Nice spot, and another ad break.

Back from the break and the referee disqualifys Christian for choking Rey on the ropes. REALLY. The same finish within an HOUR?

(*) – This match was ass. Really disappointed, because it could’ve been great.

Christian goes to the top rope and Rey gives him a big back body drop from the top. He goes for a splash, but Punk runs out. Rey hits a crossbody to the outside on Punk and back in the ring he sets Christian up for the 619, knocking down the members of the Nexus who storm ringside. He goes for the kick and Mason Ryan catches him, throwing him into the ringpost and sliding him back into the ring. Christian picks up Rey and hits the Killswitch.

Backstage Austin is on the phone and Vickie Guerrero comes in with Dolph Ziggler. She screams excuse me in Austin’s face, then tries sweet talking him into giving Dolph a US title match against Kofi Kingston as CP. Austin says he likes what Dolph’s been doing in the ring, so he’s got it, but he needs to drop Vickie out of the equation. Austin tries to convince him to do it and Dolph agrees. Vickie gets upset and Austin laughs, and says he’s just ribbing them, he already booked the match earlier in the day. That was pretty funny.

Morrison’s music hits, with Truth in the ring, but he’s not coming out. His music ends and Truth is left standing in the ring like a spare prick at a wedding. I’m guessing this is some kind of mind games, which makes more sense because I don’t see how Morrison could’ve recovered so quickly from a neck injury. Again his music hits, but nothing. Great line from Truth as he calls Morrison out: “If you’re scared, say you’re scared, I’m scared of myself!” He decides to seek out Morrison himself. He walks backstage, ranting on the mic, telling Morrison he wants to fight. Truth finds Morrison backstage injured. “Shazam!” Truth says…which gets a big laugh…again, my worries that he’s being too comical. “Looks like Little Jimmy got Little Johnny!” Morrison his holding his neck. He tells Morrison he just “got got, by the future WWE Champion.”

He picks up a big container on wheels and sandwhiches Morrison into the wall, that looked really effective. I marked for Little Guido the ref helping Morrison. It was a really cool little moment, then Truth said goofily “see ya later, Little Jimmy!” with a big grin. The crowd laughed big and applauded. There’s the problem, I get the whole character where Truth goes from comical to serious, and it does work, but the balance just doesn’t seem right. He’s really getting big laughs and I think it’s just taking away from his credibility as a main player heel.

Dolph Ziggler comes out and we get a video package on him. Again, it’s like we don’t know who he is. It hypes up the “New and Improved Dolph Ziggler.” What…when he was new and improved with dark hair, and now he’s new and improved with blonde hair again? Makes total sense.

Dolph Ziggler w/ Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger Vs. Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston

The heels work over Kofi in the early going. Swagger goes for his splash on Kofi, but Kofi gets his feet up and tags in Bourne, who really takes it to Swagger with some great moves. He hit a sweet victory roll type small package and Swagger rolled through into an ankle lock. It was broken up and Kofi hit Trouble in Paradise from the apron on Swagger, leaving Bourne to hit his SSP for the win.

(*) – Really short, wasn’t terrible.

They plug The Rock winning “Biggest Ass Kicker” at the Guys Choice Awards. Good for him, I guess. Piper’s Pit is next. Awesome.

Piper’s Pit w/ Alex Riley and The Miz

God it’s great to see the legend that is Roddy Piper again. He starts by saying that 25 years ago in the middle of this very ring WrestleMania 2 took place where he dropped Mr. T like a bad habit. Man, that’s some history there. RAW’s in the Nassau Colisseum tonight, one of the 3 locations of WrestleMania 2. Miz comes out and says people tell him he’s the next Roddy Piper. Hotrod cuts him off and says there will never be another Piper, and he’s just a wannabe. Miz says he’s nothing like him, because for one, he’s actually been WWE Champion. Miz says Real World was better than They Lives and Piper quits he never saw Real World because he was too busy living -in- the real world.

He introduces Riley after bigging him up. I’ve gotta say, this has been such an appreciation night for Riley, with Piper, Lawler and Austin bigging him up like the next big thing. Sure the angle is going great, but his in ring work isn’t fantastic. Huge Alex Riley chant though, he’s getting over very quickly. Miz starts ripping on Piper and Hotrod starts talking about Mean Gene and Andre, bringing out the classic “just when ya though you had all the answers, I change the questions!” He puts over Alex Riley beating Miz on Sunday, and that it’s going to be awesome.

Miz suddenly puts down a thousand dollars, challenging Piper. Hotrod is hesitant, saying he’d get his ass kicked, then puts up five thousand. Austin pops up on the screen, and Piper looks up to the roof and says “God?!” Hahaha! Austin books Piper Vs. Miz with each man putting five grand up, with Riley as the Special Guest Ref. I enjoy how Austin is getting involved in match making and angles a lot tonight.

Back from the break we get some relevance to the All Stars theme as we see Miz Vs. Piper on the game.

Roddy Piper Vs. The Miz – Special Guest Referee Alex Riley

Miz is still in his suit and Piper was ready from the get go I guess. I noticed his wrist tape but figured he was just being old school. Piper takes it to Miz and gets him in a sleeper. Miz backs into the corner and whales on Hotrod in the corner. Riley pulls him off. Huge Piper chants. Miz hits Riley and Piper rolls him up for a quick three count.

(*) – This wasn’t really a match but I have to give it one star to see Piper in a “match” regardless.

The whole segment/match/angle was really cool. Piper was on form, not his best but he was on form as always. He put over the match huge, in particular Riley because he needs the most elevation to seem like a viable contender to beat The Miz which will get people to buy the PPV. Very effective portion of the show. It’s just a shame when you think about it, that most big matches recently have had to have had some older guys come in to build it up.

Quick plug for the Bellas and Kelly Kelly being on The Price Is Right with WWE Legend and Hall of Famer Drew Carey.

Tamina, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, Maryse, Melina and The Bellas Vs. Kelly Kelly, Eve Torres, Gail Kim, Natalya, Beth Phoenix, Kaitlyn and AJ – All Star Divas Match

Well. This is gonna be a clusterfu-…Kelly kicks off with a Lou Thesz Press on…one of the heels. She spanks her ass and gives her a Stink Face. Booker T: “What is that called?!” Immediately all 14 Divas kind of run at each other then leave the ring, leaving Kelly Kelly to hit the Rocker Dropper for the win.

(n/a) – Bleh.

Eve says something about some awards show and the Divas are gonna do some Broadway tribute. Right. They all dance. Bleh. At the announcer’s table Cole fakes puking all over the desk. Yes Cole! Booker T says he can’t wait for Tough Enough 2…does that mean it’s confirmed? I fucking hope so.

Recap of Andy winning Tough Enough.

Backstage he’s with Austin, getting a pep talk. They share a beer and CM Punk walks in. Holy shit. Dream match right there. Austin introduces him to Andy. Punk: “You won Tough Enough? You and how many of your friends?” Austin offers Punk a beer. Punk keeps saying “What?” Punk lectures Austin on drinking, asking if he can say the alphabet backwards. “I can whoop your ass backwards.” HAHA, huge laugh from the crowd. Austin tells Punk Nexus are banned from ringside in the main event. Austin says he’ll see Punk later “…Punk.” I got a little chill then when Austin got a little intense. God I’d love to see that match. Before he left he said he had something he wanted to announce to the world. I would officially die if he made a match between himself and Punk at Summerslam or something. Won’t happened though. That moment was enough to satisfy my fanboy needs.

Back from the break and Austin is out on the ATV, sick. Brings back memories of his great run as the Co-GM in 2003. I’m thinking he’ll announce a second season of Tough Enough. If so, Booker blew it earlier. Austin talks about it being good to be in the Nassau Colisseum, and Cole interrupts with another anonymous GM message, saying Austin did well in the anonymous GM’s absence. But it wasn’t fucking ABSENT was it? Austin announces next week will be another 3 hour show. Joy. It’s gonna be about the people, and everything will be decided by the fans. More emails, even though it’s just a static screen with a piece of paper. So bad. Austin gets pissed and chases Cole out of the way, before taking the laptop, grabbing a few beers and dousing it on the aisleway. He then gets on the ATV and runs it over repeatedly.

Bit of a letdown actually, we didn’t even get a stunner. The Punk promo did it for me though. He ran back down the ring for a mini beer bash. Lawler had a dream that Barrack Obama held a press conference about…and Booker T has…been having the same….oh FUCK OFF ALREADY. This time Christian is in the stupid video. Then Cody Rhodes. Then Sheamus. All the clips of Obama weren’t even repliesm just non commital frowns. They really fucking stretched this beyond breaking point when it wasn’t funny to begin with.

CM Punk Vs. John Cena

I bet all the Zack Ryder bummers were gutted we didn’t see him before Cena came to the ring this week. HUGE CM Punk chants. Massive “Lets Go Cena!” – “CM PUNK!” duelling chants as they start the match. This is awesome. It’s been a minute and the chant is still going strong, wow. They both tease their finishers after feeling each other out a bit. The chants are STILL going on, this is mental. Punk ejects Cena to the outside for the token commercial break.

Back from the break Punk locks Cena in an abdominal stretch. Cena powers out and hip tosses Punk over, and Punk pushs him off, sending him to the outside. He then hits a perfect crossbody to the outside onto Cena. He then goes back up to the top rope and it looked like he was going for an axe handle but it turned into a weird kind of body block attack. It was good but like a weird kind of non specific aerial. He puts Cena in a leg vice back in the ring. The duelling chants begin again and Cena powers out, locking in the STF, but Punk gets the ropes straight away. “John Cena has a lot of muscle in his chest area.” Good one, Book. Punk takes control again.

Punk hits his running knee in the corner and goes for the bulldog but Cena throws him off. Cena tried to mount a comeback but Punk ducked under his flying shoulder block, leaving him to fly across the ring and under the bottom rope to the outside. Punk urges the ref to count him out and Cena gets back in on the 8 count. The chants start back up again strong, and Punk goes for a springboard clothesline, but Cena ducks.

Lawler says Cena isn’t coming back like he usually does, and literally Cena hits his token SuperCena comeback. He signals for the five knuckle shuffle and R-Truth is in the crowd talking about the Little Jimmys. He spots a young boy near the front row with Cena merch. He steals his hat and threatens to spit water in his face. Cena shouts “NO!” and gets distracted, allowing CM Punk to hit the GTS for the win. I mark for Punk winning.

(**) – Good match with an even better atmosphere, made good purely by Punk.

Punk celebrated as he left, and he seemed really happy that he won, maybe there’s some truth behind that.

Truth got in the ring and hit Cena with the water bottle, the announcers acting as if it was some heinous attack. R-Truth chants. See I said this. He’s starting to get over a little from being funny. Little Jimmy chant now. This heel turn is really on the edge of not working. Truth holds the belt over Cena and says he’s gonna win the belt on Sunday, and that’s the truth. He puts the belt over his shoulder and leaves. Urgh, they show a slow mo replay of the water bottle shot. “Ohh, right across the skull!” It’s a WATER BOTTLE. Truth leaves up the ramp, cradling the strap.

5/10 – There wasn’t much to save this show from beind so-so. The Piper’s Pit was great to see, but it wasn’t amazing or anything. The main event was awesome, enjoyment wise with the crowd, technically it was just ok with some flashes of greatness from Punk. The rest of the matches were so short, and the same bullshit finish twice on the same show. Really bad. In fact not a lot stood out from this show, and it was a long one. There was some good building towards the PPV on Sunday though, I’ll give it that. And Austin was on great form all night, providing a dream moment with Punk which brings this up to 5 out of 10.

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