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Rocky (1976) Review

Rocky(1976) Dir. John G. Avildsen

Dir. John G. Avildsen

Wow. It’s been a few years since I saw this. I always had a strong connection to it as I grew up watching them with my Grampy, and while there’s hardly any similarities between them, Mickey reminds me of him a lot. My favourite was always Rocky II, because of how it ended, but man was I wrong. This film is just perfect, I had such a new found appreciation for the acting, directing and story. A true classic. I love the rest of the series(except for V) but for different reasons. Just brilliant. What a success story too, made for just over $1 million, with $4.2 million advertising, making back over FORTY times as much worldwide.

The limitations of the budget only serve to make the film serendipitously better, such as the ice skating scene originally taking place during normal hours, but extras couldn’t be afforded. My favourite is perhaps the poster of Rocky that gets put up in the arena with the wrong colour arrangement on his shorts being a genuine mistake that again, couldn’t be done again because of budgetary reasons, so Stallone wrote the scene to explain it. The ending is also very true to the story and about as realistic as it could be amidst the plot of an unknown getting a shot at the world title, but hey, it was the 70s right? You can tear apart any of the movies as much as you like, but I defy anyone to find many faults with the original. Flawless.


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