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Metallica: Through The Never(2013) Review


If you’re a fan you should love this. Right up there with Pink Floyd Live in Pompeii as one of my favourite concert movies. Very well put together, the stage show itself was amazing, with huge props and lighting effects representing most eras of classic Metallica. The setlist was really good too, with a few songs thrown in that I wasn’t expecting such as Orion, …And Justice For All, and Hit the Lights. The “fiction” segments with Dane DeHaan’s roadie character Trip were well done and didn’t overstay their welcome. Make no mistake, this is a concert film, and the bulk of proceedings is taken up by the incredible live show. DeHaan’s part in the film doesn’t need much explanation, it’s just a badass trip of visuals that compliment the music and skim over the waters of symbolism without going dipping in, let alone going too deep.

The props are insanely impressive, not to mention the whole setup itself, Metallica sure give their fans a great show, but you can tell an extra amount of effort went into the presentation for this film. Huge coffins lower from the ceiling with video screens on the top of each showing initially comatose people inside, before they awake and struggle. The coffin motif was prominently used in the promotion of the 2008 album Death Magnetic and the rest of the big set pieces also represent the album/era to go along with the song. Countless iconic white crosses raise all around the stage for Master of Puppets, a huge electric chair lowers from the ceiling for Ride the Lightning, and most impressive of all was the huge statue from the cover of the …And Justice For All album. It’s built as the band start playing the song of the same name, untill it unceremoniously crumbles and crashes down in pieces all over the stage. It looked like a little trickery came into play there, but even still an impressive sight, and along with the amount of flames, sparks and stuntmen at play, surely an intensively prepared, controlled level of safety was at play.


The construction and destruction of the …And Justice For All statue was a true spectacle.

My only criticism would be the slight blurring at times on the 2D version, from what I would assume adds even more to the 3D version, though it was very slight. I’d actually like to see it in 3D as it’s the kind of film I think warrants it. All the guys were on great form too(though the actual concert was edited from five different nights, as you’d probably expect) with the highlight being the whole crowd signing along to James’ vocalisation during The Memory Remains. He pulls away from the mic, the guitars slowly pull back one by one leaving just Lars on the cymbals who eventually stops too, with just the crowd providing the harmony. I usually don’t like stuff like that(i.e Robbie Williams) but it was very cool and you could tell the band loved it. An awesome event movie.



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