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Child’s Play 3 (1991) Review


The third installment in the Child’s Play series (and the last to be titled a “Child’s Play” film, the rest of the Chucky series using the name “Chucky” as the hook) is a mixed bag. After the brilliant original, and the lackluster sequel, the third film continues to add even more humour to the series. This can be either embraced or scoffed at. I chose (quite easily) to embrace it.

Andy is now a teenager and after an understandably troubled few years, is entered into military school. Once again, Chucky, a dead serial killer whose soul is trapped inside a doll, resurfaces and tracks down Andy one more time. From the get go, you know it’s taking itself a little less seriously when Chucky proudly proclaims before his first kill: “you don’t fuck with the Chuck!”

That kind of humour was needed for a film that already is a stretch with the source material, but given Chucky’s very final ending in Child’s Play 2, it’s getting beyond ridiculous. It’s a testament to Brad Dourif’s fiendishly enjoyable voice performance of Chucky and the fantastic animatronic effects yet again bringing the psychopathic character to life.

The story is pretty standard and you find yourself waiting for Chucky’s next kill to happen, but I did quite enjoy the setting of the military school. It gave a new dynamic to the Chucky/Andy relationship, with Andy this time protecting a younger boy in the school from Chucky’s plastic grasp.

All in all it’s quite good, about on par with the second film, a fun setting, and some enjoyable moments from Chucky. But, if you don’t find him funny, it’s not gonna be a film for you.




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