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Bride of Chucky (1998) Review


From the opening of this fourth film in the Child’s Play/”Chucky” series, you know what direction it’s going in. A police officer enters a compound filled with relics from horror’s past; Freddy Krueger’s glove, Jason Voorhee’s mask, Leatherface’s chain saw, even Michael Meyer’s mask. A lumpy old bin bag is taken from a locker and the officer is murdered in his car by a mysterious woman, Tiffany (played by Jennifer Tilly).

Tiffany was the former lover of the serial killer who transferred his soul into the body of an inanimate doll. By this point in the series, the once semi serious tone of the original Child’s Play movie had largely vanished, instead replaced with a shade of the Chucky character played for laughs and crowd pleasing entertainment. If it had continued on the way it was going, it would’ve easily fallen flat.

So instead of just continuing to put Chucky in another story with more people to kill and jokes to crack, the filmmakers take a more self referential tone. When Chucky is first unveiled a side character remarks that he’s “so 80s” and “not scary”. Chucky himself even quips that the story of how he ended up inside a Good Guy doll is one that would probably take 3 or 4 sequels to adequately tell if it were a movie.

The filmmakers knew how Chucky was perceived at this point in time, and whole heartedly embraced it. You either go with the serious side of the story, or the ridiculous side, it was becoming silly to try and juggle both. Jennifer Tilly’s Tiffany is soon murdered by Chucky and transferred into a doll of her own, turning Bride of Chucky into a bat shit insane road movie with two lovers killing people in horrific ways. The side plot that gets the two murderous living dolls on the road to where Chucky’s human body is buried was serviceable enough, but you just want to enjoy Chucky and Tiffany’s chemistry. Which is great by the way, and once again the animatronics, coupled with the voice acting from the incomparable Brad Dourif and unmistakable Jennifer Tilly, are so well done.


The film is absolutely ridiculous, and only in being self aware of that, does it truly work. It’s just a fun movie with a nice twist on the franchise that made the right move. It’s funny, entertaining, and just gory enough to be enjoyable for someone like me, who isn’t into the hyper gruesome torture porn horror genre.

I’ve always heard bad things about this film, and on paper it does sound terrible, but I absolutely loved it, pure unadulterated fun.


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