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Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013)


I’ll be fairly vague with this review as it could spoil the ending of the first Insidious film. Which for the record, as I never touched on it in my review of that one, I really did like. Something of a cliffhanger, and things pick up right away.

The story continues and a character that I found slightly more creepy than the main demon in the first film is explored more fully. Again this goes back to my pet peeve of showing or explaining too much, especially with characters that can sometimes be more effective as a mystery. I have to say though, while I had my doubts about this character, the way it’s explored throughout really came together more and more.

Without spoiling too much, being a supernatural film, the laws of physics are easily bent, stretched or even broken. So some things happened that I found really interesting and while not entirely original, still very cool. It tied the two movies together very pleasingly. Perhaps my favourite part about Insidious: Chapter 2 (I really do enjoy that title) is another thing I don’t want to talk about in detail.

Patrick Wilson and Rose Byrne return of course, along with other characters from the first film, and one of these returning characters has a completely different aspect to them. It made things more interesting and I thought that side of the film was really well done. It wasn’t rushed, and reached a satisfying climax.


Overall I found it to be slightly better than the first film in a couple of ways, but they’re both really on the same level, and should be enjoyed as a two part piece. Though with Chapter 3 coming in 2015, that might all change. Recommended, after watching the first film, of course.


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