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The Theory of Everything (2015) Review


Another film that seems ripe for Oscar baiting criticism, and to some extent I even agree. This was made to win awards, and released at the perfect time to be considered for awards. However, it is simply a wonderful film, that has been lovingly made to honour the life of an incredible man. Eddie Redmayne (who won the Oscar for his performance) plays Stephen Hawking, from a young man to middle age. The charm that he exudes as Hawking in the early parts of the film, can still be seen shining through in the latter stages too, despite his lack of mobility and speech. A very top tier performance that deserves all the recognition it has gotten, that must’ve been very hard to get right, and most of all believable.

That being said, I thought Felicity Jones was amazing as Jane Hawking. In a role where she has to show so many emotions, but in a strong, typically British, stiff upper lip kind of way, she did so well. Conveying the happiness, the sadness, the struggle, the pain and the strength of a woman who goes through so much, without every really fully unleashing those emotions in full force, is a special thing. Unfortunately I think louder performances got more attention this year at the Academy Awards.




Overall it’s a very well directed piece, with a great score, likeable performances, and an amazing true story of a man defying the odds. Heartwaming, heartbreaking and life affirming all in the space of just a couple of hours, it’s kind of what films are all about.


  1. April 13, 2015 at 8:04 PM

    Excellent review; very much looking forward to getting round to seeing this one. Sounds like near perfection.

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