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I Want You for The Road to Episode VII! Doc/Vlogumentary Project!

Hi! If you don’t know me I’m Luke Ryan aka RazorwireReviews on YouTube, a channel I’ve been running for over four years. I review films, upload vlogs, and make all kinds of different videos. This post is all about another different kind of video, and will hopefully materialise into something really special!

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What is The Road to Episode VII?

The Road to Episode VII is a web series I created on YouTube in February of 2013, not long after the announcement was made that Disney had bought LucasFilm, and new Star Wars films would be made. I decided I wanted to chronicle the years of waiting for a new Star Wars film I never thought I’d ever get to see: Episode VII. When I began the series there wasn’t a director attached to the film, nor were there writers, any cast members new or old, just the promise that we would see the film in 2015. Every time a major piece of news came out about the film, I made a video talking about my thoughts on it to camera, in a low key, conversational manner.

On occasion I would include more in depth, edited videos that generally celebrated my Star Wars obsession, such as a look back on all of my favourite LucasArts games, after it was announced that the company was being disbanded. Now, a mere seven months away from that special day when we’ll all get to journey to a galaxy far, far away once again, my series is over 50 installments strong.

So why do you need me?

Well, after I released my reaction video to the latest and second teaser trailer for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, it went viral. Not super viral, but as far as the scale of my YouTube channel goes, it was pretty viral, and the video received over 40 thousand views. I watched other reaction videos and revelled in the bringing together of the online YouTube community to celebrate our love for these films, and our excitement of seeing a new one.
So I thought it would be interesting to capture this feeling, from many different people, and in some cases different feelings, to compile a feature length documentary on the anticipation of this monumental event. 15 years ago I watched a fan film about the anticipation of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace and it was a fascinating look into the frenzy of Star Wars fans at the time.

I want you to take part in this documentary because you are a Star Wars fan, for better or worse, and to take the simple format of YouTube videos that we all make, and put it into something bigger. I don’t have the resources necessary to go out and interview people, so my proposal is to make more of a “vlogumentary”. A documentary about all of our hopes, expectations and even trepidations of the The Force Awakens, edited and molded by me, but made by all of us.

What would I need to do?  

The idea is to split the film up into sections, with various topics covered including all the key moments leading to the buildup to The Force Awakens, the road to Episode VII. But also other topics will be featured if possible, beginning with stories of how we all got into Star Wars in the first place, and if we ever thought there would be a sequel to Return of the Jedi. I’d also love to feature people showing off and/or talking about their collections whether it be of the films themselves or any of the endless merchandise that most of us fans have a fair amount of.

You would be required to record an initial session of video covering all the topics of which I would send you a list with specific instructions, though the key would be displaying your passion and interest in Star Wars, so delivering me a professional level video is not obligatory. My only requirement would be that your submitted videos be of decent quality, with clear lighting and good audio. You could do it all on your phone if you wanted to!

Further effort is also not mandatory but would be welcomed with open arms, say you filmed some footage of queueing up outside the cinema to see the film with other fans, or went to a convention to meet someone from the Star Wars films, or maybe you have something even more unique you’d like to share for the project. I want this to be as collaborative and fun as possible!

What if I’m not a “YouTuber”?

I don’t want to limit this documentary to being purely created by YouTubers, though that will be a driving force behind it. I’d love to include other people who may be interested in getting involved, for example I plan to have my young brother in the film as I can show how the excitement feels from a completely different generation. If you feel like you can add to this even if you don’t make YouTube videos per se, it’d be fantastic to have you on board!

How will the documentary be released, and will I get paid?

The goal would be to release the film through YouTube for free, and it will not be monetised. This is purely a for fun, non profit project that aims to celebrate Star Wars fandom, so at no point will money ever enter the equation! (Until the film comes out of course, and we all shell out to see it on the biggest screen possible!) I wouldn’t rule out a DVD/Blu-ray release either, but that’s a bridge to be crossed if it ever becomes a reality.

How will I be credited?

However you want! You can be credited with your full name either in the credits or on screen during your interview, or you can choose to remain anonymous and have only your YouTube alias used. I will also consider including a link to either your website or Twitter page underneath your name for a few moments also if you’d like.

How many people will see it?

In honesty, I would keep low expectations around the few hundred mark. While my reaction video garnered tens of thousands of views, this isn’t likely to capture the moment quite as well. That being said, with proper promotion through the right channels, word of mouth and being presented at the right places at the right times, it could be viewed by a few thousand people or more!

What’s the deadline for getting footage in?

If all goes to plan I’d like to get some initial footage from people by the end of the summer, to cover everything up until that point. After that I’d want follow up footage for perhaps reactions to the final theatrical trailers, and the last few weeks of buzz before the film’s release. I haven’t decided whether or not reaction to the film itself will be a key feature of the documentary, but that may be an option also.

So, if you would like to get involved, please get back to me as soon as possible so we can discuss your participation and get the ball rolling like BB8 on this!


Click this image to be taken to the full playlist of The Road to Episode VII web series so far!

There are a variety of ways you can contact me, whether it be through Facebook (where you can add me as a friend and message me), Twitter, or my email address, but email is my preference to keep things organised.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/RazorwireReviews
Twitter: www.twitter.com/RazorwireRyan
Email: skip_2_the_end@hotmail.com

I hope to hear from you soon, and if I’ve contacted you especially for the project I’d like to hear back from you even if you are declining to take part!

Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you!


Luke Ryan
No Stairway! Productions/RazorwireReviews on YouTube
May 2nd 2015


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